Pulled beef - 6 ways

(Dudes) #1

Originally published at: http://blog.2keto.com/recipe/pulled-beef-6-ways/

At Ketofest this year I showed 6 different ways of cooking pulled beef. You might have already seen the recipe I made with pulled beef cooked in zero carb beer. It’s the same cut of meat. In Australia it’s called a Bolar roast, in the USA you can use chuck roasts. Both are cut from the…


Ready to try the variations, although the beef by itself was awesome!

(Richard Morris) #3

Oh that looks good.

So our go to Keto meal most days is what we call a 3 stack … which is the Beef fried up with BBQ flavors (a little tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and some apple cider vinegar), some fennel salad [ http://easylocarb.com/recipe/fennel-bulb-salad/ ] , and some fried haloumi.

This meal is literally 5 minutes away if I have a bowl of fennel bulb salad in the fridge :slight_smile:

(Annemieke van der Veen) #4

Hi, thank for this awesome idea. I love beef stews and this makes it so much easier and convenient.

Today I made ‘goulash’, which is similar to your hungarian beef. May I suggest that next time you make it, add some caraway seeds.

Next week I’ll make ‘haché’, a traditional Dutch beef stew :ok_hand:t3: