Puzzled about weight gain while IF, EF and pure Keto


(WanderinJack) #1

Went Keto in 2014 partially for weight loss but primarily for health reasons. Dropped about 30# down to 185# and stalled but most of my health problems (leaky gut, fatty liver, rash all over my body) went away. 2017 heard a 2KD podcast about fasting w. Dr. Fung and got on the IDM program and went down to 165# and had ideal health markers. I’ve continued to be very pure Keto, regularly IF and often do a 3 day EF once a month and I don’t cheat. Here’s the problem. Since 2018 I’ve gained 20# back.

IDM suggested I get a dexa scan, track my food and get some blood work done. I did all that and also had my metabolic efficiency point calculated as well. The big thing that came out of that is that my visceral apitose tissue is an issue (fat around organs). The UCD consultant was well versed in Keto and was concerned about me getting enough protein and advised that I need to build strength and intensity in my work-outs. As a side note I actually have great aerobic capacity (thanks to MAFF running and sprinting). They pushed me as hard as I could go on the tread mill and I was aerobic the whole time, never went anaerobic. Since then I started the Convict conditioning program from Dragon Door. Anything John du Cane at Dragon Door does is usually very solid. Yeah, I did Crossfit years ago. That was really hard on my body…not sustainable.

The UCD consultant associated the visceral apitose tissue issue with cortisol issues. However in the blood test, cortisol looks fine so I’m puzzled. Did a little research and it appears that cortisol needs to be tested at morning and evening but so what, just treat for it, get more sleep. Geez man I sleep 8 hours a night, mediate everyday and go on (2) ten day mediation retreats a year. I did however start tracking HRV again just to make sure I’m not over training.

I continued to do daily intermittent fasting of 16 to 18 hours and a 3 day fast about once a month or more. I just got back from a family visit overseas and have continued to IF but not back on the EF program yet but it’s hard to justify when it doesn’t seem to help at all.

I already had a “My Fitness Pal” account set-up so I went in there and tracked food for a week or so just to see were I am at. Less than 15g carbs a day with the balance being fat and protein (~145g). Was 165 in February of ’18 now 187, WTF man.

It has been suggested to me that the irrational weight gain could be due to an oxalate issue so I’m treating for that just to see what happens. Also getting a DNA test done to see if that give me a clue.

Thanks for any suggestions???

(Full Metal Keto) #2

So two years of fasting and physical training have caused a 20 lb. weight gain. Is any of that muscle? It sounds like things were better before. Have you tried going back to what was working previously? Maybe lighten up on the training.
I assume after 5 years you know what you’re doing. I have been at this less than a year but that’s what I would look at, a change in routine. What are you eating?



Another reason for visceral fat is inflammation from a response to a specific food or substance that disagrees with your gut. Number one, in a keto context, would be alcohol - which comes with the bonus effect of being unkind to your liver. Some other possibilities include a reaction to dairy products or some PUFAs in your diet.

Please do give us an idea of what foods you’re eating.

MAFF is great for increasing adipose utilization but you’re on target trying to work the glycolytic muscle fibers too, after fat adaptation. I’ve been reading Body By Science and there are quite a few advocates of the slow rep system here.

Introduction to Lifting
Body by Science - Slow burn

(Anne Brodie) #4

How confusing! It does sound like you know what you’re doing and probably know this already but I will share in case it helps someone. A friend that I’ve been keto-ing with was gaining and it ended up being that he was eating a lot of food items that had more carbs than he thought. He didn’t want the pressure of paying attention to food labels and restaurant food, but I asked him to go just eggs and meat cooked at home for three days and when he lost weight that started a turnaround. He still chooses to have some of these things, but now CHOOSES to have them rather than thinking he is not having carbs when he is. Some things that he was having that seemed to matter:

  • Pre-grated cheese which usually has cellulose to keep from sticking together, but is not required to show on package. I buy block cheese and shred if desired.

  • Items that are less than one carb per serving but having more than a serving. For example, heavy cream can show zero carbs if there is less than a half carb per tablespoon but having a half cup of that is a lot of carbs.

  • Bacon that has added sugar. Most (not all) has a small amount of sugar used in curing, but he was getting some applewood smoked bacon from a restaurant that (once asked) estimated to be 1.5 carbs per slice.

  • Some restaurants add pancake batter or other starch to omelets to make them fluffy and/or inexpensively increase size.

  • Other restaurant foods that seem to be low carb but aren’t always. Basically anything that is made with a recipe is suspect, plus other things based on the way they are prepared. Gravies have flour or other thickeners, salad dressings often have sweet and/or additives to change texture, meats other than bacon that have sweet cooked on or in even without sauce (many BBQ places, sausages), guacamole, taco meat, and some cheeses are examples. I pulled away from eating out until I found a good rhythm for me and now try different options to enjoy socialization while getting to see impact of food choices.

Whenever I start gaining and don’t know why I switch to only having eggs, butter, and a specific bacon and cheese that I have experience with being “safe.” After doing that for a couple of days (so far) I stop gaining and tend to go back to my maintenance weight.

Regardless of what is happening in your case, I will be following to find out what you learn. You also really impress me with the way you are continuing to investigate and your diligence in following through. That shows a lot of personal strength.


I’m into my 3rd year of maintenance. I do IFing everyday but Sundays, and at least 3x a month, over 36 hrs. extended fasting When I go over my goal weight, I cut back to the basics only.
Light exercise, 30 min. walk/hike/dance 3 x a week. I do body flex, a circuit strength training program 1hr/2x a week.
Eat meat, eggs, cheese, and green only veggies. Water and coffee or tea are my liquids… Restaurant eating is on hold then as well. It is too easy to over do carbs even when we think we are fine.

After a few days of that, I go back under my goal weight.

Good luck sorting yourself out. You have done great and I am sure you health is better for all you have done.