Porkitos, a great recipe, but

(Bob M) #1

This is a great recipe from Nom Nom Paleo:

Proscuitto chips in the oven. Fantastic.

Why the “but…”? Because I had to stop making these, as I would eat all of them at one sitting,even after I had eaten an entire dinner. They are like bacon to me, in that way: I will eat and eat and eat, no off switch.

But if you’re not like me, these are a great option if you want something salty and crunchy.


Oh… I never had this idea… Sounds great…

I never eat much of processed meat (and learned to eat most things in moderation) so I will be fine :slight_smile:

But I WANT crunchy things quite often. I go and actually read the stuff but I can imagine what to do… (Yep, it’s just like that. I love simple recipes.)

They write this:

I prefer crispy prosciutto chips to bacon bits ’cause they cook evenly and there aren’t any unappetizingly flabby parts.

What unappetizingly flabby parts? I almost never eat bacon but when I do, it’s crispy all the way!

I definitely will try this. With not only prosciutto…

(Rebecca ) #3

These sound good, I’ll try them!


I made it with smoked pork chuck, sliced by me… So it needed a bit more time but not so much. I had place in my oven pan, next to my bread (not for me but I like making it) anyway. Turned out just like it should :wink:

It was crunchy and very salty but I ate it with pork roast :smiley:
Not necessarily a very valid idea for the already awesome smoked pork chuck but it has the extra crunch I like… But if I see prosciutto on sale again (in the only supermarket I saw that stuff), I will remember that I can convert it into some better stuff (as I wasn’t into the flavor much. it wasn’t bad but I have tastier things). Texture matters a lot to me!

(Robin) #5

Off switch? What is this off switch you speak of? I think we must be the same model…

(Bob M) #6

I think as an addition to food, it could be a great addition. I just need to have my wife make them and cut them up. :wink:

@robintemplin There are things I don’t have “off switches” for: these porkitos; bacon; nuts; I’m sure there are more. I usually just don’t eat these.

But compare with something like steak or lean pork (pork chops, pork loin), or white chicken meat. There’s only so much of this I can eat, before my body refuses to eat more. I physically can’t eat more.

But let me eat my fill of pork chops, then make a pound of bacon, and I’ll eat the entire pound, if left alone with it. Same with these porkitos or nuts.

(Robin) #7

Check our family trees. Pretty sure we’re related


I wonder if I have no off switch foods… I came a long way, I can eat ONE piece of peanuts now and I was pretty much addicted before carnivore…

Maybe pancakes. Sweet ones. I do have an off switch, I usually only eat 5-6 - but it’s not a problem if I am satiated when I start. As far as I know. I didn’t test it lately, I am happy if I can get satiated at all, I won’t consume a ton of extra calories then, I have goals :smiley:

But whenever I can’t stomach another bite but I am still quite hungry, pancakes are my saviours. Too bad it works way better with sweet ones as they aren’t carnivore :frowning: But still the best option sometimes and I don’t feel any problem with it, it’s just not even my original carnivore-ish, that’s a strict thing, at least to me…

Maybe I should keep some bacon-like thing at hand at all time, they may help me out… Especially if I eat them rarely as I do.

(Rebecca ) #9

Off switch…I have finally been experiencing that!
I recently ordered a 12oz Ribeye (:yum:) and could only eat 1/2!?! Of course I brought the rest home for the next day…but that was a first!
*I should add, I had only had eggs and steak that morning and a Wedge Salad with the Ribeye. Amazing!

(Bacon is better) #10

That means your hunger and satiety hormones are now working as designed. Congratulations!


But that’s tiny! Well maybe not for you, I always needed bigger meals :slight_smile: I don’t expect that to change though I have my tiny meal times and I hate those… Unless it’s still chill and not a loooong series of tiny meals with hunger almost all the time. As a tiny meal will result in getting hungry again and again and again… Not fun.

(Rebecca ) #12

Thanks! I’m thrilled! I looked at it and thought, “This was delicious, but I will be I’ll if I eat another bite!”

(Bacon is better) #13

My appetite suddenly dropped like that in the middle of a meal, too. It was my first experience with being satisfied, as opposed to being stuffed, in decades. I suddenly understood something one of my French professors told us: Americans say, “I’m full,” but the French say, “I’ve had enough.” I well remember eating spaghetti to the point where I thought my stomach would explode if I had another bite, and still being hungry. On keto, I don’t want more food, even though there’s plenty of room for more. I’ve had enough.

(Robin) #14

One of the absolute best and surprising benefits of keto. I can remember looking at my fork just as I was about to have another bite and thinking, not one more bite. Done.


I never had to stuff myself on high-carb (okay, except when I had strong compulsions, I went way, way, way, way beyond satiation sometimes and really used up the available space in my stomach and that was much). Carbs alone never would have worked but one eats plenty of protein and fat on high-carb normally. I totally did. My food intake still was “respectable” but I never stayed hungry on high-carb for sure (except on my yearly Unsatiable Hunger day)! Maybe that’s why I am so used to satiation that can’t handle not having it. If I am not satiated at 3am in the bed, I get up and eat. And that’s way outside of my natural eating window and sounds so sad but what can I do? I NEED satiation, basically all the time (sometimes it’s okay without but only when well-fasted and feel good).

I don’t even know what it means to be full, it’s such a strange wording to me. Sometimes I feel full, usually when my stomach is completely empty. But I am usually in trouble when I am really full as it means I am probably (very) hungry…
What does it mean, “full”? Stomach? Belly (stomach is the organ to me, IDK why it’s the belly in English, apparently)? Just some feeling?
I rather use “satiated”, it’s more clear to me. It has nothing to do with volume in my case, I am no volume eater.
Not like I have any idea about the fullness of my stomach, I just don’t feel it. I only feel when it’s stretched to its maximum capacity but it’s almost impossible to do (did a few times when I consumed very much water quickly. once did it with food. Wet, low-cal food. But I almost always ate dense food).

It was nice but only happened in my early carni times I think (keto did nothing regarding that). I nearly always can eat more. Well that’s good I suppose… And I do have a nice satiation easier now, that’s even better.
I have this with “egg” or “meat” though, I can’t eat another bite. And I am usually hungry then and need “something else”, it’s my bane, the main reason I go off. (Off carni, usually, not off keto as well.)