Rapid weight gain. Frustrated

(Donald Alderman) #1

So I have keto for 3 weeks now. Consistent 20 grams or less carbs a day. I started at 208 and got down to 194. So Thursday I ran the Peachtree road race which is a 10k. Since Thursday I have gained 5 or 6 pounds. What is going on? How have I gained that much back in 2 days? Getting extremely frustrated :rage:. My legs have been super sore from the race. Do sore legs retain water. Could it be the sore muscles in my legs causing the gain in weight?

(Carl Keller) #2

Welcome Donald.

My guess is you lost a lot of fluids when you ran the race and the following days your body sponged up a bunch of water. Gains or losses in a few days time is not really a trend. Weigh again in a week and see where you are at.

I did find an article that suggests micro trauma and inflammation caused by exercise can cause water retention to promote healing.


(Donald Alderman) #3

Thank you for the information. That makes sense. I will stay away from the scale for a week and then see where I am. That makes me feel better.

(less is more, more or less) #4

Another aspect to consider is that if you’re only three weeks into low-carb eating.¹ It is reasonable to conclude that your body hasn’t entirely switched to burning fat first when you expend a burst of energy, such as a 10K. Such a weight swing isn’t necessarily concerning. For that matter, even two years in, I find unusual peaks and dips in my weight. I am now confident that it’s one metric among many to watch. By itself, it should not alarm you.

As for sore legs, increase your salt – or enjoy beef or chicken bouillon to help replace lost sodium. Low-carb eating requires you to replace the sodium you give up that is commonly found in starchy foods. Salt will also impact the scale, but, again, this too is a red herring.

Having run half-marathons – may I run many more – being fat adapted is a wonderful experience.

Welcome to the forums!

¹ At least you say you are. I don’t mean to sound judgemental, but being genuinely low-carb requires rethinking everything, and takes time. Even old-timers struggle with keeping their carbs low. Letting us know what you eat will allow us to provide additional guidance, should you be so inclined.

(Donald Alderman) #5

Today back down 4 lbs to 196. Seems it was just fluid retention from recovery after the run. Feeling better. I do track macros in my app to ensure I am not going over. I am usually under 20 grams. I agree it’s hard sometimes as carbs come from places you would least expect it. Thanks for all the guidance.

(Susan) #6

Way to go, Donald, good luck with the rest of your Keto journey.

(LJ) #7

Congrats on your 10K! Glad to hear the sudden gains are resolving for you. If those kinds of inflammation/retention responses are something you want to mitigate, the Maffetone (MAF) low-heart rate training method keeps inflammation down. MAF 180 Formula

Long-time distance runner husband and newbie runner me are both finding low/no-inflammation success by it.

(Old Baconian) #8

That’s less likely if you avoid processed foods (Michael Pollan calls them “edible, food-like substances”) and eat actual, real food.

(PSackmann) #9

You’ve gotten some good advice and responses, I just wanted to send a kudo for doing the Peachtree. :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball: