Ran keto for a month or so. Quarantine has kicked my butt!

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Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I injured my back earlier in the year and couldn’t be as active as i had been. I had to change the way i was eating so i didn’t gain all kinds of weight. I’m military so being sedentary and gaining weight really isn’t an option. I decided to give keto a shot since my co-workers had success with it. I lost about 17 pounds in about 6-8 weeks. I felt great and was only 3 pounds away from my ultimate goal. Quarantine has killed all that. I let myself get into my own head and i hit the carbs hard! I have gained 7 pounds of the weight i lost back so far. I’ve decided to jump back on the wagon! I’m prepared with all the foods that i need and all the time i need to prepare them. I just have to get over the mental aspect of it all. That’s my biggest issue. I look forward to the journey. Wish me luck!


Welcome to the forums!
Sorry to hear about your back. Having had back injuries in the past, I can relate.

Good luck and congrats on getting back on the wagon.

Thank you for your service!

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I was running 30 miles a week to control my weight until I injured my ankle skiing. I went to keto to lose some weight and liked it. After the holidays and childs destination wedding I had put about seven more pounds back on. I had resisted carnivore because the wife and I both like roasted veggies but decided to go all in and am getting back to a decent weight. May be something to try if you are curious. If I could give up booze I would have this weight thing beat.

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Welcome to the forum, Daryl, best wishes getting back on track =). My husband was in the Canadian Armed Forces and always in shape until he was retired from there, with all the extensive training, and running daily with RuckSacks. Now he has the issues, not then. Your seven kids are darling =) I thought I was busy with my five, now the grand kids --well done on seven =).

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Thanks! I never thought i’d have 7 kids lol. My wife and i got into forstering after our 2nd son was born and she had to have a hysterectomy. We were wanting a girl but we’ve ended up adopting 2 boys, working on the 3rd while fostering another boy and girl. We’re busy to say the least lol.

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That is really awesome,I love that picture. Enjoy them lots now, they grow up way too fast! Mine are 19,21,23,25,28 and my grandchildren are both 3 (one of each) the girl will be 4 in July. It is lots of fun being a grandma too!

If you have any Keto questions, ask away, this forum is full of friendly, helpful people that want to help you succeed --I am sure you will love this place!