Patience it’s worth it

(Andrew) #1

Hi Guys

Just wanted to post for those who are in their first weeks or months into the lifestyle and feel like it’s not working …I want to say please stick with it.

I posted almost a month ago now how I was 7 weeks in moving into 8 weeks was not fat adapted and had not lost weight for 5 weeks despite have a considerable amount to move. I was a little disappointed as expected magic to happen after 3 to 4 weeks max.

Well that trend with no weight loss continued with me for another 4 weeks until only very recently - and only now as we approach the 3 months mark can I say I really feel the changes.
This week my appetite has reduced to such an extent that I have been able to move onto OMAD and by doing so and by fasting for 20 or 22 hrs a day I have broken the stall and started the scales moving again with a 2.5kg loss in a week.

Next week if I continue to feel this way , I will look to start to increase the fasts to 36 or even 48 hrs.

Clearly the journey is different for all and for me it has taken nearly 3 months but by sticking with it you will eventually make the change and feel the benefits.

(Laurie) #2

Thank you so much for posting about your experience. Patience is maybe my biggest challenge!

(Tired of the yoyo) #3

I am still not sure if I’m fat adapted (starting week 11 of keto today). Sometimes I think I am, but I tried a couple of fasts last week and got through them OK, but I was pretty hungry. I still wake up hungry too. Maybe I’m not quite there yet.

(Jane) #4

Not quite. The first time you “forget to eat” and accidentally skip a meal you know you are there.

It took my husband many months to get there but a lot of it was psychological as he was conditioned to eat breakfast. He wasn’t trying to lose weight- just support me and get healthier - which he did!

(Tired of the yoyo) #5

Ah- that’s a good thing to look for. I don’t think I’m quite there yet! :slight_smile:

(Marianne) #6

Good for you for hanging in there!!! So glad you are starting to see the scale move. Icing on the cake.


Getting hungry is normal, fat adaptation doesn’t necessarily turns that off… I surely got hungry after fat adaptation too, it was just softer, I love that I am never very hungry anymore (barred extreme situations. I have hungry days when eating a ton can’t help enough either… No idea why.)

I don’t know what happens with the morning hunger but I imagine it’s a type of people to be hungry in the morning. I am NEVER hungry in the morning and never was, carbs and lack of fat adaptation had no effect on it. But surely some people always wake up hungry, no matter what. It doesn’t mean they can’t be satiated with their meal for a whole day, it just should be in the morning.

We aren’t even the same all the time. Sometimes I don’t eat for 48 hours and I just don’t get hungry at all (it’s super rare but happened) and sometimes I must eat many times a day (stupid easy satiation when I dropped plants. it was very temporal but carnivore OMAD is still not realistic for me most of the days). If I get more active, my eating window tends to grow too… So it’s not a clear cut situation. Probably some people never notice a change when they get fat adapted. Their body changes but it’s hidden. It’s probably noticeable for the ones with strenuous activity but I had no that back then. If I got the softer hunger right on keto as so many people (but no, I was just as hungry on keto as before, I ate the same amount, I stalled the same), I probably would have no idea that something changed. My eating window diminished at some point but it went slowly and it got big again sometimes (6-8 hours, I mean, that’s big, I can eat 3 or more times and that’s much food). Many people eat so small meals it’s logical they can’t do IF.
So I just don’t see a super strong connection between fat adaptation and fasting, surely there is some, probably strong too but there are limits, factors… 11 weeks is long, you are probably fat adapted already, most of us reach it already at this point. But who knows?