Popping My Sous Vide Cherry


This weekend it happens :grin: all going to plan.

Hit me with your best recipes - I’m looking for something red & with plenty of glorious connective tissue :cut_of_meat:

(it's official - I'm forked) #2

Rump steak. 24 hours, 53.5C. Pat dry. Flash sear (in ghee or bacon fat or whatever). Eat and be transported (to heaven, not to Australia, you’re already here, convict).


First in wins - rump steak it is :yum:

Never actually convicted of anything but definitely dodgy & worthy of transportation :grin:

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I use rump because it’s cheap. HOWEVER, my mate in NSW (the original convict site, FWIW) said it was stupid expensive at Coles, so I dunno.


Varies here. Lamb is stupidly expensive right now but pork is cheap. If I have no luck getting beef I might try a pork scotch fillet :thinking:

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Uh-oh, here comes Darren to talk pork!

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I love beef, but the price difference is huge - here in the U.S. I’m seeing beef tenderloin be 7 to 10 times more than pork tenderloin (cut your own perfect chops). The precise temperature control of sous vide removes any fear of not cooking the pork enough, you can take it to your perfect level of doneness - no need to dry it out.

Only have done ribeye steaks (AKA Scotch fillets) and pork chops thus far. My wife and I both thought the ribeyes were great, perfect, as good as any we’d had before. But the pork chops far surpassed everything we’d ever experienced, there.

Mic, you make a good case for rump steak - going to try that.


This is what tipped me over the edge - dry pork is gak but the non-sous vide alternative is it’s own kind of gak :slightly_smiling_face:


Experiment #1 was a 600 odd gram rump steak, cut in two & sous vide at 53.5 for about 26 hours. I overseared it a bit but can’t complain. Best rump steak I’ve eaten.

Experiment#2 is a 430 gram Chuck Steak for which I’ll use the same temp in the sous vide but for 24 hours only & less sear time!


Experiment#2 completed :slightly_smiling_face: I think time/temperature in sous vide was spot on with this one & I’ve improved my searing game as well. Was a little ‘chewier’ in some parts but beautifully soft for the most. Was interesting to try Chuck Steak outside of a casserole style dish with a billion other ingredients - has a lovely, slightly sweet flavour. Left a bit of fat on the plate but nothing that should get me kicked out of the club! All in all I like sous vide Chuck Steak very much :yum:

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Members here use such interesting words and phrases.Just to construct a funny phrase with a few of the recent ones:

I was considering Fappin Pizza, but ended up deciding to Pop my Cherry with Sous-Vide. Once it happens I’ll be sure to post the Money Shot.


You couldn’t find a way to work in “Nutty Keto Dogma”? :grinning:

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Science does not get any better than this. :smiley:

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Nah, nothing nutty about this thread. I still have to pick up a Sous-vIde.myself.


Too right :yum:

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My Anova Nano got here today. It was supposed to have been Saturday, so two full days late. Always when your waiting for a new toy, right?

Trying to decide what to try to cook first. Considering what got me to buy one in the first place is barbecue, I’m thinking about doing a pork butt. It looks like big picture is sous vide at 165 for 24 hours, then two or three in the smoker. Anybody done something like this?

Or should I try something like a chuck steak first?


You’re slipping Ken :rofl:

Money well spent in my opinion.


Paging @juice and @MiKetoAF and @dlc96_darren

I’ve only done the couple of different steaks so far @CFLBob so on a bit of a learning curve myself though I can certainly recommend the chuck steak :smile:

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Never done pork butt, sorry.


Keep quiet about that on the campaign trail :shushing_face: