Please Help, I'm new at this

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I just stared this keto diet 3 days ago, and all I have seen is conflicting information on so many sites. I am trying to eat right, but knowing what I can eat and what I can is getting confusing. I have been eating for breakfast 2 boiled eggs, and 2 pieces of bacon, for lunch I do a chicken breast sauteed in olive oil, and cheese and an avocado. For dinner I have either hamburger patty, chicken or pork chop, with sauteed broccoli and cauliflower. Is this okay?. I am a coffee drinker, and knowing what I can put in my coffee and what I cant is frustrating. I like a sweetener, and I was going to get Stevia until I looked on here and alot of people was saying not to use it. Please help me. Just needs so tips on what to eat, and what not to.

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Some good info here:


I think it’s okay for now if you feel right enough. For .longer term, read, think, experiment.
It’s natural you read different things, we are very different and what is good for one may be very bad for another. That’s why I consider it very important to listen to our body and eat in a way that feels right. It’s very good to get informed, it helps not to worrying about certain things or making some decisions, there are facts true for every human (or almost every human, there are weird super rare conditions and some people manage to mess up their bodies very much on an extremely wrong diet) but just because some experiment showed something in a group, it doesn’t mean your body will work very similarly (especially that you don’t eat exactly the same). Results on a different diet mean way less and even keto isn’t a fixed diet, we can do it very differently.
You probably made a very positive, big step already. It’s best to keep improving your woe but don’t worry too much especially right away, keto may be hard enough without it and mental health is very important too. Reaching the final destination regarding your woe usually takes a lot of time, I think.

(Bob M) #4

What you’re eating seems pretty good to me.

When I started out, I tried keeping sugary-type foods for a while. But then I realized by cutting them out that it helped with any type of sugar addiction I had (if I even had one). Then I went gestapo and rarely had any sugary foods. Then I came back them, then went away from them, and now will eat them sometimes.

I say just stick to eating meats, veggies, dairy if you like and can handle it. If you need sweetener, so be it. Whatever keeps you sane and on the diet. At some time in the future, you can tweak.

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Some people have issues with different sweeteners. I wouldn’t stress on it at this point. Lots of good tips on the above post. The foods you are eating look like good choices :slight_smile: Just make sure you are keeping carbs under 20g, and the rest will fall into place :slight_smile: And there are lots of people here who use sweetener or heavy whipping cream (HWC) in their coffee!

(Rebecca ) #6

Welcome! It can be overwhelming at first. It sounds like you are doing ok…how do you feel? I think the main things that helped me most in the beginning was keeping carbohydrates 20gs are lower, eating when I was hungry, and not eating when I wasn’t.
I have used Stevia Extract drops in my coffee for years. I have noticed I am using less and less though because my taste for sweetness has changed.
Good luck to you!!

(Marianne) #7

Using an artificial sweetener is not a fatal error - just do it in moderation. I have 1-2 cups of coffee a day and divide a Splenda packet between them. I drink it with some heavy cream, and I enjoy it. There are a lot of things on here that some people do and others don’t. It’s not a big deal and probably won’t sabotage what you are doing. There is no “perfect” way to do keto. Just read up and follow the basic guidelines (main thing being to keep the carbs as low as you can), and to eat.

The sample meals you posted are great. Breakfast can be the same thing every day - eggs, cheese, butter, bacon, etc. Get creative with lunch - have a heavy salad with chicken, meat, eggs, bacon, cheese, olives, a couple cherry tomatoes, full fat dressing - load it up! Or, you could make egg-, chicken-, or tuna salad with full fat mayo and salt - yummy; or left over meat, full fat cottage cheese, etc. Dinner for us is usually a good sized piece of meat (8-12 oz.), and a steamed veggie in butter or bacon grease and salt - and/or a salad with lots of toppings and full fat dressing. You mentioned a “hamburger patty” - when we have cheeseburgers (a favorite), I would estimate they are at least 8-10 oz. Don’t skimp; eat until you are satiated. If you don’t feel like eating more, refrigerate the leftovers for another meal. You want to feed your body.

Good luck and enjoy!

(Rebecca ) #8

I would like to add, the carbohydrates I do eat are from vegetables/greens.

(Emily Stout) #9

I’m feeling okay, just a little different, kinda hard to explain. I’m so glad I found this forum, it has really helped me

(Emily Stout) #10

Thank you for your advice.