Resistance Bands progress surprising

(Denise) #1

I just wanted to maybe hear from others on their thoughts on Resistance Bands because I am kind of shocked at my progress since leaving the gym in order to save money and work out at home!

I’m sure everyone has their preferences, but I do believe I’ve found mine, at least until Summer when I will want to get outdoors much more to walk, or hike.

I took some pics of my arms, legs and butt, but, won’t show them until I’ve been doing this about a year at least. I am wanting to really keep track of progress, other than just feeling better, than when I don’t stay much, more active physically.

I’ve already gone up to my 2nd to last heaviest band, pretty much had to start with that because of the strength I had from my workouts at the gym. I was never as regular at the gym as I am here at home. I love that about my workouts, and I don’t miss the pulley weights, or other machines I used on occasion. Never got hooked on free-weights unless the Smith Machine is included in that catagory of weight-training.

For anyone who “maybe” hasn’t seen the video workout I’m doing, last 3-4 weeks, haven’t kept track of that either but I think more like 3 weeks at 3-4 times a week, or every other day, I’ll put the video below. My inexpensive bands only say light, heavy, etc. so not sure on them representing how much weight.
I’m sure that is measured much differently but my muscles, well, I am really feeling them let’s just say.

Input welcomed, and encouraged :wink: Denise

weird, says video on available. I’ll go see what’s going on, be back later, oops, ok there it is.

(Joey) #2

Fabulous! You’re doing great in your progress and your update is inspiring to others.

You might find at some point that a kit like this opens up some additional resistance band exercise possibilities…

Very affordable and well constructed. The handgrips, ankle/wrist wraps, and door jamb anchor all make for some extended possibilities. Along with those “non-sharp” caribiners (I recall I’d recommended some time back), makes for an affordable and durable combination.

Keep up the great work on improving your good health! :vulcan_salute:

(Denise) #3

Excellent that you sent this @someguy (joey) You were reading my mind me thinks :slight_smile: will need to figure out how to get into more “resistance” pretty soon I suspect and I like this kit.

I have caribiners and the door-jam, but now the whole set looks easier to work with. Live and learn :wink:

Thanks because your words are very encouraging for me and it’s all working so well! At first I was a bit nervous thinking I might not stick to it, but I think I will continue because of the improvement already :wink: Denise

(Pete A) #4

I do bands everyday.


Your body only knows resistance, doesn’t matter how it’s coming at you. As much as a hardcore iron lunatic as I am, I still have a very nice bands set I use all the time. I’ve got a ton of attachments, bars, etc for them. I do a lot of my priming movements with bands before I hit crazy days at the gym, my wife uses them for a huge part of her workouts and dumbbells for the rest.

One really good accessory I probably use the most is my bar, as well as the protector sleeve so you can stand on them without messing them up. The constant pressure is great for the slow muscle incinerating curls.

(Denise) #6

I really enjoy them because if they are doing the job why bother with rack of dumbells that I barely have enough room for :wink: I’m working a lot more areas than I was at the gym, not fault of the gym equipment, not saying that. I just have to do more floor-exercises like you guys had gotten me started on with the planks etc:) The only thing I haven’t graduated to so far is regular pushups but I’ll get there!

(Denise) #7

I’ll keep adding more things to my workouts, and also different workout routines so I don’t get stuck in a rut! I like trying new things, and even though I’ve not been at this routine long, I am already planning my next workout.

I did get that set ordered @SomeGuy and looking forward to setting up so everything is handy to grab. I haven’t found any videos of 20 or 30 minute workouts with the Flyfit?? But will make my own routine if need be with my own tunes :slight_smile:

(Joey) #8

Great… I imagine you’ll incorporate some new moves into your current routine with the handles and leg/wrist bracelets, too. They work nicely with both hands and feet serving as anchors.

The booklet offers some suggestions to get you started but you’ll find lots of free info on workout ideas on the web and youtube. Have fun! :muscle:

(Geoffrey) #9

I got my resistance bands to help rehab my shoulder after surgery but even after the shoulder healed I still like to use them.

(Denise) #10

Using them the first time proved they work, for me and my goals, even better than weights. I think I’ll eventually get a set of dumbells, I already have a bench and 5 lb hand-weights. The same gal I started following with her workouts w/bands, has a few vids with dumbell workouts as well.

(Denise) #11

Hey Joey, I’m sure glad you showed me those first Carabiners because the ones in the kit have rather sharp edge, and smaller. I switched them out with the first ones I bought :wink: I do love the way the bands are made, and the handles are better than one of the sort of “universal” gyms they had bought down at The Club gym :wink:

Here’s the first Carabiners you showed me and I have: These are really made well, I was so glad to have them, thanks Joey!!

(Denise) #12

Hey ya’ll, I’m into the resistance bands now 3 or 4 weeks, should keep better track. I can really tell I’ve been way more regular on my workouts but I’m also having more leg cramps and foot/toe cramps at night. I hadn’t had those in quite awhile.

My diet hasn’t changed, and neither has my supplements, still take magnesium which I think helped in getting rid of the cramping way back when I started Keto. The only extra electrolytes I do are 1/8 tsp of Salt and Potassium in my 16 oz water jug. I drink just 2 a day, sometime a bit less, but I just drink water when I am thirsty, and I do get thirsty maybe every couple hours.

What, if any of you add an electrolyte of some kind, use? Maybe I should splurge and by the drops again. I had some called Endure, 4 oz 20 bucks! Decided to try just using my own, sort of home-made. Any other ideas to deal with night leg and foot cramps?

There enough to make me jump outa bed and take a few steps around the room to stop the pain so thought I better check it out with you folks that get them, or used to get them, thanks much, Denise

(Joey) #13

@Goldengirl52 Excellent, so glad you’re happy with them. Those carabiners are a nice upgrade and so inexpensive … they reduce the risk of damaging the resistance tubes. Great add-on for such an affordable price. All-in taken together with the tube kit above, reflects about the cost of 1 day at the local gym. Enjoy!

(Denise) #14

Exactly, my monthly dues were 38.00, and now I’m saving on gas, don’t have to go out in bad weather. Exercising more often too here at home, so much easier, and no one hoggin the equipment, lol :slight_smile:

(Robin) #15

From what you say, sounds pretty likely the cramps have been triggered by the exercise. You take magnesium… but when and how much? I take a strong dose in salted water just before bed, or I get cramps still.

(Joey) #16

@Goldengirl52 I’d be surprised if foot/toe cramps were caused by resistance band exercise unless you are intensely working out those very specific muscle groups. :thinking:

FWIW, I do add 1 teaspoon of magnesium citrate powder plus another teaspoon of Redmond’s sea salt to a jug of water (32 oz) each morning… and drink from it throughout the day until it’s empty. Any water after that, if desired, is straight.

I have found since I began doing this daily for past 4+ yrs it has kept my previous nighttime muscle cramps at bay but - interestingly - with the very rare exception of an occasional lower foot cramp while in bed. I guess there’s something about the foot, eh?

I would be more careful about adding potassium. Yes, we need it, but my impression is that there’s sufficient in a keto-oriented diet that the need to further supplement would be rare.

From what little I know about the specifics, my understanding is that it is possible to get too much potassium much more easily than it is to get too much salt and/or magnesium.

Also, these electrolytes interact in terms of overall circulatory salinity, such that too much potassium may be getting in the way of the salt and magnesium doing their thing? Don’t really know … pure speculation here.

There’s probably more on point in terms of real research here:


(Denise) #17

This dawned on me this a.m. after another night of extreme cramping. Once I thought I was dreaming my foot was curling up in a cramp, it woke me and I realized it was really happening. Too late to get out of bed and take some steps so just lay there til it passed in a few more seconds.

I have changed my mag dose, as well as more exercise @robintemplin, and started taking my dose I’ve taken since early Keto days! 1000 mg twice a day, and I had dropped it down to just 500 mg at night. Read some dang article said too much mag can be bad. Well not enough may also be bad so I did start again this a.m. :wink: thank you for the reinforcement on my decision, I’ll let you know how it goes :wink:

(Denise) #18

Thanks to you as well Joey, do you happen to take Mag Citrate supplements capsules or other, as well as adding a tsp of Salt and the powdered Mag to your water?

So if I tried this, I would add more salt and just one same amount of mag. I don’t mind dropping the Potassium at all and trying it with the Salt but still taking my capsules of mag, because of taste in water, not sure about that. Seems I read magnesium and a few other things I had read about, are better absorbed as in water, than taking the capsule or tablet??

(Joey) #19

I take a measured scoop of magnesium citrate powder in my water such that it provides 500mg of elemental Mg.

Frankly, I definitely prefer the taste of water with the salt + magnesium included more than plain water these days. To me, it’s a thirst-quencher taste - akin to Gatorade (which has electrolytes) but without that sickening sugary taste.

The powder does make the water cloudy and it settles rather quickly so I always give the water bottle a good shake before drinking.

When we travel, we take the same Mg powder in capsule form as I have a capsule loader and we fill a bunch for travel. For salt, there’s always table salt wherever you go so we just use that for the NaCl sodium part.

(Joey) #20

Ha! “Too much Mg” is precisely what is prescribed for a colonoscopy prep - it becomes a stool softener at higher doses. It’s not going to hurt you… it’s going to make you run to the bathroom. :wink: