Reflux is HORRIBLE After Starting Keto

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You are welcome @psea

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I love my coffee but I intend to reevaluate after my next endoscopy. If the doctor says “yeah you have some heartburn after coffee but it’s not causing your oesophagus damage” then I’ll keep drinking my 3-4 shots a day. But if the doctor pushes me to cut back or stop, I will do so, and not reluctantly.

My life and my health are far more important than even my favourite drug!


I second this. I have bad GERD and a half a teaspoon in water stops it for me. Also fasting gives the gut time to heal.


I’m now having trouble with silent reflux characterized by terrible benching and the feeling of a lump in my throat about an hour after eating. I tried 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water and while it worked for the reflux symptoms, about 3 hours later I then had not-so-silent reflux heartburn. It also caused some other weird side effects (hyperventilating, stimulation, anxiety) of overmethylation but that’s for a different forum. I’m not sure what to try next for the symptoms as apparently not stopping it can eventually cause cancer I was told by a doctor.

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Trying this today!!!


Hi Liz, it sounds like you may have laryngopharyngeal reflux where the bulk of the symptoms are in the throat, and no heart burn like regular GERD.
I have this also, to the point where I was using asthma puffers , thinking I had mature onset asthma.
Silent reflux is another name for it.
I have been following a protocol which sounds identical to the one Gabe outlined earlier in this thread: it’s called the Acid Watchers diet by a Dr Aziz ( Israeli, I think)
First, I know these are not keto foods but anyway…cut out acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegars, soy sauce, chillies, peppermint and coffee and tea and alcohol , chocolate.
Reduce weight…
Don’t wear tight clothing , especially around the waist.
Raise the head of the bed or get a wedge cushion to elevate your head during sleep.
This whole process takes TIME, you need to do the protocol for at least 8 weeks ( religiously) or more to see results… healing doesn’t happen overnight.
Another thing is portion size! …not too much food at once, don’t fill your stomach to loading point ( me😉).
You are not supposed to have fatty or fried foods either, but I do have minimal fat, as Gabe says, use your body fat instead.

I think the main point is to be consistent with implementing the dietary changes.
I have seen a great improvement following this method but have reintroduced coffee with bad effect😢 so I should really follow my own advice.

Good luck!

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Yes an inhaler! Me too. Didn’t help. Thanks so much for the info. I appreciate it. After avoiding vinegar for years because it would seize up my throat, I have been getting a lot of relief using apple cider vinegar daily in a drink, and in tablet form. While not completely gone, the issue is much lighter. I’ll try some of your addditional ideas to see if I can get it totally eliminated.

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my episodes would cause my throat to constrict for hours :persevere: :face_vomiting:

I take avc before and after meals and make sure I chew my food properly I haven’t had an episode since.


I had horrible reflux the first couple of weeks on keto. Someone here suggested a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water and that worked like a charm for me! You can’t do too much of it, but mine only lasted for about a week or so. I’ve had one or two instances, but nothing like I was having at the very start!

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It’s the coffee. Try a lighter roast. Or switch to tea and cream. I have this Thai Tea that I drink hot with milk. It’s wonderful and my reflux is completely gone.


My first two weeks of keto my GERD flared up extremely bad. I dont drink coffee either because Im too sensitive to the caffeine (been caffeine free for the past 5 years). But after that it sort of calmed itself.

I know most of my reflux is from my hiatal hernia which prevents the circular muscle (sphincter) at the top of the stomach from closing all the way so stomach acid is able to splash up. Could also be other issues, but weight loss is supposed to help that problem.

Some people guesstimate that the high fat diet makes your sphincter slippery so they dont close as well? Which can cause acid to leak through. It may also be your body overcompensating for a new diet change and it may calm down in a couple weeks. But I TOTALLY understand how horrible the burning pain is.

Some suggestions Ive been given in the past and some of my own suggestions to help:

  • Apple Cidar Vinegar pills - There are no official studies or publications to support that these help ease acid reflux but a lot of people swear by these. I never tried them myself.

  • Over the counter Proton pump inhibitors - They block the little protein machines in your stomach wall that pump in protons (which are responsible for stomach acidity). If you shut off the pumps you shut off the acidity. Common ones are omeprazole, ‎pantoprazole, lansoprazole, esomeprazole and other related sounding ones. You can buy these over the counter at all grocery stores OR you can get a prescription strength one from your doctor. (Common name Prilosec)

  • Ranitidine - this one is a histamine inhibitor which reduces stomach acid. Its also SUPER common in grocery stores and can be taken along side a PPI. I have a bottle of these on my bedside table and I pop one or two depending on how bad my reflux is at night. Helps me sleep!!!

  • Ulcers? - If you have extreme pain in your stomach, maybe you have a bacterial infection by Helicobacter pylori. Its super unlikely because youd not only be getting acid reflux, but you would also have to have extreme pain in your stomach. (The bacteria uses its flagella tail to burrow into your stomach linning). Its super easily treated but definitely not a comfortable experience. Ulcers are can also be caused by NON bacterial reasons. For instance if you take aspirin a lot or other NSAID pain killers. Those are hard on your stomach and could cause ulcers (But that depends on your sensitivity to them).


I’ve had two horrible bouts of reflux on keto, both times during a short fast, around 40 hours. I had eaten nothing, no bulletproof anything, and it was so bad that in both cases I had to eat something. It’s a real bummer. I’ve since added daily ACV to my regimen and am hoping and praying it does the trick. Want to do the Zornfast this month but I’m a little nervous about giving it a try.

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Please stop drinking ACV straight. Your teeth, oral mucosa, & esophagus will be thankful. Always dilute it. As with any acid put in your mouth (coffee, soda, acv, vomit, etc.) always eat/drink it in one sitting (as opposed to grazing or sipping over time), switch with water immedistely afterwards, & if wanting to brush your teeth wait at least 30 minutes to do it.

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Thanks for the advice. Haven’t had a drop in a few months (this reply was from October) as I’m ZC - no reflux anymore.

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I used to do this for my LPR (different form of reflux). I didn’t mind the burn. Then, my doctor told me it can burn a hole in your esophagus if you don’t dilute.

Just wanted to let you know!

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The very last reply right before yours, just so you’re aware :slight_smile:

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I just saw the other response right after I posted. Sorry!

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I’ve had reflux at various times - not at all since going keto - but that’s probably due to the fact that each 500ml (20oz pint) of water I have before each meal (or 2 x per day if I’m doing OMAD) has 1T of ACV and 1 tsp each of lemon and lime juice added.

The lemon & lime juices help it taste better, add a little more acid and a few nutrients that don’t hurt either.

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When u have reflux eat a teaspoon of yellow mustard followed by a full glass of water… u are welcome

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Same here. I didnt have acid reflux before keto (started keto 5 days ago) and already ate a high fat, medium carb diet intuitively (way too much fruit though and couldnt handle dairy, gluten, grains or starch), so keto was an easy transition for me. My foods didnt change, i just got rid of most sugar/carbs and now i experience small amounts of acid reflux. Not sure why.

Did you ever figure out what was causing it for you or did it naturally go away after awhile?