(Jeff Davis) #1

Ugh. It’s my kryptonite. I was at a high school basketball game last night and was just going to have “a few pieces.” A few pieces turned into the entire bag. When I got home I felt bloated and gross. A good reminder that it’s easier not to start than to stop after “a few pieces.”


Keto popcorn = pork rinds. For next time…

(David K) #3

Yeah, this is my weakness at the movies, can’t have even one piece.

I may have to try dipping pork rinds in butter, it is the only way I can see them being in the same neighborhood.

(Zach) #4

I feel you. Whenever I say just a little bit, I fall off the wagon and keep going. If I give carbs an inch, they take a mile. Abstaining is the only way for me.

(Jessica K) #5

Yeah, this is why when I go to events that involve food… and especially the great SMELLING food like popcorn, I HAVE to bring my own “something”. Even if I don’t eat it… at least I have it just in case I can’t get beyond that popcorn smell! Yay purse bacon :smiley:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #6

And you can have them fresh, at home, in 2 minutes:

I got my first bag this week, and they’re really quite good. Still working on the microwave timing, and I will probably try a batch in the oven, but you can make as much or as little as you want, and season them to taste.

I’ve done both butter + cinnamon + truvia for sweet, and ground red pepper for savory.

(Jessica K) #7

Is this really good? I keep seeing people say they do this but I am so unconvinced lol


Yummers!! I’ve done them with a variety of spice mixes. Ever tried Chinese 5 Spice?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #9

It’s a nice mix of sweet and savory. I still need to work on the proportions, and I suspect it would work better by mixing up a shaker with the cinnamon and sweetener first, and then shaking that over the pork rinds. My first go, I put the freshly-popped pork rinds into a brown paper lunch bag, threw the butter and cinnamon in, along with some sweetener. It didn’t mix as well as it would have had I put more thought into the technique.

Still tasted pretty good…good enough to try again and refine the process.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #10

Nope. You should post that over in the recipes category. :wink: