Pulled slow-cooked Beef in beer


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Originally published at: http://blog.2keto.com/recipe/pulled-slow-cooked-beef-in-beer/

One great ketogenic ingredient available in Australia is Bighead “No carb” lager. One of our admins contacted the brewery , “Burleigh Brewery” and they told us that they have developed a yeast that is able to continue to consume glucose and turn it into alcohol well after most other yeasts give up. Burleigh Brewery “Bighead lager” You know what…

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Frankly, that looks amazing! I need to give that a shot.

It’s interesting to see meat prices after the conversion rate.

(Terri) #3

Ummmm… I hate beer (I know, sacrilege!), but this might just make me have to try it a new way. Have you ever used a different low carb beer?

(Larry Lustig) #4

Looks great. I don’t mean to be a party-pooper, but it looks like you made 35 portions using two bottles of beer. If you had used regular old beer, rather than low-or-no-carb beer it would have added a total of about 20 grams of carbs to the entire recipe, slightly more than a half a gram per portion. In other words, negligible. So, I think you can probably afford to make this recipe with regular beer as well.

Beer is actually an extremely low carb product, about the same percentage carbohydrates by weight as cauliflower. The problem comes from the portion size – one standard bottle is more than 300 grams of beer, and about 10 grams of carbohydrates. But when used in cooking the amount of beer that makes it into each portion is much, much smaller.