Receiving Multiple Unwanted Summary Emails

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A sane and productive reply, thank you.

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I’m also getting a number of emails every day but it’s really not that much trouble to delete them while the problem is going on. I’ve worked supporting hosting and email servers for many years and know that this problem can take time to correct.

What should have happened after a few hours after being noticed is to disable the servers email functionality. That is very easy to do and would prevent days of people getting “junk” emails. If your hosting provider has trouble doing this then you REALLY need to find a new hosting provider.

This is now causing people to delete their accounts as well as list the new server as “spam” which will affect it’s ability to send future emails successfully. A simple clipped post on the forum saying email functionality has been disabled while this issue is being worked on would have prevented a lot of angry users.

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Like many of you, I am receiving a steady stream of “Summary” emails from this forum. I can empathize with how annoying this can be, particularly when I’ve done all the right things within my account’s preferences to prevent them from coming to my inbox. Of course, I get that.


This forum is very popular. It has a lot of traffic. Some of you are in the website development and hosting business. As you know, it’s one thing to provision a website, it’s quite another thing to manage one that has scaled to the popularity that this one has. It’s privately funded with no ostensible means for raising money.

The Ketogenic Forums exists because the Keto Dudes + Dudette passionately believe in the mission of a broader and welcoming keto community.

I get these multiple-times-a-day emails are annoying, but given how well this forum has been historically managed, a little patience will go a long way until we resolve this issue. And I remain grateful to Carl, Richard and Carrie for all they’ve done to promote keto and low-carb living.

We will be locking this thread. We’ve confirmed this issue and @richard has said they’re working on addressing it. Again, we beg your patience.

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I’m getting 5+ Email notifications in a row. All day long. I go to preferences and under notifications I don’t see an option to turn them off. How do I shut this off? Thanks!!!

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Starting this morning I’ve begun receiving many “Since your last visit” emails. Strange, and even after I’ve gone in and unsubscribed I’m still getting them about two per hour. I’d rather not assign emails to the spam bin, but may have to.



Agree. Have received 12 so far today. Changed settings, how do we stop this?

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Glad to hear this, Cliff (not glad that you’re also experiencing this, but that it appears to be a site glitch as opposed to something I did [by not doing anything at all]).

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Yes same here. Thought the forum changed something. Apparently it’s a glitch. I am sure the admins will get it worked out. Glad you brought it up though.

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The server is doing it to see how many people can start new threads to bother the admins. The test continues…

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I never experienced any kind of problems at all because maybe I clear my cookies and cache…lol

Maybe the information stored in the cookies and cache from the old website is confusing the new web server or one little piece of code is trip hammering everything else like dominos or sumptin like that?

I use to transfer entire websites to new servers and reinstall the SQL database… so burned out on webmastering!


5 more since 1st post. Glad to see the sight is active because it is a good one.

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Same thing is happening to me, just randomly getting spammed with loads of keto emails. Kind of annoying.

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I’ve gotten a dozen “since your last visit” emails today.
my Activity Summary - When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies
still shows “every two weeks” selected, so there is a glitch somewhere in the notification system.

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Good thing we don’t already have a heap of threads about this that a quick search, or even a scan of subject lines in this subforum, would reveal.

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Do I detect a note of sarcasm? :wink:

I’m not getting any emails (that’s ok with me!), but who knows…maybe they’re already going to my spam box.

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You called? What? LOL

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