Pain in back hips and butt at day 4 of extendedfast

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Have it now too, after 4 days after fast. Did you find solution?

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Bumping this and I hope thats okay!
I just made a separate post in a Carnivore thread, as I’m currently 5 days into my Carnivore diet and late on Day 3 I started experiencing what seems to be the same pains as most people in this thread.

I’m currently stuck between it being an issue with pork, or electrolytes somehow. I’m not sure what I think about dumping yet :smiley: seeing how people are so divided on that topic.

I had a brutal flare up late Day 4 after yet again eating some pork, but I removed approximately 70% of my pain/discomfort today by eating 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with some water.

For reference my starting BMI would be around 27, so not exactly a lean guy.

Does anyone have more knowledge about this?

(PS! Great forum, read this whole thread last night while being unable to sleep - and decided to sign up.)

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First, welcome!
I’m not familiar with what’s going on with your back pain.

I would caution to not jump to the conclusion that this issue is related to your change in diet. It might be a coincidence. I am not saying it is…. Just that it’s possible it’s not related.

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I feel I have had the pain you are describing, for me it was miserable and intense and much worse when lying down. We should do some shared detective work here.

My pain only occurred when I was fasting - water only, around the 3rd day. It’s happened twice. It was absolutely connected with the fast and subsided within hours of eating. So what is the common thread between what I cut out (everything) and what you cut out (non-animal products.)

I’m not sure what I think about the dumping hypothesis either. I have never had an issue that I know of with oxalate dumping at any other time, but I suppose it could still be this. I don’t think I was dehydrated, but I might not have been getting enough electrolytes.

(Howard) #126

I also believe this is connected to my change in diet, as I wasn’t having any back problems prior.

Currently Day 6 and I’m still having some issue. However today it’s not as bad in my legs, but has spread up towards my neck in addition to my lower back. Should erase any concerns of kidney issues though? I’ll be taking some more baking soda today, and see how that feels before eventually taking some more Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Omega 3.

Also scheduled bloodwork on Monday with my doctor (who obviously was very sceptical about the diet when I spoke to him over the phone), just to get a reading on the essentials and see if there are any major concerns.

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Your doctor is most likely going to hate this diet, and want to put you on a statin, because carnivore WOE almost invariably raises cholesterol. We have a lot of “ammunition” against those ideas here, but for many of us it’s an uphill battle against our healthcare providers no matter what science we present. Good luck!


Hi @pase, I am a carnivore and LCHF champion. My doctors were harassing me about my high cholesterol so I told them I was eating lots of fat and could I have a scan of my coronary arteries? They agreed so the cardiologist who reviewed the scan could not believe I ate 80 g butter daily. I had ZERO plaque. I am carnivore now and loving it.

(Howard) #129

I spoke to the doctor briefly while taking the blood sample, and he actually seemed a bit curious. We’ll see how the reaction is when we get the reading tomorrow or the day after I suppose.

How long into the carnivore-diet did you ask for the scan? @Matamoros


I have been doing some form of keto or low carb for about 15 years. 5 years ago, I started having servre leg pain or cramps in my quadriceps muscles. It occurs primarily in the summer months. Five specialists later, and the cause is still unknown. If it were an electrolyte imbalance or dehydration issue, how come only the quads are affected? My CRP number was and can be 20x the norm. Kidney function is still good. In the summer months and on the advice of a nephrologist (kidney doctor), I supplement with sodium phosphate tablets. Some, but not all, blood tests did show “low” sodium phosphate levels. I do believe keto or fasting plays a role in this. To what extent I am not sure. Some newer research on muscle pain or cramping says that it could be dysfunctional nerve firing.

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I realize this is after the fact, and you are feeling better, thank goodness, but if I had to put a locus on my pain (the autocorrect had me putting a locust on my pain; is that sort of like leech therapy? :laughing:), bend over and try to touch your toes. The lowest spot on your back that complains about this effort, basically right above the coccyx, would be where the pain originated. Was that where you felt it?


Hi @pase I was LCHF since late 2012. My cholesterol was very high - 11.8 or something and the doctors would lecture me. I asked for and received a coronary scan in 2016. My cholesterol was sky high but I had zero plaque.
I went Carnivore in 2018-2020, and came back to Carnivore in 2024 after having a 10 kg sourdough-and-wine detour during Covid craziness.

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If sodium bicarbonate helps, then I wonder if putting more salt on your meat would help, as well. Certainly, if sodium is in the right range, then the other electrolytes are more easily regulated.

For me, the symptom of low sodium is migraines, but everyone is different.

(Howard) #134

I tried to be very generous with the salt, still am, but I guess the main issue had to do with electrolytes as I’m now totally free of any pains and cramp-like sensations at day 11, and have been for the past 4 days.

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Good news!