Question about Keto and fasting

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**Hi all,
I’ve been keto for about 2-3 months now. Doing well. I just started IM fasting 10 days so far but only lost 1 pound. Am I doing something wrong. Here’s what I’m doing.
I only have black coffee, tea or water in the morning.
Usually around 11:30/12 I have my first meal. Snack / 2nd meal around 3:00 and dinner around 6/6:30 After dinner sometimes a small snack but nothing after 8pm.
I’m about 290#s, 6’. All in all I’d say my daily calorie intake is about the same as before fasting, around 1800-2100. I do have sugar free products from time to time. But I was doing that before. And it’s very limited. 1 can diet soda from time to time, mints, gum, or an Atkins bar or other similar, low carb brand bar. But not everyday

With fasting should I be lowering my calories some and eating less? Other thoughts?

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Neither ketosis nor intermittent fasting guarantee ANY fat-loss… (But it would be bad if you wouldn’t lose fat just fine eating this little with your weight. I just saw too many wild expectations about keto and IF in my life.)
1 pound in 10 days doesn’t sound bad to me. It’s actually not informative at this point as it was such a short time and our bodyweight easily fluctuates way more in a day…

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Stick with it. 20g carbs or less. Avoid the chewing gum. Don’t restrict calories too much below 1800, but keep macro ratios strict keto. I ate 3 times per day the first 6 months, before even trying fasting and went from 200 lbs to 170 lbs, I am only 5’3” tall, male, stuck to about 1700 calories per day between the three meals. Amazing results. KCKO.
For me, I think breakfast was most important…3 scrambled eggs and bacon.

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Be careful not to restrict calories when you are eating. Intermittent fasting, which is basically a long period between the last meal of one day and the first meal of the next, should come naturally. In the meantime, simply eat to satiety.

I think I had been eating ketogenically for six or eight months when I stopped eating breakfast in the morning. Eventually I just wasn’t hungry enough to want to eat before one or two o’clock in the afternoon. Today I am generally fine on two meals a day, sometimes even one, but if my appetite picks up, I listen and eat something.

If you find yourself needing to snack between meals, eat a bit of something fatty and increase what you eat at meals. As Prof. Benjamin Bikman says, a ketogenic diet is very similar to fasting, in terms of the effect on the body, but without the hunger. The prime consideration of both ketogenic eating and fasting alike is to minimise the amount of time during the day that serum insulin is elevated.


Yep, I think so too, IF should come naturally. I never ate breakfast except when I was kinda forced as a kid, I started keto with IF 16/8 (without knowing IF is a thing… it happened when I ate whenever I wanted) but eventually my eating window got smaller. It doesn’t happen with everyone, it may change later and it’s perfectly normal to get hungry in a few hours as well, we are individuals with somewhat differently working bodies. It’s best if we find our sweet spot, ideal way of eating. Our days needn’t even be very similar. I like that in general but some days are just different and it’s perfectly fine if that suits us.

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So down 4 pounds now after the initial stall! The only thing I change was lemon juice. I was adding it my tea and water. I didn’t realize it had 2 carbs in 1 oz. anyway not sure if that was it or not but I’m progressing again.