Protein, I just killed to birds with one stone

(Denise) #1

…wanted a protein powder, and found one I had not thought of at all! Egg White Powder. I want to make specifically Egglife “like” wraps from home as they are super expensive in-store. Not that they had any on hand and glad they didn’t. This lady has a quick simply recipe for wraps but I sure wasn’t going for her suggestion on the Egg White Powder so going for my NOW brand which I think is pretty good with it’s supplements I’ve purchased on Amazon.

I can also use this powder in a drink of some kind, maybe my decaf to get extra protein :wink: 16 g in a 1/4 cup sounded good to me :wink: Lower fat than beef protein, at least that’s what I read, because I have no problem getting way enough fat.

Here’s the recipe but I don’t like the idea of using water, another video use liquid egg whites, so I may that first:

DIY Zero Carb Egg Wraps

(Robin) #2

I’ll be anxious to hear how this turns out for you.
Good thinking, Denise!

(Denise) #3

I’ll let you all know, I had to order the powder, it will be here the 28th, and I can get some liquid Egg White, we have several brands here, I already had the Xanthum Gum, oops, this is the wrong recipe. Here’s the one I’m going to use @robintemplin. I got mixed up, but this guy shows all his “rough” starts but you can skip to 18:00 and see how he made the best one. The ingredients are the same, but it was the way he cooked them he had some trouble.

I actually liked how he showed his booboos because I saw how he changed the method and came out with a pretty good looking wrap. Although I can’t tell you how it will taste, yet :sweat_smile:

DIY EggWhite Wraps by Alan

(Alec) #4

I have looked at egg white powder as a cooking ingredient, but I find it way too expensive. I am paying A$40 for 500g… whereas 750g of actual eggs costs me A$5.

My strategy for flatbread is the recipe below… I have done this 3 times now, it is really easy to do, and it works a treat… tastes great too! 3 main ingredients: eggs, Greek yoghurt, mozzarella cheese.

My efforts looked exactly the same as the pic in the recipe. The trick is to flatten the mix out on the baking sheet nice and thin and evenly, not too thick. The flatbread is flexible and would work well for a wrap. I undersalted my first effort, so don’t skimp on the salt.


To be fair, the latter gives WAY less egg white powder… But as it gives you delicious yolks and anyway, still cheaper, probably, I understand you. I never would buy egg white powder but the reason is that I want my eggs proper as much as I can.
(And what would I do with egg white powder? My protein is already way too high and I try to keep it “low” so badly sometimes but it’s impossible :sob: But I can’t eat a ton of fat either.)

I am simple, I just use eggs :smiley: But I got curious, so eggs and gelatin… I am normally unsure about gelatin in baking, I didn’t understand yet what it does… But I can surely try something similar (obviously with yolks, at least I would have such a version too, egg white is near tasteless and gelatin tastes bad and I put yolks into everything anyway. sometimes I use way more whites and yes, I did things without yolks and with whites but it’s rare) :slight_smile: I understand the wrap needn’t to be taste, it’s the job of whatever one eats with them but I never worked that way. Always disliked tasteless pasta too.

I never used a wrap so I would go with a pancake if I needed one as a (thin, crepe-like) pancake is wrapped around filling here. And it’s nice. And theoretically can be made without added fat. Surely can be made of whites only, no yolks. Actually, an egg white wrap can be considered a pancake… If we use a pan… :upside_down_face: My recipe evolution did much weirder things, I am not really tied down by rules and other people’s expectation. Though I still don’t call an omelet a pancake. Some people do.

Cheesy pancake, very obviously, to me :slight_smile: My pancake is egg and sour cream or mascarpone.

The egg white wraps have the advantage of being fine for people wanting protein and no fat. And I see no other benefits, fat adds flavor and hard to avoid in a not super ascetic recipe… But it’s my own perspective.

(Denise) #6

I love flatbread, hadn’t heard of Carnivore type though. I’ll take a look, I do like the idea of zero carbs though and the ease of making the EggFree DIY’s, just for me isn’t going to cost much. Plus my Protein I doubt I can use yours for my protein as well??

(Alec) #7

I would check out the protein in the ingredients… all of them have decent amounts of protein. So I think it would be fine. Most of it I reckon would be protein (but from real food, rather than a powder).

(Denise) #8

I don’t have any problem using egg white powder I’m not so strict as some people are with the real food or processed I can’t afford to be that strict thanks anywayp and who knows with the way things are going in my country it might come in real Handy to have some powdered eggs around

(Jane) #9

Thanks for the recipe. I was considering trying the first recipe with the egg white powder but it is expensive and my hens are cranking out way more eggs than the 2 of us can eat (half dozen a day) so always looking for more ways to use them up.

I make my own greek yogurt to feed to my chickens for extra calcium and always have mozzarella on hand.

Have a dinner party to go to tonight so will make this tomorrow to go with the hamburgers my hubby will grill.

(Jane) #10

I made a half-recipe today and it turned out decent. I forgot to add salt to the batter, so added it after it was cooked.

I made a pimento cheese wrap out of half of it.

(Alec) #11

Superb! Well done.

(Robin) #12

There’s just something EXTRA when your food is in a wrap.
Love it.