Prolonged fasting 72 hours?

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This is spot on. :slight_smile:

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@Ilana_Rose thank you

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Yeah now I read you post, after doing my walk - sweating like a pig, and totally fatigued by the end of the walk :sweat_smile: :smiley:

Salt, I didn’t take any last time, and haven’t this time either. Don’t know if I need it, I am generous with salt when I eat. But I’ll keep it on my mind if I get very hungry.

Yeah the walking part is mostly to ease my guilt from being so sedentary the past two decades. I also read that any exercise while fasting pays dividends. As I am doing a “last minute fix” before the fat camp starts next month . My aim is to ease as much of inflammation as possible before that. And possible get my body somewhat accustomed to be in motion and actually do some work. I’ve started very easy with the walks. Slow tempo and short distance.

I will make a mental note of your post.

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Because I am in so lousy shape I can’t walk across a parking lot without breathing and sweating like I run a damn marathon. I am at that age where my heart will stop any day soon if I don’t makes changes, or I will get a stroke, diabetes, or whatever else hell got in store for us fat people .This is the time to fight back and regain control of my eating, and be able to move around without pain and suffering.

That camp will consider my joint pains, so the exercise will be accordingly. Like swimming, spinning, etc.

I’ve completed one 72 hours fasting already. And now a week later I am doing a 48 hours fast. I think I will take your advice and try to do one fast a week until the end of the month. I need all the extra help I can get before the camp starts. So if that means once fasting, I will do once a week fast.

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Forgot to talk about my walk today. Temperatures where lower then last time. I drove to the same spot I walked last sunday. No people there today either. Great.

I started at a slower pace the I did last sunday, and kept it slow. I managed to walk for 27 minutes today before I was crushed. Today I brought a foldable “fat-man” camping chair and a large bottle of water and to motivate I even stuck a vapor stick in the back pack.

After 27 minutes my feet was almost shaking. Felt like jelly. T-shirt was soaked and hair was as wet as if I went swimming. I unfolded the chair, had a good wipe down and enjoyed the scenery while I gulped water. After a few minutes I was breathing like a normal person. So then I had a vape, (none nicotine) and rested for about half an hours just enjoying the nature and scenery.

When heading back I started even slower then I did from the parking lot and I used longer to return back then I did the way over. But this time I didn’t worry I wouldn’t make it back to the car. And I knew I had the camping chair if need be. But I managed back without any stops. But the return was very very slow.

The walking does not feel good by itself. I can honestly say I hate it. But the scenery was nice, the camping chair was a bonus and having a vape was also nice, even if its a long time since I quit smoking. A few hits now and then of the vape I will allow myself. It goes weeks and sometimes months between each time I use it. So pls no advice in regard to vaping.

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Didn’t read any of that fasting info link. If any site can’t give me what I came to look for without collecting data chances are they are not trying to share their findings, or become a hub for knowledge or give things away - most likely they are in fact gearing up for selling you shit you don’t even need, or collect enough data from you so that it holds a resell value.

Nah I stick to short bursts of fasting, 72 hours. And I trust this forum way more then a website that will let you read on only after dropping them some data.

Yeah - I am freak. I know. :smiley:

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39 hours in now. This Saturday turned out to be busy. After the walk I got home and had a shower then I got called to help a friend, and when done we was invited to a mutual friend for coffee and drinks. I passed on the drinks but it was a nice time, and I just got home now. Been so busy I haven’t had time to think about the fast at all, so no hunger, no cravings nothing negative at all. I can feel my body is a little tired now, probably from the walk, the social gathering and no down time, but that is ok. I will turn in now. 11 pm on a Saturday night. It’s ok. Because tomorrow after my plain black coffee I will go for another walk before I break fast.

I have no goals for my walk tomorrow other then I start out really slow, bring enough water and my wonderful camping chair. That way I can get more from it then the exercise. Chilling in the woods listening to nature and watch the birds, the ducks swimming on the lake and feel the breeze across the water is actually nicer then I thought it would be. Been years since I done anything like this.

This second fast has been easier then the first, at least so far. Don’t know if it is because I sort of know what to expect, or if I just have kept more busy this time so that I haven’t had the time to overthink things.

Will give a final update after I break fast tomorrow.

Turning in and calling it :sleeping:

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Nice idea with the camping chair. Movement is good, and enjoying yourself is too. You have a nice place to walk, sounds like.
Pat on the back for ya. GG!

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I made it to 48 hours. The fast itself was more or less OK. Woke up a couple of times during the night and felt hungry but fell back asleep so not really a big thing. Judging by the effort it took to make it to 48 hours vs 72 hours I am uncertain what caused this fast to be so much easier then the first.

Either 48 hours is easier just because it is one less day without food. Or it was because I new what to expect and new that hunger pain and feeling hungry is a thing that washes over you and feels very hard the moment it hits you but then vanishes almost just as fast and easy.

I’ve had my eggs, two strips of bacon, two small avocado’s - not ripe but still good. And a click of sour creme. Moral is high and it feels good to have made it trough.

Today it was windy outside. Temperatures like yesterday but with a really nice and strong wind. Less sweating during the walk thanks to the wind. Today my legs felt a little heavy even from the start so the pace was probably on par with the return walk yesterday. Almost painfully slow. I managed to walk to the same place I stopped yesterday. And used the camping chair again. Still about as tired as I was Saturday. And my breathing was about as heavy.

The return to the car was long today. I had to bring out the chair mid way back to the car. I paused for about ten minutes or so an managed to find the strength to keep walking. Came to the car more or less dry today. That wind was nice. But I was so tired. Out of breath and I could feel my legs where weak and almost a little shaky. Took me a good 5-10 minutes to collect myself before I drove home.

Walking. I struggle to see how people really enjoy it. IT does not make me feel good. I am not enjoying myself while walking. It feels like work, the boring kind fo work that brings no joy. And those “happy chemicals” well I’ant seen nothing yet.

I probably would have enjoyed the nature even more if I was on a sagwy or electric scooter and would have had more fun during and after without the walk. But at least the walking shaves off time during fast, and maybe I need a little “punishment” for not having taken care of myself for so many years?

How did I let myself go so drastically before I decided to change?

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I can certainly relate to that question you put forth. I am in the same boat, thinking that. We are working towards success NOW though, so that is what really counts. Why are you torturing yourself with all this walking? Is it to get ready for the Fat Camp? Are they going to make you do rigourous exercises there?
How long is the Fat Camp? It is in September? Maybe the weather will be a bit cooler (hopefully) when you are at it. What country are you in? I noticed last night you were about 6 hours or so ahead of me time zone wise from a post you made, (when you said it was late and you were heading to bed and it was supper time for me) so are you in England?

I hate walking as well, I had to walk on Thursday to the bus stop and back again after (it is a 20 min or so walk each way) and my knees, legs, back are still killing me,( I am hobbling around here in a lot of pain) so I certainly hope that on the way to me losing the additional 120 or more pounds I need to lose that this changes (it must?) but for now, I just cannot walk. I really don’t know how you do it, but more power to you if it helps!

Congrats on getting to 48 hours, that is still great =). Keep on with your goals and victories =).

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Fat camp is for 6 weeks. Starting in August. The walks are to get somewhat accustomed to using my body before I enter the camp. Because there they will put me to the test, I assume boot camp style. :smiley:

Three sets of exercises a day. Morning, mid day and after dinner. More relaxed during weekend, with only morning and mid day exercise.

But the intensity will be based on each persons situation on arrival. I think I’ve heard others say that they do put us into groups too, where the groups are based on the shape we are in, heart and lungs capacity most likely. So that even people with limited lung capacity or a ticker in bad shape will be able to work at higher intensity in the end of the stay. We work towards lower resting heart rate and a better working heart during movement. More oxygen in our blood and better working lungs, core muscle and better overall circulation in the body. Or at least that is my understanding ahead of time. What it is like we will know when I get there.

I think the only thing that has helped me during the walks is the embarrassing slow pace I keep. And I bring a chair. That chair is kind of a mental thing too, just knowing it is there makes the walk more bearable.

Also when I walk in nature it is not paved paths, its more like tiny single tracks on top of kind of soft ground. So that might help lessening the stress for the joints and the back, and I also uses quality shoes. My doctor been on me for years for doing this types of walks, because she claims these types of tracks where the foundation is not level, where you must lift on foot higher then the other to avoid roots, rocks or holes will help with my lower back problems. I don’t know about that, I sure haven’t seen or felt any of that improvement yet :smiley:

My next door neighbor asked me about the back pain today, when I parked the car and removed the backpack he started asking me about it. Before I think the only thing he seen me lug out of the car has been, beer cases, 24 packs of pepsi cola or grocery bags with sweets and treats.

He said that maybe I was so focused on all the stuff I feel I need to do before camp that the clear focus is overpowering any pain from joints or back, he ment I should be careful walking around. Most likely he was thinking more of me dying alone in the woods from a heart attack then my joint and back problems. That’s the life of a fat guy, everyone knows better and they all have great advises about to fix things. If I ever get slim, like a normal guy slim the one thing I will never do, is giving people advises regarding their weight or health unless they ask me for advice.

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I look at that interaction and see a neighbor who probably likes you and is concerned about you. I like that. If he isn’t giving you the support you need right now, letting that wash off your back is fine. You do it the way you want. This way of eating and way of life is to help you be your healthiest and happiest. It’s long term; it’s a change that will shift the rest of your life into a way that makes and keeps you vital.
It’s possible that as you continue eating healthier and moving more, you’ll find a way of getting that movement in that pleases you. It might even end up being walking! It’s so painful and embarrassing to you atm that you don’t enjoy it. I get that! But over time, as your body starts to heal and get to a healthier place, the pain will lessen and you’ll feel more energetic.
God, I think this has swerved into soapbox territory! Sorry.
You are determined to get healthy. Keep going. :hugs: You’re amazing…

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Imagine that, me a casual walker. A Sunday stroller. Or a late evening dog walker. :smiley:
But you are right, I might actually learn to enjoy it, and make a daily thing of it. I did quit smoking one day, never thought of quitting and just woke up one day and was done with it.

One thing I look forward to is actually how it will be easier to move, how the body will do work without me feeling like I am about to crap out. I don’t really know what kind of activities I would like to exploit, as I have not done any for so long now. But there are lots of different thins to try out at camp, maybe I find something I can stick to, something I can do to keep exercising without it feeling so much as an exercise session, something that gives me joy just by doing the activity.

Yeah I might be a little too sensitive and touchy about getting advice about my weight, the way I eat etc, it is just that it does get old, and I have been getting those advice for more then two decades. Even from people I barely know, or complete strangers at airplanes or whatever.

And when it occur I feel like that is more of a way of presenting themselves as superior to me then it is about them caring about my health or well being.

Anyway that is how I feel, I might not be correct, or I could even be completely wrong about it. But the feelings are still the same. And I really just feel like telling them bluntly to fcku off. But of course I don’t, I am no villain. Getting advice like that does nothing good for me, it’s not like that was the reason for me to start keto. Or try to change me way of life. All it does is building up more shame and self loathing. Yeah I really hate that.

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And you might be right. People do lurve to give unwanted advice! No matter, though, as what’s important is you making yourself healthier despite people interfering. At least here, you have people who do want to support you for real.

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So another 72 hours fast is coming up in about 11 hours. I will have breakfast an lunch before clock starts ticking. I was unsure if I should do a 48 hours fast like last time or go 72 hours, but in light of that discussion about of prolonged fasting benefits I’ve decided to 72 hours fast for maximum benefits.

I haven’t really prepared in any way this time either. Except I will try to get two meals down tomorrow before starting the fast. And because I am already late to bed I might not start in 11 hours, could be 13 hours from now. But the one thing that is certain is I will do another fast. I need more of those stem cells, and autophagy.

I’ve just cooked a slab of pork belly to have for breakfast tomorrow, with sour creme and avocado. Most likely I have that for lunch too. Should fill me up pretty good, and I was very generous with the salt last night, and had the pork belly take in the salt and pepper for about 24 hours.

As before I will try to remember to post update every 12th hours or so. Black coffee and water for 72 hours. I plan to do the walks on both saturday and sunday. As before I will walk very slowly. IT as much about slicing time and get some good nature vibes rather then just sit around and thinking about not eating. But of course I am also trying to ease into getting used to the physical work that goes into walking with a heavy body that is totally out of shape.

Still haven’t dialed in that breaking the fast part yet. I guess I will do what I’ve done the other times. Start “easy” with eggs, avocado, sour creme and some bacon. Haven’t had issues eating that after fast so I guess I just keeping doing it until I take the time to read up on how to actually break fast.

Heading to be to catch some z’s. Will post an update in about 22-24 hours.

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Me too! I just completed a 73 hour one yesterday. I wish you much success and I know you can do this, you are doing really great with all of you goals =).

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Great. So good to hear. You got heart momo. Keep doing what you do. We are gonna be much healthier versions of ourselves a year from now. Heck even in 6 months we will be much healthier.

Turning in now, have a great night whenever you turn in :wink:

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Thanks! Yes we are! I agree =) Good night, sleep well =).

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Ok, an early update as I’ve been so busy today I am really tired&beat and must turn in early. So I had breakfast & lunch toady. My day started way too early and I was off to work a little past 7 but it should have been closer to ten according to plans, but hey. Tell people your plans and see what happens, right? :smiley:

Well at least that was such an early start so I could have me lunch at 11.30 so fast started at noon. Been 10 hours now only but I got too little sleep last night and had a heavy work load today so I am all done now and can barely keep my eyes open.

So much to do all day and night that I haven’t even thought of food. I’ve only had time for water. As before I salted heavy handed when preparing breakfast and lunch. So I think I am good. But for good measure I will take a teaspoon of salt with a glass of water when I get up in the morning. Then continue with black coffee and water until 72 hours. If I get hungry this time I will try to add another tea spoon of salt. And of course I take mu blood pressure pill, and D+B vitamin prescription strength and multivitamin pill. That will be all for the next 62 hours.

Tomorrow I will do my walk. Just as slow as before, but I might try to add some minutes if I feel up to it. Anyway, I’ll bring my chair and water so if I need a rest I will unfold the chair and enjoy nature. Will try to give a brief update after my walk tomorrow.

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So the fasting is going like a dream so far. Closing in on 30th hour now and I felt no discomfort at all. Feel sharp, or mentally agile maybe. I had some work to complete this morning, and it was like nothing. Being plagued by phone calls several times during the work session didn’t make me loose the flow, and as I hung up I could go right back into the work like it was nothing. I often get distracted if I have to stop during deep thoughts or hard focus work. Could be the quality sleep I got or could be the fast. Don’t know which but I am thankful I’ve slept so good the first night of the fast.

I drove to the same spot again for my walk. Chair and water of course, and today I had a new gizmo to try out. I found a “camel back” with straps attached at a store so I had to have it. And I could just velcro on the chair to that. I walked for about 36 minutes. I must have walked at a higher pace this time because I walked much further the I’ve done before. I didn’t get out of breath, or I mean I got a little winded but not nearly as much as I did the first time.

Breaking loose the chair was a pain, so I must alter the fastening. The camel back had to come off my back then I managed to pull the “release” velcro. Tomorrow I will try have it on one side. I also brought a thermo cup of black coffee, also velcro’d to the camel pack. Was a great time relaxing on the chair. A little clouded today so really really nice for walking. I had even remembered to bring the phone and ear plugs to enjoy some tunes while walking. When I rested I took in the sound of nature drank coffee and fueled up with water. The rest got really long, because I decided to try out a mindfulness app while resting. I got so relaxed I nodded of a tad, but the bells in the very end woke me straight up. :smiley:

The walk back I paced myself and did much slower, because the wind stopped dead and I didn’t wanna get into the car all soaked in sweat as I forgot my towel.

I don’t get long lasting pain after my slow walks. Sure I feel it the next day and the day after, but that is all in the muscle I guess. I used to get pain that felt it was coming from the core of the bones in my knees and hips, as well as pain from what felt the spinal column. Oc that was walking on paved streets. And with regular shoes. Guess those nature walks actually does make it easier on the joints and back, should have listen to my doctor years ago :frowning:

So far all I noticed has been muscle soreness. And in places l would never guessed would be activated while walking. Low to mid back, even some soreness in the midst of the belly, and at the very lowest part of the belly just upside you know what. Also soreness everywhere below the torso. Must be a shocking experience for the body to actually move by its own force again.

For tomorrows walk I will be more focused on keeping the slow pace both ways. No need to overdo things and end up with pains.

Any ideas what I could feed a family of ducks and a family of swans? They paddled by several times and each time the grown birds kept looking at me like they expect a treat. I don’t keep any bread around anymore, and I don’t trust myself to get one just for feeding the birds, I might end up chugging it all during the ride to the lake :smiley: