Receiving Multiple Unwanted Summary Emails

(Annemieke van der Veen) #102


(John Pizzuto) #103

The forum has started sending me emails every three hours.

In the subject line:
"Ketogenic Forums summary"

I’ve clicked unscubscribe a few times but that hasn’t stopped them.

(annie) #104

Thank you so much for this, @kaptain_zero!

(Retta Stephenson) #105

I wonder… they recently switched to a new server (or whatever it’s called) and had a couple of glitches.

Maybe you should visit your settings? Click on your Pic at the right, then the cog on the right, Preferences, then Emails. Check they didn’t get changed??

(Vivienne Clampitt) #106

Not sure how to deal with this but I am getting ketogenic forum summary notifications several times a day - just today I have received 6. Far too many.

I have looked at my profile and it indicated that I wanted updates weekly . These daily notifications started within the last couple of weeks. I have now changed the notifications to every 2 weeks on my profile hoping that this will change . I cannot be doing with the amount of emails I am receiving at the moment!
@admin can you help please?

(Vivienne Clampitt) #107

I have just posted a new topic on this . I am receiving every few hours too! It is a nuisance. I was happy with the once a week buit several daily is wasting my time!

(Vivienne Clampitt) #108

I did that and it wasnt changed it still said weekly notifications. I have changed it to once evry 2 weeks in the hope that this will stop the avalanche of emails.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #109

OK just found a few other posts on the same topic, seems there must be a glitch of some kind in the system.

Hope it is sorted out soon!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #110

You are correct, Viv. Consider posting in the following thread instead:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #111

Yes we recently switched servers and there is a lot of catching up happening. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. There is already a thread on the subject, consider posting there:


Hi PaulL ! It’s getting worse : I have SEVERAL email PER DAY. I changed the setting but nothing changed.
Please, help !!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #113

Alas, I am not one of this site’s computer techs, so I cannot tell you how much longer this problem will persist. As we’ve already explained several times, this glitch is an aftereffect of moving the forums to a new Web host.

I used to get several hundred unwanted e-mails a day, on my old e-mail address. The average is currently up to around sixty a day on my new address, and slowly mounting. The best solution, I have found, is to set up my e-mail client so that anything arriving from certain addresses goes straight to trash. It’s a great aid to one’s peace of mind, let me tell you.

The only other alternative that we have been able to think of is to delete your account.

(Tina Lemay) #114

Same here! Even after I tried unsubscribing to everything. I’ll watch for the tips below!

(Tracey) #115

I am receiving 6 emails a day! Ridiculous. Have unsubscribed every day for a week and there is no change :flushed:. Think this website has been compromised somehow. Please do something about this. I tried to send a message to 2 Keto Dudes in messenger but it hasn’t even been read. Very annoyed!!! :rage:

(Scott Salin) #116

I’m getting the same thing. I have tried EVERYTHING and it keeps sending me several emails a day. I have unchecked EVERY box and unsubscribed (when given the option) all to no avail. I’m ready to close my account and start reporting these emails as spam.

There’s a big bug somewhere and it needs to be exterminated.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #117

Let me refer you to my earlier post, number 110 in this thread.

(Rachel) #118

Omg me too! I was wondering what was going on. I’ve tried unsubscribing multiple times. I hope they fix this issue.

(bilan) #119

Me too !


I have been receiving too many emails from this site after unsubscribing - CAN you please delete my account? Thanks


Hey there. Just trying to be helpful here as a tech guy. The problem probably is not with your user accounts. I’m receiving a bunch of emails as well. I don’t think the solution should be to delete peoples accounts either. The site admin needs to shut off the backend’s email during the migration. Maybe look around in your admin settings and turn off some global settings for a while. Let’s all have some patience and not freak out about this temporary issue.