Question about working out


I have been on keto for 3 weeks . For the last two I have gone to the gym and do 30 min bike 10 min treadmill walking and a few machine . When I get home I am really hungry . Usually go to gym at 6:30 till 8 when I get home . Also for the last week I can’t sleep . The funny thing is when I don’t go to gym I’m not as hungry but I enjoy the gym

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You’re using your body and it needs refuelling, so eat. You wouldn’t expect a car to keep running after its fuel had run out. You’re still in the very early stages so do your best to pay attention to your body and what it is telling you, if it is telling you to eat, then eat.


I can’t say anything about the lack of sleep but hunger is normal. Eat :slight_smile: Even if it changes, it happens, one doesn’t even need to change their woe, I have hungrier and never hungry phases personally and I used to get hungry after my workouts (I did them late enough so no wonder but I definitely was hungrier than normal afterwards) but at some point it went away. And sometimes I probably get it back. My body surely knows when it wants fuel so I give it to it.


Working out increases hunger, nothing abnormal about it. It’ll be more noticable if you’re under eating to begin with, which is also very common with keto.

Make sure youre paying attention to your intake. Sounds like your workouts are more cardio based than resisitance. Which is fine if thats just what you like, but cardio is the enemy of a good metabolic rate when thats all you’re doing. Constantly eating less isnt the only way to get stuck in the calorie trap.

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The key to a ketogenic diet is the limited carbohydrate intake. This reduces your general insulin level, insulin being the major hormone that causes the body to store fat. So if your insulin is low, you can afford to eat more, and your body will use the food, rather than storing it. This is why we say to eat to satiety on a ketogenic diet.


Thanks it’s more cardio as I am old we and when I life free waits then last couple years start to feel
Pain like strained tendons etc . Not heavy so prefer cardio . Thanks for the info about hunger . My problem was always bored eating at night and thought it was maybe my brain trying to trick me . I get pretty close to my goals according to Cronometer .

It says carbs 20 but normally at 15 or less
Calories 1800
Protein. 147
Fats 105
I am normally around 95% for al those . I’m 6’2 and weigh 291. Was 303 three weeks ago

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I’m 69 and wasn’t way over an appropriate weight for my size, but I never gained any weight doing Keto + no exercise for about the first, two months. Then I started walking because it was starting to be nice outside, and I began losing 1 to 2 lbs a week. I ate a lot, but stuck to low carbs, about 40 or 50g or less some days. I ate when I was hungry but I had to wait 3 hours “always” after eating to lie down for bed at night or else I’d get acid reflux. But through the day if I was hungry I ate, period.

Then I ended up going from 140 lbs down to now at 113 (27 lbs). I’m 5’2" and small-boned. Look pretty thin and not a good thin so I took up going to the gym. I only use the cable/pulley machines, and the Smith Machine for squats now. I really go easy on the weights as like you, I’m older and don’t want to overdo things. I just added the treadmill which I love because for me, walking is the best thing to burn fat. So it’s Keto + Walking + Weight training. The weight training I focused on especially because I got quite a bit of loose skin from the weight loss.

I don’t know a lot, except what I’m learning here, and by sort of trial and error but do you think 1800 calories is enough for you with height and weight? My caloric intake showed to be 1400 -1500 per day and that’s what I was eating. Now I am eating that as well with my fats and proteins plus now I am very low carb, about 20 g.

Easy does it I think, and every body is different and you’ll find your fuel needs vs exercise :wink: Denise


When I signed up Cronometer it gave me those values so not sure if not enough . Just using those numbers for me

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Okay I used chronometer or try to and it was a little bit more complicated than the one I was using at MyFitnessPal but the general consensus on this forum seems to be for us to eat until we’re satiated at least that’s what one of my mentors tell me to do which I had to look it up but it means to eat until we’re full and don’t care for anymore I think it’s easier to do it that way eat when we’re hungry and eat until we’re full and comfortable we don’t want to eat anymore then to try and count calories.

in the beginning I used a daily diary just to see if I was reaching my fat percentages and protein and staying low on the carbs once I had my meals pretty much memorized then I didn’t have to keep track but people tell me that I eat a lot for being so small haha they say you really eat that much and I say yep and I’ve lost the weight sorry about no punctuation I’m talking voice to text on my telephone

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For me, “full” and “satiated” are different. I used to fill my stomach till it was painfully stuffed, and would still be hungry. Nowadays, I stop wanting more food long before my stomach is actually full. It’s a very different sensation. “Satiety” comes from the Latin satis, which means “enough,” and that’s what it feels like: I’ve had enough, even though I’m nowhere near full.


I have multiple full and satiated feelings. We should figure out what is good.
I hate being full (at least most types of it?) and I need being perfectly satiated (or close) most of the time (especially at bedtime. if I am not, I will eat).

Full stomach and feeling full is different to me anyway. Maybe I mix satiation and a nice inner fullness (not stomach, I barely ever feel what my stomach does) a bit? But it feels different. If I feel full, I don’t feel adding is a good idea. Satiated is merely a nice chill when I don’t need to eat, don’t feel an urge but I actually can.

A full stomach is super hard to reach anyway, mine has a big capacity still as far as I know…? Won’t test it. Okay, I could reach it with soup but with fatty meat? Nope, I would get sick of overeating first.

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that was just the dictionary I took that from, but I also never eat too much to where I feel uncomfortably full so I didn’t mean that at all. I’ll clarify next time as I thought about the same thing when I posted it. I just know by my portions usually what is a comfy amount, but I bought a steak that “looked” lie a portion but when I went back and looked at the label on it, it was 6 oz, which I usually have 4 ounce portions of meat :wink:


Thanks sounds good, again I was a emotional eater and snacker so I am not sure if full or if hungry is mental not physical

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I assumed that was what you meant; it just triggered some musings. That word “full” is problematic. I remember a French teacher telling the class that Americans always say, “I’m full,” whereas the French say, “I’ve had enough” (J’en ai eu assez.) For me, as a carb addict, I think that difference in outlook between the two cultures is telling.

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You don’t have to lift weights to gain strength. There are all kinds of exercises that use your own body weight and you can still get stronger and build muscle with them.


Yes I use the nautilus machines . Not heavy but reps . Also at home trying to do push-ups but hard at my size

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That’s so true, something for everyone’s taste :wink: