Resistance Bands progress surprising

(Denise) #21

It’s funny but I enjoy my water much more with the salt but I doubt the potassium added any of it’s flavor, thank goodness.

What do you think about absorption? I’m thinking keeping it in my system through my water consumption would be good, like time-released in a way :thinking: I’m going to try the 500 mg tablet with my salt and see if it’s tolerable. I know it took time for me to really like the salt in my water, so I’ll see how it goes, thanks again joey!!

(Robin) #22

I only take it before bed now. 800mg.

I also believe it’s the reason I fall asleep earlier… which was. Problem for years.

(Denise) #23

Yes, I agree it helps me to get to sleep and even fall back to sleep if I wake up which is every night at least twice :wink: I taking the whole 1000 mg today and the half of that a 500mg :wink: thanks Robin for helping me with this :hugs: Denise

(Denise) #24

Did the mag in water for daytime, with salt, more than normal, then added a 500mg capsule before bed. ZERO leg or toe cramps last night!! Not the slightest issue. I’m sure this all helped, absolutely.
I’ll let you know after tonight as today is another workout day, and report in on tonights cramps or lack thereof :+1:

[quote=“robintemplin, post:22, topic:120659, full:true”
I only take it before bed now. 800mg.
I also believe it’s the reason I fall asleep earlier… which was. Problem for years.[/quote]
Thanks again you and @SomeGuy helping me out with this. You especially drew my attention to how I’d lowered my mag intake :wink:
As I said above, I’ll do my same workout today and see how it goes overnight, and then also tomorrow night after my recovery day :wink:

(Denise) #25

I’m back at the Resistance Bands after about a month of not doing any walking or my 3-4 times a week RBs. I didn’t seem to lose any muscle, but my first time back, 5 or so days ago was rough :wink: I’m finding a lot of Youtube videos of RB training that’s encouraging although it’s obvious some of the folks putting these out have done much more “weight” lifting. I’ll share one new RB I want to try out since I want a little variety.

Anyone have these type accessories? I have little room here in my apartment, but this would work for me here, and when I tried this “style” with RB alone, it wasn’t very comfy for me, even using my weight bench :wink:

Just a .56 second video: Resistance Band accessories

(Mark Rhodes) #26

Consistency is the measure of success. Shawn Backer was a huge proponent of X3 Resistence Bands. They reall do work well if you work them. It is like a Soloflex ut more condensed. Here we are doing a demo at one of the Ketofests. Forget which one.

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(Denise) #27

I love the bands, they are super convenient, and no heavy weight to move around or make room for, that I don’t have here :wink:

I know they are working, I get a much better workout out here at home as I am not distracted from my workout, and my focus is on form, and feeling the muscles being worked. Saving money I was paying out for the gym + driving down there :wink: This is my regular workout for now, and I’m not ready to move on to more yet :wink: I am using my strongest band already, but not ready to move up from it.

Heather Robinson

PS Edit: Hey @marklifestyle , I really like the look of that mat Shawn is using in this video but I can’t find anything except the “step” type which look like just plastic and uncomfy on my back? Any suggestions?
Shawn Backer, X3 (3 year old video)

(Mark Rhodes) #28

When we demo’d it at Ketofest, I found it to be very sturdy. Most of the leg work seemed very comfortable once I found the sweet spot on my shoulder to place the band

(Denise) #29

I haven’t found the mat online yet @marklifestyle, is it still on sale somewhere? Thanks much, Denise PS The video I used seems to work every muscle, but I feel I need to do more (probably heavier). I’m trying to build the muscle to try and sort of take the place of some loose skin I got losing the 30 lbs after starting Keto. I don’t expect to look all buff at 71, and I don’t want too big of definition/muscle.

Maybe I’m expecting the impossible. I do my video workout every day as it’s only 20 minutes. I’ll put the link in here and would love your opinion on “what I want” and “what the workout I’m doing” is enough with my walking?
It shows all exercises right at first couple minutes so you don’t have to watch whole video:

(Mark Rhodes) #30

The whole thread discusses alternatives to the ground plate

(Denise) #31

Ok, I’ll look at this one too Mark, thank you :slight_smile: Hope you see my last post above :slight_smile: Hey @marklifestyle glad you gave me the link, excellent group and thread! I’m on it now and hope I get some feed-back there as well :wink: I’m fitgoldengirl52 on there, picked that name when I thought I was really fit, LOL! I’m more now though :wink: thanks to Keto!

(E P) #32

@Goldengirl52 I’ve been really enjoying resistance bands too! I got a cheap knockoff x3 set (prebene) and do that workout. Only problem is the full-length bands are kind of too long for my short female frame. I can knot the smaller ones, but the heaviest band is too fat to knot.

Any tips on how to shorten the bands?

(Denise) #33

So you are doing the workout with Heather Robertson?? That’s so great!! I really love it but have to use the strongest band I have which are these “loop bands” :wink: I didn’t want to invest a lot if I didn’t stick with it :wink:

I’m not sure those are like the ones you are using, I’m 5’2" and 111 lbs and these work good for me.

(Denise) #34

Going along pretty good on my bands workout. Sometimes every other day, sometime a coupe or 3 in a row, depending how much walking I get in beside.

Got a new fitbit and remembered to set it up for my workout today. Here’s the numbers I got from a 20 minute resistance band workout:

24:02 time
45 zone, which I don’t remember setting that up
Average BPMs 134
Max 161
Calories 114

I’d say my Medtronic Pacemaker works pretty good, and so does my keto nutrition :wink:

I also can continue to talk but admit to paying sharp attention to my breathing :wink:

Is there a thread just for progress of anyone working out? Maybe I’ll make one if not :wink: It would be easier for me than keep some written journal, and nice to have right here with my keto info as well :wink: Denise

(Denise) #36

I just went ahead and did RB training every day, with sometimes not doing it for 3 days in a row because I didn’t feel energetic. I think now, thanks to @VirginiaEdie reminding me that I’d upped my workouts and walks, and my lethargy, or lack of energy is because of that.

I just read about RB workouts and they suggest the same thing for muscle recovery. I don’t know why I thought bands were so much easier than lifting weights I didn’t really need to take days off. Pretty stupid when I think about telling you all I feel more muscle than when I was at the gym for 3 years. Not a lot of building though because the muscles have to have that time to repair, duh!!

Ok, today I’m resting, but now I know why I need to rest, I hate resting, LOL!! I might miss something, :rofl: Denise

(B Creighton) #37

Bands can work better than weights. It has to do with the fact that they are giving more resistance at muscle extremes.

Because they don’t take much room, are a lot cheaper, and sometimes do actually get better results than weights…

What has been shown is that muscles really grow with tension. Even simply stretching the muscle to the upper range of the pain scale can cause muscle growth. Once you get up to the top of your reps with resistance bands, you can cause more growth by constricting blood flow away from the muscle as well… or you can add a band or switch to higher resistance of course.

Congratulations on yourr results!

(Denise) #38

Thank you for all the info! It’s so interesting and I’ll be on again tomorrow when I am not so tired, but tomorrow I should be ready to workout again, can hardly wait :slight_smile: Denise

(Denise) #39

Hi Scaperdude, or anyone that might be able to help me :slight_smile:

I would like to get a new mini-band set but not sure how to make sure they are a stronger set, requiring more strength I mean? I’ve now using the strongest one in my set which I’ll pin a pic of those below.

I’m hoping someone can help me pick out a set that sort of a step up in strength. This first set I went up to that strongest kind of fast in my opinion and need a bit more of a challenge already.

Here’s the set I have, and any suggestions very welcome, even if it means changing type of bands, although I absolutely love my workout except I still haven’t mastered a full pushup. Arms just still feel too weak :frowning:

This is the set I have and using the black one for now and I can’t find any way to measure the actual strength of the bands:


(B Creighton) #40

Use the bands kind of like a weight set. To add more resistance, just add more bands. If you are at the strongest band, and need more resistance, just add your weakest band to it. If that is not enough, switch out the weakest band to the next strongest so that you will exercise with that band and the strongest one together. You don’t need to buy a new set unless you just want shorter or longer bands. I hope that answers your question.

(Denise) #41

Thanks dude! I didn’t think about that at all!! I’ll try it, excellent!! :+1::grinning: