Resistance to sunburn on Keto

(Laura) #21

I hate vegetables, mostly… glad to have read that because I have been wondering if humans truly need a diverse diet to be healthy.

Most life on earth eats a very limited diet, so why do we feel like we have to?

(joievawter) #22

@lecody2001 agreed. I am glad to have read that too. No more feeling guilty.

(Arlene) #23

I suffered from hay fever for many years, ever changing medications because the previous drug was no longer effective, year after year. My hay fever just got worse and worse, even causing terrible asthma. After going low carb, I noticed my hay fever was GREATLY reduced each year. This year I am keto. Can’t wait to see if the allergies go away altogether.
Regarding sunburn, I agree with others that it’s not a problem any more, and I’m extremely fair-skinned. I am out in the sun all day, all summer. I cherish our summers, as we get about 8 months of cloudy weather each year. I do have to stay hydrated, and I often wet my hair to stay cool, as excessive heat can really make me sick. I am so happy that I don’t burn any more. Never expected this perk from keto!

(Mike W.) #24

I, and my arm, respectfully disagree :frowning:

(eat more) #25

oh no!


Ouch! That looks like what I go through. I’ve learned to wear long sleeves no matter what temperature outside.

(Guardian of the bacon) #27

Where did u find that much sun in MI?


hahahahahah :laughing: funny!

(Mike W.) #29

It’s fine. It’s the first sun of the Summer. Always have to get one burn out of the way :sunglasses: I just thought it was funny, laying in bed trying to avoid touching certain areas and reading this…lol

(Sierra) #30

I hope mosquitos hate me this year too. Im in fargo,nd and when I moved here in september last year mosquitos were all over me! Im going to florida/mexico next year and would love to not have to worry as much about getting bit by mosquitos, although I will still be dousing myself in essential oils.

(joievawter) #31

Oh man…OUCH!

(Rein) #32

Haven’t been able to test this yet, however (!!!) I would like to stress that sunburn or no sunburn does not make a difference in terms of skin cancer. Always wear sunscreen. Even if you never burn: it’s not the burn that causes skin cancer, it’s the sun.

Who needs sunscreen?
Everyone. Sunscreen use can help prevent skin cancer by protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of age, gender or race. In fact, it is estimated that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Source: American Academy of Dermatology

(joievawter) #33

I politely disagree with you on this.

(Rein) #34

You’re saying you disagree that wearing sunscreen is important for everybody?

If so, I am genuinely interested as to how you came to this opinion.

(Arlene) #35

The subject of wearing sunscreen is similar to being afraid of high cholesterol, or “eat low cal, low fat in moderation, while exercising more” advise. There is plenty of information that contradicts this bad advise, but you have to do your own research, and don’t stop with the subject of sunscreen. When you learn the truth in one area, like eating keto, vs common advise, move on to another lie, and another, and another. There is plenty to unravel in the public health world.
As for sunscreen, no thanks. The sun is vital, VITAL for optimal health. If you’re concerned about wrinkles, wear a hat.

(Crow T. Robot) #36

I can’t remember where I read it, but it was suggested that skin cancer is more a product of poor diet (low-fat high refined carb) rather than overexposure to the sun. I wish I could find it again, but the statistics were enough to convince me that it’s not as simple as ‘everyone should wear sunscreen’. In fact, it was further suggested that some of our Vit D deficit can also be laid at the feet of the sunscreen obsession.

As always each must make his own decision, but, once you start seeing how so many of our modern “advances” are nothing more than marketing hype, it’s hard to unsee it.

(Casey Brown) #37

Oh my goodness I hope the thing about the mosquitoes is true. I always get eaten alive every summer! :smiley:


I’ve noticed this, too, about the mosquitos. They don’t attack me like they used to.

(Jessica) #39

I can’t report about tanning, although I was hoping to - because I never tan. Just freckles.
On the other hand, I noticed a lot more freckles than usual in a much shorter time.

Well, I don’t tan, but I also got no sting (yet). So at least I got that going for me… :grimacing:

(Andrew Anderson) #40

N= One nasty bald head burn this weekend! I shall rub my head in bacon nectar next time to be safe.