Recommended/Limited/Avoid foods list

(Karen Ogilvie) #1

This is the list of recommended/limited/avoid foods from my 100 day challenge

Recommended foods

Recommended foods list.pdf (133.0 KB)

Limited foods

Limited foods list.pdf (125.0 KB)

Avoid foods

Avoid foods list.pdf (119.4 KB)

(Cher) #2

I’ve been eating .25 cup of Grain free granola called Paleonola Pina Colada. It never kicks me out of ketosis and it has 5 net carbs. It does contain a bit of maple syrup. Should I avoid this food altogether?

(Karen Ogilvie) #3

Foods like your granola are in the same category as ketofied baked goods or packaged snacks. These foods are a useful tool as a harm-reduction food for compliance but optimally they should be a planned indulgence rather than a daily food. I recommend having them no more than once weekly to focus on meals that are mostly animal products and some plants if weight loss is the goal. I think people should have low carb treats occasionally! These foods make keto enjoyable. The problem with treats is that they’re less delightful when consumed frequently.


Good lists. Might I suggest adding Pili nuts to the Limited list? Kinda pricey, but honestly, 10 slivers of them and I’m satisfied (which is unusual for nuts for me).

(Karen Ogilvie) #5

Those are delicious! I don’t get them often but I prefer them over macadamias.

(Polly) #6

Thank you @Karen for your green, amber and red food lists.

I have struggled for the last few months and have decided to give your plan a whirl to see if it helps shake off my recent weight gain.

(Bob M) #7

Never heard of those. They are pretty low in polyunsaturated fats, too. I may have to pick some up for my vacation. I need something, as I typically don’t get enough to eat when I eat out. Particularly if I eat fish, where I’m lucky if I get 6-8 ounces of fish.

Here’s one bag:

They are a bit expensive. OK, a lot expensive.


You & me both… As much as I have different type of nuts around, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of them.

(Bob M) #9

They seem like a good option. One of the benefits to macadamia nuts is that they are low-PUFA, unlike most nuts. These Pili nuts may be as good or better – I’d have to compare.

Nuts for me are one of those things I avoid eating, only because I can eat so many of them. Any food where I can eat a meal and THEN eat as many/much of that food as I want, I try to avoid. For me, the big culprits are nuts, bacon, and yogurt. I can eat a meal, and STILL eat a ton of these.

But on vacation, these could be great. And they could be good to add to salads. I just made a salad with almond slivers. I liked the “crunch” and didn’t use many, and didn’t get any compulsion to eat more. These Pili nuts could be a better option,though.


Yep, whether it’s Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds or Macadamia Nuts, I’ve very limited in what I eat. Usually 1/4 cup (32g) for the first 2, and 1 oz. for Almonds. Macadamia’s even less, 1/2 oz.?

But I also only eat them with the meal, since I never snack outside of meals. And not every day.


They have a really unique/good meaty and oily taste. Very nutty and just the right amount of salt. Very satiating. Unlike peanuts which lead me to consume more and more, literally after 10-15 slivers of Pili nuts, I’m good. I probably get 6-8 servings out of a bag.