Resistance to sunburn on Keto

(joievawter) #1

I was on Ivor Cummin’s fb page and the topic of being resistant to burning in the sun came up. He was asking if anyone has experienced this phenomenon.
I certainly have and it appears so many others have too. How about you?
He also linked his post to this very interesting article about whether we require veggies or not.

(gooeykablooey) #2

Yes I’ve been out mowing the last few days and I’m tanning not burning!! I’m super pale being mostly english and irish and I’m usually red as a beet after an hour in the sun.
Other nifty bonus. Mosquitos hate ketones. Haven’t been bit once this spring. They aren’t even buzzing me (back yard is practically a bog and we live about a mile from the city resevoir)

(Bart) #3

In the 18 months that I have been keto I have only tanned, this included a trip to Cabo last fall where I spent a considerable amount of time in the beach. I have not specifically pushed it too far though I think as this summer is quickly approaching I will do some N=1 experiments and try to figure out if my skin is acting any different.

(joievawter) #4

Yeah! I haven’t used sunscreen in over a decade but I always had to careful & take the time to slowly build up a base before summer arrived. Then I would apply coconut oil after I felt I had sufficient sun time.
This spring I was outside a lot without the build up and no burn, just tan! I was amazed.
I have been keto since mid-August. Another fantastic NSV!

(joievawter) #5

Oh, that is good to hear about the skeeters! I have never had much problem with them but I am still excited. :blush:

(joievawter) #6

Good to hear @Bartdorman. I say push it & see. I am going to do that myself.

(Siobhan) #7

Opposite for me. I have never once burned (despite spending plenty of time outside) or tanned in the sun pre-keto (maybe once or twice when I was a kid?)
During keto however, I walked outside for about 3 1/2 hours in full sun and got a NASTY lasting sunburn.
Got it on Saturday, STILL vibrant and painful and sensitive. So no, doesn’t apply to me at all.

(joievawter) #8

@Siobhan Very interesting. And OUCH! Okay, here is a quick remedy…Use a dilution of 50/50 vinegar & water. Soak a cloth or towel in it & lightly ring it out. Then lay on the burnt area for 15 mins or until burn subsides. The redness will remain but the burn will be gone.


I hadn’t really thought about it until now but YES! I spent the weekend at the river with my family which usually results in me turning into a painful giant red strawberry. No burn this weekend… thought I had just finally achieved the perfect coverage of sunblock (yeah right). So glad I stopped to read this post!

(Tom Seest) #10

I rarely burn, and I can’t remember when I used sun screen. But, I probably did at some point.

But, I’m so bright; my parents called me “Sunny”. So, it may just be that…:joy:

(joievawter) #11

@tdseest, it’s your super power! :wink:

(joievawter) #12

@Lish, you did! You found keto coverage. :slight_smile:

(Kate) #13

I thought it was just me! I went on a family outing and forgot to put sunscreen on. Every year no matter what I do (covering up, sunscreen, hat) being in full sun all day with sensitive skin I always get burnt. I got home and thought wow I was in full sun all day without a hat, sunscreen or long sleeves and didn’t burn? I thought it was just another weird thing my body is doing (repairing an autoimmune disease) but maybe it was Keto.

(IDM Educator) #14

Mosquitos used to eat me.

I live in Minnesota, land of 14,000+ lakes and billions of Mosquitos.

They could GAF about me anymore.

Also, I have very fair skin but no burn since keto.

(Jessica) #15

I’d love to test that, but the sun doesn’t support that experiment :grin:.

(joievawter) #16

Very interesting isn’t it?

(joievawter) #17

NICE! Mosquitoes don’t usually bother me but I do get the occasional buzz by. I will try to remember if they just totally stay away this season. I am excited esp for my hubby who starred keto in Feb because they eat him alive.

(joievawter) #18

Aww, where is your sunshine???

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #19

Last time I was very-low-carbing (not explcitly keto-ing), a side benefit seemed to be less of a tendency to hay fever in summer. Having re-started LCHF (and then keto) this past January, I’ll be interested to see if I suffer from hay fever this summer. I think I burn less in the sun as well, on LCHF (not that we always get that much sun in the UK … ).

(joievawter) #20

Hmm, I will have to see about less of a bout with hay fever, that would be another welcome NSV!