Repeat offender

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Hi all, I thought I briefly introduce myself to the forum.

I’m 45, 6 ft and quite heavily muscled. I’ve trained (gym) inconsistently since I was about 15 and generally peak and trough around holidays, fitness goals, lack of / wrong choice of training partners! Generally though, I’m training more often than I’m not.

I do regular Ju Jitsu and I’m also a pretty serious mountain biker; while most of my kicks come from gravity orientated riding, I also do regular longish xc rides and a bit of bikepacking too.

I started keto in September - this is probably the sixth or seventh time I’ve done it. In the past I’ve used it as a tool for weight loss (because it’s fantastic). I can generally loose 2st in 8 weeks and then spend the next 2 years putting it back on, and I’ve been ok with that.

My general eating habits are a bit bi-polar… the actual food I eat is (traditionally) healthy and balanced. I then ruin that with chocolate, crisps, sweets and beer!

This time I’m going to try something different and intend to stay keto for three months and then transition to approx 50g carbs. I’m hoping this will be a better maintenance WOE rather than the extended up-down I’ve been used to.

Health wise I’ve no issues I’m aware of except raised cholesterol. My most recent numbers are below - I’m planning to get bloods done in another month or two and see what the difference is.

Serum Chol lvl - 6.3mmo/l (above high reference limit)
Serum HDL - 1.34mmo/l
Ratio - 4.7
Non HDL Chol - 5.0mmo/l
Trig’s - 1.8mmo/l (above high reference limit)
They didn’t test my blood glucose but I’ll get that next time.

So, I’m six weeks in, I’m down from 16st 8lb to 15st 1lb which is pretty much where I’d hoped to be - goal reached. The next six weeks and on wards will be really interesting. I have a hankering for a 6 pack you could play the xylophone on! who knows :slight_smile:

Finally - huge thanks to Richard and Carl. I discovered the dude’s podcast about a month ago; I’m 60 episodes in and loving it - nice one chaps.

(Rebecca) #2

Hi @Stu_Shez, fellow Brit here!

My husband’s cholesterol results were similar to yours. He started keto a couple of months ago and has lost just over a stone and a half (23 pounds).

In his month of keto he’s had two carby pub lunches, but the rest of the time he’s sticking to what I have, and together we’re feeling great!

I’m on this WOE for life - he’s reserving judgment but so far he’s not feeling he’s missing out. And he’s a fiend for crisps, so I’m impressed he’s staying away from them!

(Marianne) #3

This is great; I bet once you do extended keto, you will feel so much better that you may decide to do it indefinitely. The science of it makes total sense. Like many people here say, “I came for the weight loss, but stayed for the health benefits.”

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Not just weight loss either - my type 1 diabetes used to be a beast to control, but on keto, it’s a pussycat! :rofl:

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Wow; that is amazing!

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #6

Not for nothing, but well-respected cancer researchers, such as Dr. Colin Champ and Dr. Thomas Seyfried, have come to the conclusion that the real cause of cancer lies not in our genes but in our diet. They both recommend keeping carbohydrate intake as low as possible. We recommend under 20 g/day on these forums, and I certainly wouldn’t advise eating more than 50 g/day of total carbohydrate from all sources.

BTW, you have nothing to worry about regarding your lipid numbers. Your ratio of triglycerides to HDL is 1.34, which is superb. Many of us would kill to have numbers that good, and 1.34 guarantees that an NMR analysis of your LDL would show Pattern A, which is low risk for cardiovascular disease.

Just remember, your six-pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym, so keep calm, and keto on!

(Stu Shez ) #7

Thanks for your welcome and responses everyone, really appreciate it.

I didn’t realise that about my triglyceride ratio, I’ll research some more, thanks.