Plz help me interpret my Ketonix results

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As mentioned on the FB page, I am very recently bed bound. Today marks 6 weeks. I occasionally walk to the bathroom with moderate pain and therefore difficulty and rarely leave my room to go downstairs. The only reliable method of getting me out of my room is for me to have a doctors appointment. Since what goes in must come out, and it hurts like hell to sit, I have been fasting for the majority of the last month. Prior to my injury my blood sugars were in the 80s when fasting and the 130s when not fasting. I have had IV steroids, oral steroids, and one steroid injection that was done the first week of December. My blood sugars have ranged from the mid 90s to the 150s since the steroids. I have been fasting for several weeks now with a few meals scattered in and continue to have morning bloodsugars over 100 and evening blood sugars in the 130s. So that is my blood sugar recent history.

Not long ago my husband purchased a Ketonix breath analyzer. If anyone is familiar with this device it gives you four ranges of Keytone levels in your breath. He consistently runs in the high end of the first level somewhere between four and six. When I did it the first time mine was over 12, as I have continued to fast my number has continued to increase somewhat extensively. This morning it was 51.

Does anyone understand these breath numbers as they relate to blood level keytones and blood sugar?

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The Ketonix inventor discusses correlation in this video. In an email exchange he told me to strive for 70+ to treat cancer. I can get there if I take Brain Octane Oil.


Here is a chart that is showing the conversion to blood ketones

December 2016 Zorn Fast
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Don’t you mean breath ketones (acetone)?


Yes you are right breath Ketones (acetone).

I found this one online showing blood ketones vs Ketonix readings

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First, I hope you feel better soon.

51 really isn’t anything too worry about. Are you type 1?

My readings will go into the 70’s and 80’s after about 36 hours of fasting, but my BG numbers are usually lower.

It sounds like you’re doing fine though.