Ran for the first time probably ever yesterday.. and enjoyed it?

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So one thing I held to myself a lot was my hatred of running. I just never understood how people could torment themselves in that way and enjoy it. I’ve done a bit of running in my life that was mainly from PE and involved sweaty angst and treadmills. But with that being said, I always low-key wished I was able to run long distance or fast. Every sports day I felt left out and subconscious and very out of breath and I wanted to improve my stamina. And yet my hatred of running always got in the way.

But lately my school held a 5k sponsored run for cancer research and I didn’t participate, I hung amongst the supporters and watched that actual fit and active kids run it. This saddened me, I wanted to participate but to be frank I was just embarrassed and knew I wouldn’t be able to. So I decided to do something I never thought I would. I decided to try a couch to 5k program. I first ran with my sister a week or so ago and lasted 5 mins before giving up and going home. Yesterday I went out with the difference that I was using Zombie Run 5k, an app that had an engaging story line and made me a runner in an apocalyptic universe. I honestly didn’t expect to get engaged and was doubtful on the app but what the heck, it’s free anyway. I was wrong, I ended up very engaged and although I didn’t run as much as I speed walked, I ended up enjoying myself and when I returned home after half an hour, I felt a euphoric rush of happiness which was very relieving as I was stuck in a rut of a depressive episode that pretty much sucked big time. I managed to run almost 3km in half an hour. I’m incredibly proud of myself and actually can’t wait to improve onwards. Who knows, if I end up running frequently, maybe I’ll be able to participate in a sponsored run or charity run for cancer or epilepsy or other causes I’m equally passionate about.

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This is brilliant! Well done Scarlet and I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

I used to be a “wish I was a runner, how do they do it!” Person too. I run a bit now, and walk lots!

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Wow… Maybe I need such a help too? :smiley: I decided maybe 2 years ago that I am a healthy land animal, I must be able to run! I still can’t run 5 minutes but my hate changed to dislike, it’s something. But it goes so, so slow… I LOVE walking. What is one doing during running? It seems thinking about zombies may be a good answer :smiley:

I try to do better in the future and try running more often… It’s such a useful and long term activity and I don’t need anything just good shoes and a nice land, at least I need a pretty place without humans. Or real zombies, I wouldn’t like that, I would lose. Maybe weak zombies and a cool weapon so I could fight. It would take a long, long time to get confident about my running skills. But I always will be slow, I talk about perseverance!

Congrats and thanks, I think I run today again. 900m, last time I stopped 8 times. Well I am super bad at running uphill but I live on a hill… :smiley: Many running competitions have uphill running. Maybe mostly the very extreme ones? No, I am sure hilly areas can’t avoid that.

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Well done Scarlet what a fabulous achievement. Sometimes it is just the starting that holds us back no matter how much we want it.

I think we all secretely hate the things we are not good at and overcoming the hate and keeping in mind ‘it’s only because I am not good at this , is the WHY I don’t like it’ so doing it anyway to overcome this is the way forward. Don’t they say practise makes perfect!

Most people hate running because they can’t get their breath regulated and I overcame this by being mindful of my breath as I was running. I started by breathing in for 3 steps and breathing out for 3 so I counted in 3’s all throughout the run. This helped me to keep the breath regular and also to avoid a stitch in my side.

I have heard good things about the couch to 5k run.

Wishing you all the best for your future runs and keep us posted xxx

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Two years ago at the age of 71 and accompanied by the feeling that I was more or less in ketosis, I decided to start running. I managed 200 yards to the main road, gasp, groan, pant. Five minutes rest and then back. Pain in my lungs and legs, a heart that felt it was going to explode, I didn’t want to do that again. So after a month or two I was going around the block, then two blocks, then the entire village.
The motivation for running is different for different people; I was amazed that my body could do this and that the pain was becoming bearable, now I consider a 10K easy run before breakfast as ‘fun’ but also as a confirmation that I am still fit. At my age stopping might mean you never start again, so…
I am training for a 5K race now, best solution as it is very hot, will go back to Half Marathons in Autumn, already did 3 of them as well as a few 10K’s.
Anyway, do keep it going, join a few runners’ forums, maybe do a few Park Runs, keep it fun.

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I am a Couch to 5K person myself, but I have heard a lot of people say they like the zombie plan.

I always told myself running was too hard, not worth it, going to destroy my knees, blah, blah, all while secretly wishing I could do it. Guess what? I could, and can. I started with walking and kept at it until I felt like I could walk for hours and not get tired, then I decided to try running. I love it! Maybe not every single second while I am doing it, but overall.

If anyone is thinking about it, it is important to know that you don’t lace up and go out and run a solid 3 miles your first day You go for a walk, then add running intervals in. 20 or 30 seconds at a time of you want. Or to the next mailbox or the end of the fence. You gradually work up to running more and walking less, until you run straight through. Or not, There is a whole running method of always keeping walk intervals and many people report being faster overall.

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That’s not a bad time, either. Way back when I was jogging, I remember 8 minutes/mile for me was very good.

Good luck with your running!