Perfecting egg poaching


Slightly hesitant to call this a recipe but Well I finally have it down pat. Fresh eggs get the best results but this approach is ok for not so fresh eggs. First you strain out the thinnest part of the liquid and I usually keep that thin stuff to toss in any other recipe calling for eggs.
While doing that I put a pot of water on HIGH until it gets to about 175 and then turn it to β€œ2” on my stove which keeps mine between 180 and 185. THAT is important so find out how to get your water at that temp.

While heating I carefully drop the STRAINED eggs into a bowl containing a 50/50 , mixture of vinegar and water.
In a few minutes this wil denature the egg white proteins at the exterior of the eggs.
I drain off most of the vinegar water mixture by tilting the bowl but there is no reason to get it all out. Once the water is 180-185 carefully lower the bowl so the eggs and residual diluted vinegar solution slide them out into the simmering pot

I dont stir but after a bit i move the eggs slightly so they dont stick. I tried that spinning the water thing and it didnt help me at all.

In my case I go exactly 3.5 minutesYMMV and remove the eggs to a paper towel with a slotted spoon. I use the towel to tip them over so both sides drain.
These are old eggs. New ones are prettier. Then I serve them up!
forgive the half slice bagel but once in a blue moon

Here are some over asparagus

(Robin) #2

I love a good poached egg. Would also be good on a chaffle!

(Bob M) #4

Those are pretty.


Just did them over leftover pulled pork. Now that’s a good use!


I love poached eggs. I have used both methods in the past but, never together. Will try soon. Thanks for sharing.


Love this post and can’t wait to try it. I love poached eggs but have a hard time not overcooking the yolk or undercooking the whites. Excited to try this.

And the swirl method always makes egg drop soup for me. :rofl:

Up until now the best thing I found was draining the excess liquid from an egg like you do then microwaving it for 60 seconds in 1/2C cold water with a couple drops of vinegar added, then slotted-spoon it out onto a paper towel. Close to your method but sometimes the white is undercooked or the yolk is overcooked. So hard! I wanted to try a water in a pan method again so thanks!

How deep is the water in your pan that you cook the eggs in?