Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

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It’s awful!

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and add more fat?

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How much protein are you consuming? Not necessarily saying more fat, but if you cut back a little on the protein it will automatically raise your % of fat. Also, as others have said, it does take a week or two for your system to adjust, you may just have to be patient. Look at the bright side, consider it “training for preping for a colonoscopy”.

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I look at some pictures of folks food and mine is not nearly that much. Its like some meatballs and 2 pieces of pork loin or ground sausage and eggs or ground beef with a few meatballs with some butter. Nothing crazy. One thing I didn’t mention is that on Saturday I went to a function that had a buffet and I had one rib, a small piece of breaded fish and some spinach/sausage/cheese casserole. At first I thought it may have been the fish since it was breaded and I don’t know what kind of oil they used. Everything else was some carbage and protein.


@Diygurl19 Traci, for the first 3 weeks when I went carnivore I had diarrhea. I just waited it out and it finally stopped. It doesn’t seem to be that uncommon when beginning carnivore.

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It’s awful! I just want to be in bed.

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Could it be food poisoning? You stated you ate at a buffet. Just a thought.


I agree with Frank. Mine was annoying but that kind of sounds like a bit of food poisoning. Either way, I sure hope you feel better soon!

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I had two eggs last night and this morning I still had problems.

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Well, food poisoning can take time to work itself out of your system if it was that?

When I had the runs from carnivore, it did not make me feel sick and I still did my usual 1-2 times per day, it’s just that it was (prepare for the tmi) like liquid.

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My stomach burns for 5-15 minutes throughout the day, when I have to go but it’s not (TMI) liquid, but it’s not solid either. It woke me up this morning and yesterday morning and at work it’s difficult and I just want to lay down under the covers. I don’t even want to exercise!


@Diygurl19 The medical folks at the clinic in Hungary (Paleo Medicina) say that not enough fat in the diet will cause that. Like I said, I knew I had enough fat but still experienced frequent trips to the bathroom TMI (pure liquid) for several weeks so I just tried to hang in there. Also, in the beginning, I found that I did better with non-rendered fats.

I read the blog of a guy with crohns who went carnivore and he spent lots of time in the bathroom for the first 3 months of carnivore, poor guy but then his bowels really began to heal up. I think part of my problem was my gallbladder trying to get used to all that fat as well.


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Thanks ReneeRC for the information.

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hard to expect carnivore results if you don’t eat carnivore- even a 30 day strict trial can help give you an idea of what to expect.

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It was a spoon full of pico and spinach.

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and breading on fish and casserole… just saying 95%-99% won’t get you adapted like 100%

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Breading on fish. Casserole was spinach, sausage and cheese.

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every holiday gathering I eat before I go, then pick at what is acceptable- makes thing simple :slight_smile:


The PKD also recommends including organ meats. I’ve actually gotten used to the liver now (grass fed/finished is the best, imho) and the brains scramble up nicely in my eggs.

Does anyone here ever cook Sweetbreads (pancreas) and if so, do you have a recipe? 57% of our RDA for vitamin C in 100g. Lots of other goodies as well like with other organ meats.


@Diygurl19 Traci, how are you doing today? Has the D tapered off?