Body by Science - Slow burn

(Sandra Watson) #1

Hi! Is anyone practicing the Body by science protocol? Either Doug McGuff or Fred Hann Slow burn? I know there are others as well, anything along that line. Either the 1 or 2 times a week version to failure. I I tried it when I FIRST started keto and felt like my brain was going to explode as it was SO INTENSE… two years later I am now ready to take it on. would love to hear some feedback on this type of workout as I finally found a gym in my area that specializes in this.


About 2 years ago I had the time and access to a gym to do the “super slo-mo” in Body By Science and it was the most effective exercise routine I’ve ever done - my strength nearly tripled on virtually all the exercises I was doing.

Given that with my age and grey hair I’m often given the senior discount without them even asking, the double-takes I would get when lifting the entire stack on some machines were @Brenda Zorn-like and very satisfying.

Unfortunately stubborn tendinitis issues prevent me from lifting the same way at the current time.


I should’ve mentioned that the tendinitis came from moving boxes and furniture between offices and homes from June 2015 through November 2015 and not from exercising in the gym! :smiley:

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Sorry to hear that =(

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WOW great endorsement - I am super excited, thank you :wink:

(Jacquie) #6

I did BBS back in 2011 and I got good results but I got a slight shoulder injury that healed completely. Did full body workouts after that. I started BBS again last year but choose not to go to failure as I didn’t have a spotter. Did that for a few months and recently changed things up. Doing the big 5 but 3 sets of 8-10 reps, lifting heavy.
That’s wonderful finding a gym that specializes in this. Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

(Sandra Watson) #7

Agree, you for sure need a spotter to take full advantage.

(Sandra Watson) #8

Jacquie one of my reasons for doing this is the low injury risk, can you tell me what happened?

(Jacquie) #9

Sandra, I’m only 5’2" and most machines are set for average height folks, so I think it just came down to good form, taking my size into consideration. I don’t think you’ll be at risk, especially if you’re going to a gym that specializes in BBS. I’m so jelly. :smile:

(Sandra Watson) #10

Makes sense, this is ALL she does so part of the lure was the non injury. Your issue makes sense, thank you for sharing.

(Jamie Hayes) #11

I wrote a long post about it here.

The irony is that super slow training can reduce your training time and frequency significantly. My “rest between sets” is one week! I go to the gym once a week and do one “full” set of 5 compound exercises.

(Sandra Watson) #12

That is what I am talking about, thank you I wold love to read that.

(Sandra Watson) #13

Jamie, I am going to try once a week. Dexa scan tomorrow then scan again in 8/10 weeks to see what is up. Then find something else to do in the rest of the week that is complementary.

(Jamie Hayes) #14

Yes, I do other complementary activities like walking, stairs (multiple time), functional exercises at home and lap swimming.


Love Slow Burn and amazing results when I did it before. Just getting back to it again. Ted Naimen has great explanation on it too. I use free weights for some exercises, and body weight for others or for all if I can’t get to gym. Going to failure is hard but where you get the results.

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I know Deb, I am one of the lucky ones who has him as my doctor. I love that video as well as the food one on his site. Great videos!

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I like power yoga :wink: I am thinking that is a nice mix.

(Sandra Watson) #18

Jamie I am hoping you can answer a question for me. As stated I am just starting back up with any kind of intense workout (like this) Here is my issue… durring the last 15 seconds of the intense “push to failure” I get a MIND BLOWING headache. What can I eat/drink before hand to stop this from happening? I typically go fasted just because I am on a 23/1 eating. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this. TYIA =) PS, no endurance issues, just so intense that I can NOT continue.

(Sandra Watson) #19

another ps… no issues with 60 - 120 minutes of any type of cardio activity, ONLY this last push.

(Jamie Hayes) #20


This is not a good symptom that you need to pay attention to. I really think you need medical advice, not advice from me.

The best general advice I can give, which was given me by my now-passed father, a doctor, was “Listen to your body.” At the very minimum you should wind back the exercise that is causing the headache. I hope you are not holding your breath. Whether your hydration or blood sugar status affects this, I have no idea.

I have suffered a brain haemorrhage about 10 years ago, and was lucky not to have had a stroke. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks, could not work and was cross-eyed for 6 months. Prevention is better than cure. Please be sensible.