Recipes for tripe?

(Old Baconian) #1

Bought some tripe at the supermarket, largely because it was there, and I want to eat more organ meats. Anyone have a recipe for it? I’ve never cooked tripe before.

(Jo O) #2

Look for a Menudo recipe. It’s a Mexican tripe soup.
Recommend substituting hominy with chopped baby corn (add baby corn at the end. It doesn’t need long cooking.)

(Old Baconian) #3

Sounds intriguing. I’m going to check it out.

Menudo, huh? So that boy band from years ago was named after soup made from offal?

(Jo O) #4

Yes, they were!
And I loved the soup long before Keto.
You’ll find it in Mexican restaurants in the southwest & California.

(Chris) #5

As a kid I grew up in a family of Mastiff breeders (Dogs) and through much trial and error my parents found that the most nutritious diet the dogs could eat was raw tripe.

Unfortunately, when we received the tripe fresh from the slaughter house, it was my chore to lift these raw cow stomachs onto the butcher hook and slice them into pieces ready for freezing in the outhouse. I would have to ware protective clothing but still had to take a bath afterwards :slight_smile: - The smell was unbearable!

Understandably, I’ve never eaten tripe and never would, but we had the healthiest dogs ever that won awards!

Apparently “green” raw tripe has the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus, heaps of nutrients together with lots of beneficial bacteria but I doubt many people could bring themselves to eat unbleached tripe.

(Allie) #6

My dog loves green tripe.
It’s not something that will ever appeal to me…

(Chris) #7

Just found this on the UK Tripe Marketing board website:


Nowadays, tripe is usually bought ready to cook but in the old days it was prepared in the following way. (Please do not follow these instructions as it is not safe to drink bleach under any any circumstances whatsoever, even under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances).

  1. Put the tripe in a washing machine on the non-whites heavy soiling cycle.
  2. Add 2 bottles of industrial strength bleach. This will impart a lovely white colour and improve the flavour of the tripe. You may wish to reserve some of the bleach for use as a tasty sauce.
  3. When the cycle is complete, remove the tripe from the washing machine and let it dry, preferably outside on a washing line. Please don’t worry about the birds. They won’t touch it.
  4. When the tripe is dry, boil it for between 3-4 days. Please ensure all windows are kept open. You may wish to wear a sturdy pair of goggles.

(Allie) #8

I once accidentally cooked some in the microwave… I meant to defrost it but put it on the wrong setting. That mistake lingered for days…

(Sophie) #9

This sounds fucking nasty! Besides all I want to do is boil something disgusting for 3-4 days while keeping my windows open around the clock! :nauseated_face:

(Joanna Parszyk ) #10

What l do is that l boil and rinse them 3 times. Later l cook with lauriel leaf and whatever spices l feel like at the moment (more hot spicy or just salt and pepper). Sect weapon is a tbsp or 2 of brandy (french trick). Use in a soups or just as a side

(Old Baconian) #11

LOL! In the U.S., people would take this seriously and actually do it . . . :man_facepalming:

(Bob M) #12

Anyone make this? In looking for Menudo recipes, I found these:

Anyone find others?

I’ve also seen recipes for grilled tripe, but not sure about these, either.

(Stephanie ) #13

I make menudo at least once a month. I wash and cut up the tripe into small pieces, add the hominy (yes i know it’s carby), and spices ( chili powder, paprika, cayenne, cumin, garlic salt and powder) and cook in the crock pot on low from around 8pm to the next day around 6pm. You dont need to cook it that long of course, but i love how soft the tripe gets. A nice big bowl with cilantro, lemon, and onion on top. Super delicious!!!

(Bob M) #14

The hominy did not seem that bad, really. Especially on a day of exercise, for instance.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I can get tripe, but it looks a bit “strange”. The test will be if I can get my family (particularly our picky, as in “have I ever had that before?”, kids) to eat it.

(Stephanie ) #15

It does look weird, specially if you got the honeycomb tripe (just a different part of the stomach), although thats my favorite.

Yea it’s definitely an acquired taste, my kids have been eating it since birth lol, and now as adults 2 out of 3 love it! Just dont tell em what it is, i had to do that the first time i made lingua for my husband :blush:

(Bob M) #16

Well, I pass by the location where the tripe is, and look at it. There may be other varieties, but the one I saw last time was the honeycomb version.

This is in the frozen section, where they have suet, beef bones, and other offal (liver, though no kidney).

I will definitely give it a try. Not sure when that will happen, though. Will report back.

(Allie) #17

I have to say, the only recipe I will ever use tripe for, is raw and in my puppy’s dinner bowl… :rofl: