Processed food Study

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Ultra Processed Food Study

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This is where I have a problem with these studies:


Why are ham and sausage “reconstituted”? Ham is just smoked meat. Sausage, at least fresh sausage, is meat + fat sometimes + herbs/spices. Dried sausage is just meat that’s been dried using salt and/or nitrates.

And the picture they showed of deli ham – I eat that stuff all the time. Lost weight doing so

This is how they often say that “processed meat” is bad for you: they toss this type of meat into a category with a ton of stuff that IS actually bad for you, but only point out the meat and not the other stuff.

And then there’s this;


Not only are there so many problems with tracking intake this way, but it often could be the case that the people who eat this way are the issue.

For instance, they go onto say that emulsifiers are bad for you, but that’s correlation, not causation. Could they be bad for you? Maybe, but maybe it’s the people who eat emulsifiers who have a diet so poor, don’t exercise, smoke more, are poor, etc., who are in trouble.


I love ham and sausages, but unfortunately most have sugar added. Other than that, I see nothing wrong with them.

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Same here. Though I do spend a long time looking at labels, and yes, most have sugar. Annoys me.
I can find 1 type of sausage and I type of bacon with no sugar however.