Reducing readings on keto strips - becoming fat adapted?

(Brian Smith) #1

I’ve been in keto for more than a month and testing a bit over 1.5 using keto strips. I’ve been strict the whole time, carbs 20g or less per day, and have lost almost 4 kilos.

However, my most recent test showed a level just above 0.5, well below all my other tests.

I feel great, so wondering if this is suggestive of becoming adapted to fat burning?

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #2

Just means you’re excreting fewer ketones. There are multiple possible reasons. Don’t worry about it, just KCKO.


Hi Brian,

These strips only show you one thing: the concentration of ketones in your urine.
Not more, not less. Oh, and they tell you that there are ketones being produced in your body.

The readings go down and that is completely normal: your body accepts the ketones as a fuel source. so you are burning them. Less left to be washed out. And the more you drink the lower in the concentration is in your urine. So many variables here too.

Most important though: how do you feel?

Best of luck,

(Kirk Wolak) #4

Are these URINE or BLOOD. The numbers used imply Blood.

If blood, then you are probably doing something to cause your body to burn less fat.
You could be testing earlier in the morning (dawn effect).

You might have added dairy to your coffee because you have been “good”. I have seen blood levels drop for those reasons. I have also seen them drop, and glucose go high while doing everything right, at a previous “weight” that was held for a while. And my theory is that the LIVER has to believe you are serious and it starts releasing the glycogen it stored at that old weight BEFORE you gained more. Now it releases it, when it is done, we see the glucose go back down, and ketones go up, and a Woosh of a few pounds.

Our bodies are unfortunately complex. something as trivial as BPC powder has thrown me off. Changing brands of coffee. Eating too much pork fat.

It takes a lifetime of experience and tracking to find out all of these things… And the goal of the community is to help out when people come asking. We can’t know for sure.

Here is something else. Eating later at night will raise my glucose 10 points and lower my ketones (for my morning reading). Dr. Boz says it is because the liver did not get enough time to empty your meal as fuel before you went to bed. It seems to add up!

Good Luck!

PS: Why I think you are using blood strips… First you SHOULD be, LOL. Second if you are not, IGNORE the values. Dehydration/Hydration can radically change the values. My buddy peed purple strips. Upon testing his blood numbers, they were the same as mine. I was light pink. I don’t trust pee strips! (Plus after 18 months, they are useless, I don’t waste ketones much)

(Brian Smith) #5

Thanks all for the replies. I’m using urine strips and test at the same time generally weekly. I feel great, lots of energy, still losing weight and while i appreciate urine strips aren’t reliable, I’m seeing the change as a good sign.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #6

That’s what really matters, not ketone numbers. If you have any ketones you are in nutritional ketosis.


Hey Brian,
The strips are reliable from a scientific point of view, each reading itself will be pretty accurate.

Great to hear that you are feeling well.