Red Meat and the actual science

(Todd Chester) #1

Guess what? Red meat ain’t bad for you. Here is the actual science behind red meat:

Effects of Total Red Meat Intake on Glycemic Control and Inflammatory Biomarkers: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

“Total red meat consumption, for up to 16 weeks, does not affect changes in biomarkers of glycemic control or inflammation for adults free of, but at risk for, cardiometabolic disease.”

Oh and red meat does not cause cancer either:

Unprocessed Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption: Dietary Guideline Recommendations From the Nutritional Recommendations (NutriRECS) Consortium

“For our review of randomized trials on harms and benefits (12 unique trials enrolling 54 000 participants), we found low- to very low-certainty evidence that diets lower in unprocessed red meat may have little or no effect on the risk for major cardiometabolic outcomes and cancer mortality and incidence”

Although if you have an agenda pushing plant based diets, seeing someone eating red meat can cause physiological inflammation.

(Alec) #2

Being someone who has an agenda pushing meat based diets, I have the same problem when I see someone eating plants. :joy::joy::joy:

I try to overcome this by pointing out that plants are trying to kill you. The more I listen to Dr Chaffee the more convinced I am that this is true.

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Well I believe in eating both as like as I keep my carbs very low, I just don’t eat anything grains, as well as eating very little potatoes.

(Todd Chester) #4

Sometimes they are actually trying to bride us too. Fruit for instance. It is about seed dispersal. And since the plants do not want their seeds to stay in us too long, so they add a bit of laxative to make sure the transit time is fast. And sometimes, like avocados, they make the seeds to large to swallow, so we will eat the bribe and chuck the seeds. (Parrots do this is the amazon. And since they steal from each other, they fly away from the flock to eat, which further disperses the seeds.)

They have also enslaved us too. We are arrogant in that we think we hybridized them. What we do not realize is that they again bribe us with some food to absolutely pamper them. “Slave! Slave! A bug! A big! Slave! Slave! Bring me more poop and water! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY CHILDREN!!!”

But you are right, in the wild, they really do not care for us eating them. A lot of our spices are these plants.

With that in mild, the archeological evidence from the dinosaur period shows leaves as thick as beef steaks. Now-a-days, their leave are as low in food value as possible. Dinosaurs could not survive on today’s leaves. My alternate theory as to their extinction is that plants reduced their leaves to the point were dinosaurs could not survive, especially since it has been shown that dinosaurs were reducing in numbers well before the asteroid strike. Just my guess.

Might I add to the list of plants trying to kill us: kale and arugula. When I was a kid, I literally thought my mother was trying to kill me by feeding me asparagus. Now I have trouble not eating it raw.

And yes, I have trouble keeping my mouth shut whilst watching other humans eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) and not telling them what is going to happen to them, as it happened to me with “Healthy, whole grain carbs”.

(Todd Chester) #5

Same with me. I keeps my carbs low and my glycemic load low too (to avoid spikes). I do not eat any potatoes though. Zero grains, except some occasional flax. I do love my vegi’s but am very careful to keep them a condiment levels.

Humans really are like bears, except that we are not carrion eaters. We will eat anything we can catch. We are truly omnivorous. And Omnivorous have the highest survival rates and the lowest extinction rates. We can adapt to changing food sources.

Where we go into trouble is when we discovered beer and started hybridizing grains for better beer resulting in grains with artificially high glycemic levels of carbohydrates not found in nature.

Also, at least half of all meat consumed goes to blood glucose. But very slowly. So far I have not had an issue with it. Well, so me thinks.

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Interestingly, however, one of the hypotheses attempting to explain the development of our large, metabolically expensive brains suggests that our ancestors started to move from being herbivores to eating meat by scavenging carcases. Our digestive juices are very acid, as is typical of carrion-eaters, apparently.

Two vultures attempt to board an aeroplane, each with a dead carcase under each wing. The flight attendant says, “Sorry, folks, there’s a limit of one carrion per passenger.” (Okay, I’ll leave now, lol!)

(B Creighton) #7

Perhaps ironically, I now believe that for most people grass fed red meat is the least problematic health wise - esp if eaten very fresh, and not cooked at high temperatures, char-broiled, smoked, etc, of most meats people eat. Fish, if eaten absolutely fresh and wild is healthful, but these days that is difficult to get. A lot depends on the storage and cooking methods involved with any animal products. Red meat can be unhealthful if processed, pre-sliced, etc.

For so many years red meat has been villified, but I’m finding more health risks with the white meats high in Omega 6s - a lot more oxidized cholesterol potential. In this regard grass fed red meat is the clear winner, and gives you the best nutrient densities for your bucks :deer:

(Todd Chester) #8

Most other animals can not crack the bones off their kills. We’d wait them out and then scavenge the bones. We’d crack open the bones and eat the marrow. And that was the first preservation of food. You can crack the bones much later to extract the marrow.

I live for “Dad Jokes”!

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Ughhhh…. :grin:

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Kansas :love_you_gesture:

So my journey into the keto diet as an epileptic suffering from extreme gastritis involved avoiding red meat. Doctors orders from a PDF. Poultry only. As I got better from both I brought red meat back in. And eventually learned to go weeks eating nothing but red meat. Now I feel there are times when I NEED red meat or I’m not 100%.

(Todd Chester) #12

Makes total sense. Once your body gets over the fog caused by high glycemic carbohydrate addiction (I am being literal here, not figurative), your body will signal you like other wild animals as to its needs. And we/they seek it out. Both my wife and I have had the same experience with our bodies craving read me. (Pink) salt too.


I am mostly eating red meat now. Pork mainly. Though once a week I also eat poultry. I really ought to eat more fish, but all I want is red meat. Cream and cheese. Occasionally eggs. I don’t go a single day without eating some red meat.

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This pun is the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.