Reflux is HORRIBLE After Starting Keto

(Amber) #21

Sooooo just a heads up!
It was the Perfect Keto Collagen with MCT and Perfect Keto MCT powder that caused the issue. Switched to Brain Brew MCT and have had NO problems and it’s been a week.

(jay) #22

It’s got to be a good feeling having had to turn into a pyloric valve detective to successfully crack your “reflux case”. You have the added pleasure of knowing that someone else will benefit from your shared experience. Nice… :sunny:
By the way what form does “Brain Brew” come in. liquid?

(Anna) #23

Amber, I was listening to a podcast the other day with Jimmy Moore and the Doc. Doc Nally said that yellow mustard has Quinine and that is why when eating mustard it will or can eleminate the acid reflux. I saw where someone commented that an old wives tale entailed eating a spoonful of yellow mustard. This was something she passed along. After hearing Doc Nally on the Jimmy Moore Podcast this made sense. So try adding some yellow mustard to your eating regimen, perhaps some mustard and a bratwurst, or mustard slathered on a mini burger patty, etc. :smile:


Have you tried switching out the coffee for a strong Assam tea?

(Amber) #25

Sorry this has taken awhile. brain Brew is a liquid MCT oil. I’m happy to report still no reflux.

(Liz ) #26

I want to post an update my previous entry in this thread & say my GERD has almost completely resolved by taking 2 apple cider vinegar tablets when I eat. I don’t know why these work, while taking actual liquid ACV didn’t, but whatever! Thrilled to get relief & this method is much better for me as I can’t stand the taste of ACV.


I’d swap out the MCT powder for actual MCT oil, preferably real coconut oil. Aside from being less than half the cost I’ve read posts other places of MCT power screwing with people, If coconut oil doesn’t screw with you then go to MCT (oil). I’d also ditch the pepperoni for now. Super processed not a real meat, could also not be helping. If it’s really bad grab some OTC Omeprazole (Prilosec). People can complain about taking PPI’s but the reflux is worse and it’ll fix it for now. Constant reflux is not a good thing for your system. Also take probiotics, keep your gut happy.

(Kimberly Moss) #28

My question as a newbie would be what would I eat instead of the fat? Just low carb low fat and then protein? I have gerd and it’s gotten worse on keto so I’m wondering if I’m one that can’t handle the high far


I had heartburn every single day for a year. Started KETO and it vanished!

(Cathy) #30

My advice is to keep your diet high fat and low carb (moderate protein) being sure you are not consuming any grains. Don’t take meds. Your stomach should normalize in a matter of weeks.

(VLC.MD) #31

In the US, 5 days of Prilosec OTC is a good emergency treatment. But milder would be Zantac 150 twice a day (2 at once to start). As needed Zantac is super safe. Trying all different treatments is a good idea … so you know what works and what doesn’t :+1:

Coffee is a trigger but I’m never stopping coffee … I’d rather take Zantac twice a day forever than give up my coffee.


@lowCarbWitch Im experiencing the same symptoms as you were, I’ve never had this except last year when I tried to do a fat fast with bulletproof coffee, after a few days I started having problems with reflux and I had to stop.
This time around Im eating other foods too but I have a BP coffee almost every morning and I think the combination of coffee and MCT (I take brain Octane) has caused this. I eat pretty clean otherwise, no grains, dairy(except butter) etc… Are you still reflux free with the new MCT? curious…

(Chris) #33

Whenever I have reflux, I take a shot of organic apple cider vinegar and it goes away.

(Carpe salata!) #34

“a shot of organic apple cider vinegar”

Do you just chug it straight? I find it burns … maybe I need to start diluted and work up…

(Chris) #35

Personally? Yes. I’m weird though. It’s perfectly fine to mix a tbsp or two in water.

Also, I started doing this by shooting it, and I found that once the throat burn dissipated, so did the heart burn. So I used that as my marker for a while.

(Carpe salata!) #36

Right-o. I only got reflux after over- eating and found that 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water helped. Also eating less, or breaking up into more meals. Since I don’t eat so much now on keto it hasn’t been a problem.

But I’ve been thinking about trying the ACV to see what it’s effects are anyway.

(P Seagraves) #37

THANK YOU! Dr. Sarno’s is a wonderful book, recommended to me by chiropractor. THANKS for the reminder.

(Lesley) #38

@M_C I wish I could remember what interview it was but I remember one doctor saying that some people mistake an excess of alkaline for excess acid (for life of me don’t remember the details) and that makes sense given what you are saying about what that lady told you to do with the mustard and it working.

Don’t think I could handle drinking mustard though… Eeek!

(Naomi Brewster) #39

I started Keto due to reflux and initially seemed to help but then about three months in reflux returned big time. Note I can’t have mct as it sets me off every time. However I tried acv half hour before eating (helped), betain with pepsin when eating meat (helped), cut out diary (helped), started sauerkraut and other fermented veggies (helped) - all these things helped maintain but sometimes reflux seems to be turned on and sometimes turned off. I had it worse when eating high carb and when 40kilos heavier so not complaining about occasionally having to manage symptoms but it is confusing. Hope you get on top of it.

(Bunny) #40