Recipe request: Chocolate Drink


So, I’m new. Three weeks in and I’ve lost about 13 pounds and I feel like just gotten off a sugar rollercoaster I’ve been on for decades. I actually have an aversion to sweetness now. I’m not sure I want to even try the sugar alcohols, etc, but I miss the flavor of chocolate. Don’t mind it being bitter, would like it creamy if possible. I have no trouble with dairy provided it’s trace carb.

Does anyone have a recipe they’d share for something like this?

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My advice is to dump chocolate. There’s a reason virtually everything made with chocolate has some kind of sweetener. Yes, you can eat chocolate without it. But better to go for coffee instead. Everything you ever had with chocolate can be done with instant coffee as a substitute for the chocolate. Example, coffee milk: 50 or 60 grams of whipping cream (find a brand with zero carbs!), 1-2 grams of instant coffee. Add water to thin the cream to whatever consistency you want. The less water you add the creamier the results. If you can get it, add 6 grams of Coffee Booster Collagen. Then your ‘coffee milk’ is a real keto beverage with excellent macros. Hope this helps.

PS: If you don’t like coffee flavour you could do the same with vanilla extract. Although vanilla extract is very expensive these days and looks likely to stay expensive into the foreseeable future unfortunately.


Thanks, I’m an avid cold brew drinker so that’s covered. Looking for some variety. I’m wondering now about adding unsweetened cocoa powder to cold brew, and maybe mucking about with avocado or cream for consistency. Just wondering if anyone has been here before.

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Adding chocolate to coffee makes mocha. I did that some when I first went keto just for the variety, but eventually stopped bothering with it since without sweetener it makes the coffee taste bitter. I now concentrate on what I consider a great keto coffee - NOT a fat bomb. Cold brewed, of course! Photo of my cold brewer below.

A very easy alternative/variety is flavoured carbonated water. I drink lots of it to help stay hydrated. Plus, many flavours mix well with the so-called ‘new gin’ styles like Aviation and my fave Tanqueray Rangpur.

Mike's Cold Coffee Brewer

4.5 liter glass flower vase purchased at my local Sally Anne thrift store for about $8 minus my 10% senior discount! I make 4 liters of coffee in each batch. I have since replaced the the aquarium filter sock (100 micron mesh) since it proved to be not as tough as I thought it would be and started to disintegrate after a couple months of heavy use. I now use an Arborfab 15" Dry Hopper (74 micron) stainless. Much more durable plus lets much less grounds into the coffee.


Very nice. I drink enough to start that.

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Maybe it’s good cold?



I found this on Pinterest. I’ve made it once, but I didn’t make it that big, probably about half that amount. I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it wasn’t so bad. It’s not sweet unless you add some sweetener but I’m starting to think artificial sweeteners (even keto friendly ones) are capable of stalling me so I haven’t tried it sweetened yet.
I didn’t blend it up, just shook it like a protein shake and served over the ice.

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I like this brewing chocolate. I get the French roast and make it in my drip coffee maker. I don’t add anything to it.


Starbucks has a ground coffee line available in grocery stores, I have enjoyed their mocha and vanilla flavors - no sweetener of any kind in either, I add HWC after its brewed.

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Does it have to be a drink? If you’re missing chocolate, just get some montezuma absolute black or some ghirardelli unsweetened chocolate and have an ounce. If you can’t take the bitter yet (you have to work up to it lol), Dab a bit of nut butter, or even kerrygold butter on it


Looks great. What’s the carb count on that? Is it zero like coffee?

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Hmm, wonder if I could do something similar with cacao nibs? I’ll have to try

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Not sure how it would be cold, I’ve seen people use hot heavy whipping cream with small pieces of chocolate whisked in for hot chocolate, could you do the same with 90% chocolate and then let it cool? Maybe add some cinnamon? Another I’ll want to try

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When I was in the process of fat-adaptation I had longings for chocolate milk - and I experimented with sweetening my very bitter organic cocoa powder with Stevia, thinking they were both plants and might synergize (it was awful, because 12 drops of Stevia for one drink is way too much for the system - and made me feel weird). So, I gave up on that and instead went the route of working with keto-friendly natural sweeteners in smoothies and ice cream. However, for your goal to avoid such things, you might try making “chocolate mush” - good cocoa powder added to extra virgin coconut oil, or coconut butter with a little salt - and mixed a lot with a spoon (if you add some avocado it’ll get pudding-like). It’ll still have that cocoa bitterness hint, but the coconut oil does have a lovely natural sweetness that helps.

Later on, once you’re 100% fat-adapted and you can also take 1/4 of a ripe banana and mash it with some cocoa (yes, that’ll be fructose + minerals and not much fiber, but makes a good low carb dessert for special occasions - if one can keep little banana chunks frozen in the freezer and have them not be triggers for bingeing etc).

Full detox and rehab from sugar is a noble and worthy effort - as is keeping LCHF/keto sustainable for you for the long term - and only you can figure that out, with the help of science!

The classic LCHF/keto books Protein Power (by the Drs. Eades) and The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Living do have dessert recipes and allow for treats within carb limits - once folks have made it through the very sensitive first weeks/months.

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I was really enjoying unsweetened chocolate milk. Basically just 100% cocoa in water with a big dollup of HWC and about 1/4 tsp of salt. I started liking it too much and started gaining weight and had to give it up. Delish though.

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I wonder what would happen if you used cacao nibs like coffee grounds and drip brewed them?!? I might give it a whirl BUT first I will Google it…surely someone has attempted it before lol :coffee:


Yep definitely been done lots of info on the web :face_with_monocle:

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Been a while since I’ve had this but especially during Xmas time it’s AMAZING.

I also am growing actual “chocolate mint” out back. Rub your fingers on it and the chocolate smell is wonderful.

Never inspected the label on this, but will order some today.

I’d think it could be chilled and creamed up.

I do think they have a pure chocolate version as well.
EDIT: lol, thought I’d linked to the chocolate mint flavor but this will work