Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

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@ReneeRC No. Pre dinner again. But today, except for the two creamy coffees, was OMAD.

I think my numbers will always be better later anyhow. I never got color on pee strips in the morning but they were always dark in late afternoon and evening.

I’ll test morning numbers again once I’m off the coffee.


@SlowBurnMary posted a mainstream media article link

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Still at two coffees, omad again

Glucose 63 and ketones 3.1.

I’m annoyed with myself that I’ve stopped progressing on the coffee front. So no more testing for me till I drop the next cup.

I love testing, so it should act as incentive.


@Ilana_Rose Oh man!!! I am sooooooo jealous! I’d LOVE to get readings like that. I love coffee too but I can’t drink it so I don’t get tempted. You’re awesome! :smile:

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@ReneeRC I honestly wish I couldn’t drink it. Trying to get off of it is my biggest source of failure.

I am happy with my numbers, though. It suggests this diet has been really working for me. I just wish I had a baseline from three years ago.

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Your coffee is my Diet Coke (caffeine free). I keep falling off the wagon.

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Thanks, Renee. Any idea on the quality of the pig brains from Farmland? I worry about what the animal is fed, etc. I’m encouraged though, and I’ll continue my search for a local butcher.

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Also I just keep losing weight like crazy. Is anyone else having this issue on the PKD? I’m down to 102 pounds and my ribs poke out (and I think I’m starting to look like I belong in a death camp). Do you think this will slow down at some point? Maybe I need to try and eat a few more carb-y vegetables. I literally have to go out and buy all new pants. I really don’t want to look anorexic :frowning: Almost off my thyroid meds though. Two more days!

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I still have over 100 pounds to lose, what are you eating exactly? I would like to try it-I mean like can you please tell me what foods you are eating and what you are avoiding, because I have lost 57 pounds but have not been losing for quite some time so maybe if I eat what you are eating, I might have some success. Please and thanks =).

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Probably significant.

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I just follow the PKD diet. Is that the one you’ve been following? Less than 400g per day of meat and fat at ratio of 100g to 35g, organ meat, marrow bones. And actually I’ve added a few low oxalate vegetables in, and some lemon/lime juice in sparkling water so I can feel a bit of entertainment in my diet…(which technically I think people can do if they are basically healthy). Maybe the extreme weight loss is just thyroid related for the time being and then my thyroid will normalize, because I’ve only been doing the PKD for about 6 weeks now.

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Ohhh okay, thanks for telling me. I wasn’t really sure what the diet is, and no I have to force myself to eat meat daily, I don’t like it so I think I would really not do well on that plan but I hope that all your issues get resolved and that you can stabilize.

I have been really disliking meat more and more the longer I am on Keto, so I think I would be really nauseated on that, hehe =). I have able to eat eggs sometimes, and bacon, but eat more chicken and salmon, etc for my proteans.

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Regarding 400 g total food per day at a 2:1 ratio of fat:protein, is that calculated by weight? In other words is that approximately 133 g of protein to 266 g of fat per day?

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@FGH correct :cowboy_hat_face:


@darcygreenwald HI hon. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the quality of the pig brains from Farmland, wish I did. I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I eat too and even more so with organ meats. I don’t understand why you are losing so much weight. It could be thyroid related though.


Btw, I had some good numbers:

70 glucose and 3.3 ketones

I’m super happy with those. :smile:

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@ReneeRC That’s awesome! I’ve stopped testing until I drop my second cup of coffee.


I can understand why PM would rather that we don’t exercise while doing the PKD. I tried lifting weights and my glucose went up to 79 and my ketones dropped to 2.1. I have better numbers when I don’t workout.

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@ReneeRC Interesting, I’ve been wondering about that.

Btw, I’ve ditched the dairy as of today. I still have one cup of coffee but from now on the cream is finito.


I miss cheeeeeesssseeee, lol. Your determination is inspiring, hon. :smile: