People who, maybe unintentionally, tempt us, or actually are trying to


yea my mom and hubby’s mom grew up in Depression time and it was tough and then hit WW2 and life was give to win the world war and sacrifice and in the end, their culture was so warped on ‘eating and keeping’ every damn thing to reuse etc. I get it. But it can be passed onto the next gen. just like you said. Our parents and that experience is definitely a massive factor but in the end, the food today is crap and we ALL know it yet?? At some point a wake up time has to come to any next gens right? or maybe not? I don’t know :wink:


95% of WLS doesn’t hold.

cause they refuse to ‘eat the plan’ that goes along with it…so?

without food change as an every day part of one’s life, WLS doesn’t hold and won’t.

sugar addiction and way more comes into play with the mindset, even that good ol’ Dr Now on tv helping morbidly obese says there is no way surgery is ever the ‘cure’ to any of this…what we eat daily is key. On WLS or not on it.

It is tough. Life on this food supply is truly hideous if ya ask me. Our food offered thru convenience and ‘chemically changed tastes’ to target us thru every single purchase for our dollars we make, only a small few have a real chance. real sad truly–the way forward with life and health and fat on us is sketchy and scary actually but ?

but come into the ZC/carnivore category on this forum if you wanna proceed that way, I don’t want to derail the thread.

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Wow that makes a lot of golden rule kind of sense. Watching this thread I make an observation that is new to me. Humans have a psychological need to produce conformity within their group. It looks like a social instinct. While I think I wish all my friends could be on keto because it would enrich their life, maybe a part of the motive is subconsciously a hardwiring to enforce normality in a tribe. So we all tend to pressure each other into certain ways of dealing with the world and the sum total of that mutual pressure becomes a culture. Just an observation. I guess the takeaway would be to consciously regulate how we give and receive that pressure with the dignity of others in mind.

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The crappy food movement might be a culling event. :frowning:

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Before keto I was used to feeling sick. I knew I was out of shape, but I had no idea how sick I was FEELING. Now whenever I lapse I feel it hard the next couple days. I wonder if other people are so used to feeling sick they have no way of realizing how sick they are.


I am very sure this is the case quite often. I didn’t feel sick at all, I felt healthy and okay-ish all my life but I had no idea it could be way better until I changed my diet quite much… It’s understandable. I only had my original woe (well it changed here and there during the times but not very much), how could I know what is beyond? But now I know and when I go back to far, negative things start to come back - and more as my body complains so I just can’t eat like I did in the past, it would feel loads worse than back then.

Of course, not everyone feels worse on high-carb. I know that and I am perfectly fine with my family members on a way carbier woe. As they are different people. Okay, even I like the convenience of eating somewhat similarly and I do have my beliefs about what isn’t healthy… But I know that healthiness of food has a personal factor as well. And I still very much remember how impossible keto was for me in my first low-carb years… And how restrictive and not very useful was later (as I didn’t and couldn’t do the right style yet. some of us need a very long time to find their way, I suppose. my break from high-carb was a huge, sudden, super easy and natural step so it’s not like I was lost for years, I improved my life and woe a lot, only going way, way lower was slow).

I always liked to focus on special cases so my attempt to make things uniform is unusually weak I guess.


I have told people around me in the past to not offer food to me especially sugar or high carb food but it seems like they see it as a challenge or just ignore it. What do they get out of it? Offering alcohol or talking about it in front of people who are abstaining due to addiction seems just plain malicious. I just don’t get where they are coming from. If you truly care about people you don’t entice them to do something against their best interest. I’ve never found an effective way to deal with these people.


I really want to understand the psychology of people who sabotage other’s struggle to eat healthy.

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Indeed, it is malicious. The best can be said for some of those people is that they are not aware of their malice, whereas many others know precisely what they are doing.

I eventually learned that everyone feels entitled to tell me what to do with my life, and it is my joy as well as my responsibility to do whatever I need to, to take care of myself. As one wise man advised, “Pray for them to go to heaven, and it’s okay to ask for it to happen right away”! :grin:

Best quote of the day, anyone?
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If you live alone like me, I emptied my cupboard of carbs and anything sugary when I started back in Feb. 2021. I also emptied out any high carb, or sugar-containing products from my fridge. I know that sounds wasteful, but I felt my life depended on it. I think my fear was a healthy fear, as I wasn’t paranoid of anyone eating sugar or carbs, in fact, down in the lobby of our apartment building, there are always snacks I can’t/won’t eat. Very blessed not to be tempted by all the goodies during the holidays too :wink:

I walk right passed the sugar/carb isles in the markets. They outnumber the healthy foods (for me) but no shock there. Sometimes I can’t help but think that the “sugar” and “high-carb” industries, and Big Pharma would go out of business if we all got with Keto :rofl: Sorry, but no I’m not, those businesses would have to start selling healthy foods to us, instead of killing people one day at a time :frowning_face:

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This is well-said Shanita, I feel the same. I heard a guy talking yesterday (some video) and he lumped Keto in with a bunch of other “fad” diets. I think someone here mentioned that don’t use the word Keto and I think that’s a hard thing for me to do, but can be a good idea. Just low carbs won’t get us into Ketosis, as I understand it. But to go deeper with someone, explaining that our bodies naturally make Ketones and especially start telling them about Insulin Resistance. When I start understanding more about what my “body is actually doing, and how it’s trying to work right but I put up road-blocks” then I just naturally want to stop doing that.

I have a friend that seems to almost brag about her and hubby both being sick with diabetes and other illnesses, and they just eat what they want, life is too short. Well life is short if you ask me, but I don’t care to make it shorter on purpose.

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I want to understand and learn a lot of things too! I love learning, and I think the psychology of the way people think and act, is probably one of the easier studies. Fear of finding out that they are wrong in the way they eat. Someone said “misery loves company” something like that. I don’t worship people that are doing healthy things, trying, working hard to better themselves, but they are great mentors, and examples for me.

I don’t think there is a person alive that doesn’t want to be better at something, or take care of themselves. What have I heard so many times, fear of failing, or fear of succeeding. Some have been beaten down so bad, yes, some because of bad choices as well, but just might want to get life over with. I think people that have found Keto, or something else that has worked for them, are totally blessed, lucky, fortunate. If you can use a computer and have the willingness, you can find things that just weren’t available to us in the past.


But they don’t only make it shorter as you pointed out, they make it even worse quality! (I often call this “narrower” :D)
Well, if it’s worth it for them, who am I to argue about it… To me, eating tasty food and getting sick isn’t hedonistic. Eating tasty food and staying healthy is the way. I am a hedonist, give me some nice, healthy woe that suits me and I will enjoy the hell out of it (eventually. I need time to want exactly what is good for me and nothing else. but enjoying my food rarely was a problem, not eating off is way trickier)… And I will enjoy whatever I do in the time when I won’t search for food in the kitchen (often at night, just before bed) because the carbs messed with me and made me hungry too…

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I have no idea how to pronounce that, so I should avoid that one.

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Cywes = SIGH-vez

The name would be pronounced quite differently, I believe, in the orignal Welsh, but this is how he pronounces it.

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I am the only one out of three doing this. My daughter makes pies, rolls and other loaded carb foods. Not easy. This has been going on for one year now and I don’t see any change. My wife is always bring food home. But I did manage to lose 60 pounds.

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Bravo! You are conquering temptation right under your own nose. Well done!


yea I agree with you on that. Life is air, water, food, shelter. When one of those gets f’d too much, we got massive survival future issues for sure.

you said: Now whenever I lapse I feel it hard the next couple days—

AND THIS HAS to be our learning. We must learn from our personal experiences cause when one does not acknowledge the truths of what their food intake is actually doing to them, thru some knowledge and true physical misery, then ya ain’t got a prayer.

It is like keeping going back for a small dose of cyanide over and over…cause…well I like it LOL

Learn. Everyone learn and change. Other than that the vicious cycle of never moving forward for long term results will never come.

The mind MUST change with truths as we eat differently and learn how our bodies react. No real mind change, no desire for true health, no forward movement long term great results. Hamster on the misery wheel for many over and over. Then the ‘I give up’.

SO everyone MUST learn from it all LOL

Hey I had to and darn it was hard. Hard to swallow. Hard to accept and change thru it all but if one does, one gets there to the final best health plan one can survive long term. One doesn’t do mind work on themselves as they focus on eating better and lapse back over and over, if no conscious effort on why they lapse back and learn truths about themselves…ain’t got a prayer for real change and probably doesn’t really desire big change cause ‘it is just too darn hard’ :slight_smile: and oh boy I said that alot of times in the past!

Humans are the hardest to ever ‘retrain the brain’. Teach a dog to sit with a bacon strip. Oh yea he gets it. Let a kid touch something hot you said don’t touch that, with real pain, oh yea that kid gets it long term, teach any other species something and they get it with mind change and acceptance, humans are very hard to accept their real fates. Well, not sure about all but darn I was one who fought the real truths of what it took for me to get real long term great change. Like I had to club myself over the head a few times and think, omg what is wrong with me? I know what to do, just take action and hold that action but as always, backsliding cause it was ok to suffer a few days for that food…now you can’t get me to eat off plan to that level.

Time and learning and change we desire so much we take all actions to keep that change in force I guess. I am there now but darn if it ain’t a long row to sow for many of us.

ohhh, got off on a rant a bit about me and what it took for my changes :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I wonder if it’s the brainwashing that makes it hard. We’ve been raised on the indoctrination that keto foods are unhealthy. It’s a big mental hurdle to believe everything we knew about nutrition is wrong. It’s assumed to be unsustainable because it’s assumed to be harmful.

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Well done. Keep it going. Let them be them, and you be you.