Red Meat and the actual science

(Bob M) #22

I’m with you. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick in one of his books shows a near perfect correlation between the number of television sets and heart disease over time.

For red meat and eggs and like, I think of it this way: the people who have the temerity to admit on an FFQ (food frequency questionnaire) that they eat red meat and eggs (when everyone tells them they shouldn’t) are people who pretty much don’t give a darn. Meanwhile, the people who do give a darn either lie (they eat red meat and say they don’t or say they eat a lot less than they do) or actually don’t eat red meat and do a lot of other things like make more money, live in better areas, exercise more, eat better food, etc.

(BuckRimfire) #23


Of course, as a symptom of affluenza, many people own more of everything than a generation ago, so almost every possession would correlate with diabetes!

(Geoffrey) #24

No diabetes in this ol’boy. Lots of deer and hogs taken by gun and bow but maybe I’m an exception.