Red Velvet Cheesecake Recipe Help

(Michael) #1

I’d love to make this recipe but I don’t want to use the single serving dishes. I’d like to use a regular 8 or 9 inch cheesecake pan. I know very little about cooking so I’m looking for guidance on how long I would bake it for. Is it like my regular cheesecake that I do for 75 minutes at 300 degrees?


(Stylee) #2

That sounds about right, I used to bake for a restaurant 25 years ago and made cheese cakes with different flavors regularly and I don’t remember much difference between them baking wise. It’s more about how thick it is and the toothpick test.

(Carl Keller) #3

@Digital_Dave has made a lot cheesecakes in his time. Maybe you can pick up some tips or ideas in this thread:

My 1st Cheesecake? ... Well, sort-of

(Lonnie Hedley) #4

Yep, I immediately thought of @Digital_Dave too.

If we mention him enough he has to respond. :joy:


Thanks, guys. I actually just got home from the Hospital yesterday, so I’m still getting caught up some on post between just resting up. :slight_smile:

As for Cheese Cakes in general go, slight cracking around the cakes edges are a very good sign of the cake almost being done. So once you see this cracking form, you can take it out and I recommend letting it sit out at least 30 minutes, or as much as an hour. This allows the cake to cool slowly and not too fast, plus it still cooks some during this as well. … Hope this helps, but keep in mind Cheese Cakes also don’t like changes in temps, so try not to open the oven any more then needed. Better if you have a glass front for viewing.

For the record, all the types of Cheese Cakes that I make, are all done between the time frame of 50 to 65 minutes and set at 300° convections. - So an hour should be a good starting point, and just monitor it.