Prolonged fasting 72 hours?

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I didn’t leave much to chance when it came down to it. I was shamefully honest and said things exactly like they where. I’ve already booked it, paid for it and now I need time of. If I don’t do this I likely die relatively shortly. I work all summer but after that I need my 6 weeks.

In my mind I had seen various ways this would end. But the reaction I got was nothing I did anticipate. My boss looked at me and said that it was a good think. And he slapped my shoulder as I left and said it was a great choice.

I walked in armed to the teeth with arguments, and I had even practiced in front of a mirror and tried out various ways to lead the discussion in the right direction. And it was not even a discussion. Just an atta boy. Sure.

Almost a little disappointed I didn’t have to sell it or fight for it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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That is really awesome that he was so supportive. I am sure that he will be thrilled for you when you have accomplished your goals in the end and are a healthy, slim version of yourself. He sounds like a very caring boss. That is great.

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Hehe yeah a really big surprise, let me tell you. The boss can be kind of dick. Or not really mean, but a tough, no bs stickler, one that likes to follow all rules all the time even though common sense might say otherwise. But hey, he is the boss, and he is the one people will turn to if things goes wrong so probably the way things has to be.

It was nice to see a more humane side of the boss, and I was really shocked he even had a heart or even understanding for my problems at all. All I expected was to hear that my actions would affect the work, the company and bottom line. I guess people can be hard to read.

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If you can take your own food you can do what I do when I go to China (or Europe) on business. I used a cheese slicer and sliced up a block of Kerrygold butter and individually wrapped them in foil candy wrappers I got off Amazon. I use it in my coffee and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated - good thing since none of the hotels there have them in the rooms.

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I think I stick to oily coffee and that heavy cream that has ultra long shelf life. It is nothing chemical added to it, just that it is UHT treated. ultra-pasteurization under pressure at higher temp then regular heavy cream. Just because it will be easier to consume and keep products fresh.Butter tends to turn into stinky feet smell if not kept refrigerated.

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I’ve left my butter out on the countertop for years now. No weird smells.

But I understand if it’s not something you are putting in your coffee now so you don’t miss it. I started out putting MCT oil in my coffee when I started keto 18 months ago but once I tried butter I never went back.

Best wishes with your boot camp!

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I guess I could try butter, but I can’t get that hi qual gras fed butter where I live. So thats why I tend to use mct. But I guess that is neither here or there as I put heavy cream from regular grain fed cows in my coffee. I didn’t start out with heavy cream, it was just that I missed that part of my morning ritual, either a cappuccino or black coffee with heavy cream. The mct oil is odor less and tasty nothing so a little heavy cream gives the coffee a nice mouth feel and makes it creamy and rich.

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I bought vanilla flavoured MCT.

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Clever, I might try that as well. Remember the brand?

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I bought it from Amazon and it is called:

Nutiva -Nurture Vitality

Organic MCT Powder (Vanilla)

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Awesome. Congratulations on completing your first 72 hour fast!

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Most doctors really don’t know anything about fasting and some will likely be dead set against it. If you want to talk to a doctor about fasting you really need to talk to one who specializes in prescribing them, like Dr. Fung.

I’m pretty sure that he is ok with very overweight people doing regular 72hr fasts. But not longer, not without medical supervision. As for how frequently, as long as you are refeeding well you could probably do one a week.

There is a very knowledgeable lady here who works coaching people for his program. I’ll tag her into this thread and maybe she can help you with some resources. @Brenda.


@idunno - Congrats on a job well done! Absolutely geeked to hear you completed the fast! It really warmed my heart to read how your boss responded when you told him about your plans to attend the camp. He must care for you tremendously- as a person AND as an employee. I love that.

I gotta say, I am so excited to hear about your journey as it progresses. It sounds like you’re super - motivated, and on the right track. Hugs and hi-fives, my friend!!!

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Thx you all for the wonderful support. It sure helped me a lot, and drove my motivation up. At the moment I don’t have a “significant other/better half” so none that really holds me accountable, posting here and sharing makes me feel I need to stick to what I promised so who can say internat community is not real life and is all make belive? I think its great, it even comes with a mute button, unlike real life :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I will let this fast sink a little before making any bold claims about the next fast, when the thoughts and feelings have matured a little I will decide when the next fast starts.

I am pretty sure the doctor will be open for fasting, as I’ve been in a bad shape for a while now and have not really been able to take action and stick to it before. No matter what I’ve tried. But we will know when I have taken time to go see her. I was gonna do it today but the day got lost for me, one task turned into another and soon her office was closed. Too bad I didn’t make time yesterday morning while still fasting, would have been interesting to see if that would have made any difference to the result.

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Ok so I decided to fast once more. This will be 48 hours because there is an BBQ on sunday and I just need to have some of the brisket.

I had a morning fatty coffee, coconut oil, mct and heavy cream, and two eggs and bacon with avocado and really big scoop of sour cream. That was around 8 am.

12 hours later I feel nothing. No hunger no cravings. All good. No plans tonight. But tomorrow I will take another walk. Think I just do what I did last sunday, same place and hopefully I don’t meet much people. I will try to start a little slower then I did last time, and hopefully I can walk a little longer then I did then.

On sunday I will do another walk, early in the morning so before I break fast. I’ll see if I am sore or tired from saturdays walk before I decide on the length. Then I think I do what I did last time and break the fast with eggs and avocado, and probably the fatty coffee too.

I’ll give an update at 24-30 ish hours or after my walk tomorrow.

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You may prefer to chat on your own thread… but if you would like support from people also fasting there is a monthly thread for that. People jump on and off as they start and end their fasts.

The only “rule” is we are asked to blur any mention of food - like what you will break your fast with - as some people get hungry when there is mention of food.

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Sounds like you’re doing really well! You know there’s an ‘accountability’ board where some people have ‘ongoing journals’ if you’re interested in making one of those.

I fast for 72 hours now and then. I don’t find it difficult, mostly because I do it from midday. So really it seems like only two days to me. I eat a 1MAD sized meal at say, 1pm on a Monday, and then skip Tuesday and Wednesday, and eat around 2pm on Thursday. Tada, 72 hours, and I slept about 24 of those. :smiley: And I don’t seem to have any problem with refeeding heavy foods or a lot of it. I was really nervous about that on my 2 week fast in April and weaned myself back to food very slowly and with a lot of broth, but with the 72h so far it’s been zero issue.

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Wow. I’m so impressed with your determination to do right by your body! Whether or not you do the 72hour fasts, just feeding yourself properly will give you good results.
I’ve only been on this forum a short time, and only started eating a keto diet three months ago. So I’m all over the forum; reading all the topics and looking up things I don’t understand. I recommend you do the same, as there’s a TON of useful information here. I keep learning more details, which is helping me gain a better idea of the details of this new ay of eating.
You are awesome!

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It seems you are doing great. Just a few words of advice:

  1. Fung’s #1 rule of fasting: if you feel bad, stop!
  2. Megan’s #1 rule: salt, salt, salt! Pinch of salt on the tongue a few times a day.
  3. Don’t walk if it hurts! Karl and many others lost 80 or more pounds WITHOUT exercise. People in a CICO mentality feel exercise is necessary for weight loss but it is simply not true. It is helpful for many other things but wait until you feel like you are bursting with energy and have to move before walking. Be patient. Overdoing it and getting injured or discouraged is common among newbies. Keto alone is great. Fasting alone is great. Both are amazing together. Exercise really won’t add much to the mix. Once you are fully fat adapted you will be able to walk forever but for now, work on reducing your insulin.

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Why? Especially with your joint pain? And exercise doesn’t work for losing weight. CICO can work temporarily, but it slows your metabolism and causes you to gain the weight back.

This is true.

Doesn’t sound crazy to me. I fast this long on a regular basis and more. And I teach others to do the same

Unfortunately no. You may have some effects after each fast but they’re not going to permanently reduce your inflammation. Eating a ketogenic diet consistently will and fasting more consistently than twice in 5 weeks will. In order to have the fasting actually affect your inflammation you would have to do some amount of fasting weekly. How much fasting you would need to do to affect inflammation depends on your own individual body.