Is there a way to fix your preferences so that when you click on a thread, the most recent post pops up and not the one that started the thread, say… 3 years ago?
I’m interested in seeing the most recent posts to each thread.


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Sorry, no… but if you scroll to the end or if you skip to the last post, then you will go back to where you left off in the thread last time when more people comment on the thread.

But I also recommend at least skimming thru most topics so you can get the gist of what has already been said. Sure, plenty of fluff in there, but also plenty of good points that maybe don’t need to be repeated, (but maybe given an extra like :wink:.)

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As Ruina points out, when you enter a thread, the software takes you to the next post after the last post you read. If you haven’t read the thread at all, then it takes you to the first post, because it assumes that you want to know what’s been happening in the conversation.

In threads longer than a certain number of posts, there is a “condense thread” button following the first post, and the software does a pretty good job, from what I can tell, of showing the just highlights. You also get an estimate of the reading time involved for both the full thread and the highlights. You can get an indication of how many posts there are in a thread before entering it, which can help save you from getting into a more involved conversation than you want.

One final point: Since the founders’ goal for these forums is to make them a permanent reliable reference on the ketogenic diet, we actually prefer for people to resurrect old threads, as opposed to making new ones. I realize that this runs counter to how you have been trained by social media, but the rules for keto are different, as you are no doubt finding in other areas of your life. :grin:


Ok, thanks.