Pork and Sage Bundles "Saltimbocca"



These pork and sage bundles are called “Saltimbocca” in Italian, which translates to “jump in the mouth”. Delicious bite-size pork bundles that are impossible to eat just one.

First start with thin cut “fast fry style” boneless centre loin pork steaks

Pound them gently to achieve even size steaks (both width and thickness)

Salt and pepper one side. Flip over and pepper and sprinkle ground sage on other side (no salt).

Add a piece of prosciutto to side with pepper and sage. Note, the prosciutto has so much salt it is unnecessary to salt this side if the pork loin.

First fold, one third of the loin

Second fold

Flip bundle over to reveal the edge of the loin

Fetch a toothpick and a fresh sage leaf

Fasten the sage leaf to the top fold

Plate of pork bundles ready for cooking

Add a few tablespoons lard to pan, turn on heat and get it smoking hot

Add pork bundles

Fry both sides until brown, remove from pan

Close up shows crispy back of pork bundle. Remove toothpicks immediately, while pork bundle is still hot

Plating of pork bundles

Close up

Cross section of a pork bundle

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(Derek I. Batting) #2

OK, I’m going to need you to send no less than one dozen of those pre-cooked to my house priority overnight. Seriously, I’m drooling all over the place over here. :smile:

(Cheryl Meyers) #3

This is pure torture on my long train ride home… I want them to jump in my mouth!

(matt ) #4


(Dave) #5

Wow… I’m doing this… Cheers

(Richard Morris) #6

Oh my. I need to make those.

#Loving your recipes :slight_smile:


Sorry, @DBatting, I wish they were called “jump in the Fedex box” instead… And I would send you some for sure.


Oh no, sweetheart…don’t mean to torture you…:disappointed:…wish I could teleport you some


Thank you, Richard. I’ve been pretty handy in the kitchen my entire life, but this is the first time that I’ve taken the time to photo document my steps. I’m learning a lot through the process…I scrap so many pictures looking for the best shot to post.

It takes a lot of time out of my day to do this, but I have a desire to help distribute this information. My mission is to re-introduce classical cooking techniques that don’t need fancy kitchen equipment, saves family money, short list of ingredients, and easy preparation techniques.

In other words…I’m declaring war against processed foods! No need to spend lots of money on boxed/packaged/prepped food with mystery ingredients. I’m willing to bet most of the recipes I post I can deliver faster than a more expensive and less nutritious processed food meal that needs to be reheated or microwaved.

(Derek I. Batting) #10

You’ve done a fantastic job and I look forward to more posts like this!

(Corrine Wheeler) #11

Can I get that order too?!

(brian) #12

Great pictures! Thanks for taking the time to take and post. And I’m happy to have another idea to use our monster sage plant once spring rolls around.