People who, maybe unintentionally, tempt us, or actually are trying to

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The problem is not when people take up space in our head, it’s when we let them do it rent-free. :grin:

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Wow! You are blest. :+1:

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I don’t think about trying to convert those who stuff themselves with carbs. I don’t want them commenting on what I eat, or telling me it’s unhealthy – and I owe them the same courtesy.

Each of us is on their own journey. Who am I to say someone “should” do keto? The information is out there if they want it.


Well said! :+1:


I agree - partially because I am very much aware that keto isn’t for everyone. Some people needs lots of carbs and they thrive on it and gets sick on low-carb.
But my family members who obviously eat wrong… Well, I just have zero power over their diet so I just don’t even try. Maybe mention a few things and bring better food if they like that but that’s it.
It’s the worst with a dear family member whose health is bad and surely food is an important factor.

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Since it happens so often I would hardly call it unintentional. Time to put her in her place.


I tried with my hubby, the ultimate icky food carby eater LOL
Believe me he told me where to go HA

Yea focus on us. It is key. What others do is their life as they desire is just theirs, and not ours ever. As I truly want others to leave me the hell alone too LOL

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my sister in law had weight loss surgery, and now is very limited in what and how much she can eat (get GI issues very easily). The surgery has been very successful for her and she looks amazing (and says she feels great), but my brother and her son are both overweight (still) and her son’s girlfriend is one of the biggest people I know. I feel much of this is because her view on food hasn’t changed and the house is still full of crap. She is successful because she physically can’t eat it.

I have discussed keto with her, and she did try it, but felt a little sugar here and there was okay and failed at it (during this time my brother lost weight as well). I am the only keto person in my house of 6 so it is struggle and I fail often.

At Christmas she brought over 3 dozen butter tarts. sigh

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I honestly cannot say what I would have done living with people that ate a lot of sugar, and breads/other carbs. I hope the very best for you though and I figure as long as we’re still alive, we can start again. Plus I read and watched some videos on what we can do if we slip up, what foods, or how much would kick us out of Keto. I don’t remember where I saw it now, but I’m betting others here will know. Keep hanging with like-minded people, online, and offline if you can meet some :wink: Happy New Year, and don’t give up :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you so much. I have started intermittent fasting which I think helps me a lot. When I work I can usually get 18hrs, at home 12-14. I try to avoid the carby/sugary stuff, but I am a sugar addict and have eaten sweet things I actually don’t like. sigh

I try to cook low carb when I am cooking and I love the diet doctor website and have made keto meals, that no one knows is keto.


I think you hit a nail head there.

Constant craving hunger is a form of misery.

Feeling hungry and finding nourishing satiety is a form of contentment. I made sure not to use the word joy there.

My parents and parents-in-law are from old world Europe. They lived through the aftermath of a big war as deprived and hungry children and over compensate feed the next generation.

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I can’t imagine being outnumbered 5 to 1! I guess the silver lining is the validation YOU receive from your keto life, compared to your housemates. You are living with folks who remind you why you do what you do.

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When I was strict keto I unintentionally outbaked most of such temptation creating people. Made very strictly keto versions of loads of festive and sweet things. Chocolates, doughnuts, pizzas, brandy butter, etc etc


Yeah that’s not one should do it though it surely could help many people to do low-carb with a little sugar. I skipped added sugar right away when I went low-carb as it was the most logical step and I still think it’s a very good idea in general. If a tiny sugar finds its way into our life in condiments or pickles, that’s one thing but deliberately add sugar to things… That may work for some people, sure but it’s not the right direction.
Maybe keto was too early for her? I couldn’t do it almost right out of high-carb myself. And some people are fine with simple low-carb for life. I had to go much, much lower eventually but it took a lot of time and low-carb already was a huge step into the right direction, it was a much better world than my way too fatty overeating high-carb.

One gets partially desensitized, I guess, seeing the same food all the time. At least it happened to me. Special items (like some Christmas treat) are harder. I cook and bake carby food and it’s fine, I usually don’t feel any desire but I avoid making certain, more tempting dishes… Sometimes I make a lower-carb version for me. Sometimes I make carni food for both of us (it’s easy with only one other, not even choosy person. though I felt it was hard when I ate keto, he ate high-carb and we both avoided meat :D). It helps if one likes challenges :smiley: But it’s better if there is common ground and everyone avoids certain items.

It’s very individual but one gets back into keto in almost no time so if off eating is quite rare, we don’t lose much - unless we are the type who gets very unwell or can’t get easily back or something. (I don’t say the info you mentioned can’t be useful just that one doesn’t need to complicate things. To me, even tracking is tiresome, it’s good I can skip it when I want. Too bad I am super curious sometimes - and tracking gives me useful information sometimes.)

You have a good point! :smiley: Well, two.
The second one can’t work for me as my high-carber SO is thriving and he is the slim, pretty one and I am the fat one BUT he is health-conscious, has a pretty good diet, totally not the one he was grew up on, that made him fat and made way worse things to his Mom… (And I am a lil undisciplined glutton anyway and I don’t stay hungry or even unsatiated.) I get the best signs from my own body. No matter what is good for others, my body loves my current default woe and it subtly nudges me (and then start to do more serious things) if I mess things off. I know it knows what is good for it, it’s my body, after all! :smiley:

I always had a huge sweet tooth… That’s one reason why I should avoid carbs (and eating too many times in my case), that never ends really well and sweets/desserts inevitably come. Without (more than insignificant amount of) plants I can even forget about sweets, amazing. I ate very much sweets on my original keto as it was way too carby (and vegetarian. the two are correlated, I have no idea how other vegetarians could stay below 30-40g net carbs, I never could do it and without my sweets I would have gone way over that)… So sometimes we should go stricter to get it easier. At the right time, earlier it would have been simply impossible for me, I think. And the right strictness, of course, each to their own! Vegetables help one people and hinder the other.

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I wonder if it’s “unintentional” — I think there’s a lot of people out there that just don’t understand how we have “Will Power” to stay the course… and I think they want a justification of seeing someone fall off the wagon because it justifies their point of not doing “keto” … “See, it’s just another FAD diet and anyone who does it can’t stick with it”

I always tell people it’s like being a vegetarian – It’s a way of life. That usually shuts them up.

Congrats on your success!!!

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I think I like challenges, but sometimes I just draw the line I guess, like with my sis. I’ve spent some time chatting with her during, and over Christmas holidays, and she had actually apologized to me. I don’t know If I mentioned that or not. I have pretty much broken the cycle we were in by just talking with her maybe once a week. I know we are both lonely and sort of “try” to lean on eachother but we aren’t on the same “page” in most things.

I’ve learned to bake a Cinnamon Bread and put cream-cheese on it that tastes wonderful to me. It helps if I crave a dessert :wink: Also, the one time I made fat-bombs, they were good, and I ate them as a dessert, not in the middle between meals. My downfall seems to be Peanuts in the shells. I don’t think I’m over-eating them, but I do eat them between my lunch and dinner so no “fasting” there. I guess the overnight is going to be my main fasting time, usually have it down to 18 hours.

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I like that, “it’s my way of life”, and it’s really true, my life is way better since I started Keto!

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That is so sad. I still have a hard time understanding why this WOE is so difficult to people, considering the torture they put themselves through with surgery or by conventional dieting - designed to fail and rarely a process that can be sustained.


Maybe it’s mental? They can’t do the theoretically easier and still impossible thing…? I don’t know, actually but indeed, it’s sad :frowning: I rather would be super strict, yes, me, for real - to avoid worse things… If it’s just some extra fat and I feel healthy, I stray away easier but I slowly work on permanent changes. It’s not a fat-loss diet, it’s life, health, for many decades, I can wait but I must enjoy my woe.

But if it’s just keto vs some more common diet, the latter may be easier and more pleasant to someone. People are so very different and not everyone can handle keto while some can do things I couldn’t and easily slim down on high-carb.

But yeah, I saw some horrible dieting/suffering… It’s odd indeed but it’s people for you, some crazy, obviously stupid starvation diet in a woman’s magazine sounds good, keto sounds horrible so they do the former?

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And especially since the Obesity Medicine Association is committed to encouraging their patients to deal with their obesity by changing their diet, reserving surgery as the last resort. (Dr. Eric Westman and Dr. Mary Vernon are both past presidents of the organisation, so it knows all about keto.)