Realizations about Carbs

(Rosie Cool) #1

During the holidays, I didn’t completely fall off the wagon but I did have one big meal of my pre-Keto favorite: fettecine alfredo.

After the meal, I was in some serious pain. Bloated and gassy. Then it hit me! I used to feel that way often but thought it was totally normal. It’s amazing to me that that horrible feeling was a version of normal for me. Thank goodness for Keto! Has anyone else noticed this???

Here’s to planning a Keto wedding!

(betsy.rome) #2

Yes I’ve noticed stomach / intestinal discomfort later in the evening or the next day after eating “off the reservation”. But more distress after eating sugar / bread / pasta etc. even in tiny amounts. I’ve been fat-adapted for months now. Wonder if it’s because my body doesn’t have the enzymes to digest those carby foods now.

(RavenRed) #3

Other than champagne and whiskey, I was on plan for the holidays, too. I did finish my daughter’s blackberries, though - the only thing that was different and had stomach pains for hours that afternoon! It tasted really sweet, I thought it was simply because I don’t do anything sweet anymore, but my Mom tends to add sugar to all her berries (something I didn’t think of until it was too late) so I think even just a little raw sugar turned my insides out! I was so miserable, but it does help me to remember those pains when faced with a “just a taste” urge. And ultimately shows how far I’ve come. Keep us posted about your Keto Wedding - sounds exciting!!!

(James Lynch) #4

Whiskey is ok! Listen to the 2KetoDudes Episode 10 about alcohol.

Good luck!