Parmasean Crusted Salmon

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Crusted Salmon

What did you Keto today?

I thought a picture would be helpful.

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Thanks Daisy, It looks damn fine. Don’t know how leaving out the bread crumbs would affect the results? I believe it would still be really good.


Replace with pork rind crumbs? or nut flour?

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Good thinking…I knew we kept you around for a reason…:sunglasses:


That looks absolutely amazing!

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I do half pork rinds, half coconut flour and throw in a little Italian seasoning. :yum:

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I had sent this recipe to my best friend a couple of weeks ago (she would have used the bread crumbs). She said it was awesome and the whole family gobbled it up. I would sub with pork dust or just eliminate the bread crumbs.

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I’m pretty sure I have some salmon filets out in the freezer. I need to hobble out there and retrieve one so I can try this.

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I made this tonight for supper. It tasted awesome and came out looking just like the picture in the OP.

I made the crust as directed. I cooked the Filet in my sous vide @ 132 for 15 minutes. Took the filet from the bag and placed on cookie sheet. covered with the parmesean mix using almond flour in place of bread crumbs. I then place it under the broiler for 2-3 minutes. It crusted nicely and tasted really really good.