Pickle Sandwich Shop

(Dan) #1

Wish I lived near Philadelphia!

(Central Florida Bob ) #2

Some of the pickle makers make thin sliced pickles that you can substitute for bread. We tried some Vlasic Stackers (Amazon link)

The only drawback is that they’re pretty saturated with pickle juice (not that that’s a bad thing…) and the sandwiches fall apart pretty easily. Maybe dry them with paper towels first - more than I’ve dried them so far.

(Carl Keller) #3

Paging @Digital_Dave.


Why not bell peppers instead of pickles?


I’m here Carl, and definitely down for a nice ole’ Pickle Sandwich too! :smile: … I’ve actually done Bacon Wrapped - Steak & Cheese Picklets which were pretty good. Recipe can be found here.

(Karim Wassef) #6

Pickles have less carbs and more salt

Oh… and more yummy

(Wendy) #7

Did I mention wrapping pickles in cheese and lunch meat with a generous spread of cream cheese. Love those!

(Scott) #8

It looks like they are scooping out the center is that right and what to use? I need to try this.

(Dan) #9

That’s what I see! Not sure where to find those GIANT pickles though. :wink: