Pain in back hips and butt at day 4 of extendedfast


Sorry to hear of your troubles. I can’t speak to the pain but I will say this, I supplement with massive amounts of electrolytes and the blood work I just got done Thursday showed sodium and chloride both on the lower side. Too much potassium is dangerous but over a short period I can’t see what upping the electrolytes would hurt. Don’t forget about calcium and zinc also.

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I’m sure other people have more specific advise but I would recommend getting your kidneys and bladder checked. Low back pain can be a symptom of kidney distress (which you could get from dehydration, infection or just weak kidneys).


There’s no bladder infection at all, I have had so many in my life I know the symptoms. I find I have moments where it feels like liquid oozing inside my back and my knees give in. Day 11/of keto and been enjoying it immensely, do I give it a break and see if the pain subsides? No doctors till Monday here.

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If your legs are giving out i would yes, it means they aren’t getting enough energy. Are you having electrolytes? Apologies if you’ve already mentioned.


Yes I am. Had a double dose today… Literally brings me to my knees on the ground, feels like hot liquid spreading through my hips and lower back. Haven’t been able to eat much all day except lunch. I was doing great. Not sure what this is but will step out of keto for a couple of days and monitor how I’m doing and then get back in. Very heartsore…

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could be neurological or related to nerves as well, worth getting checked out. Hope it improves xox


Thanks. I’m off to the chiropractor tomorrow. Keeping up with keto WOE.

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Read up on xanthoma, an inherited condition in which benign fatty deposits develop under the skin at different areas all over the body. That “seed” might be cholesterol. There’s not much here on the site, except in the Bob Harper thread (he’s got the inherited condition) and one other about xanthomas under the eyes. It might be worth a doctor visit to see if that is what your “rash” is. I’m not sure why that came to mind when I read your description, but … maybe.

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Thanks for this info, @CandyLindTX. I’ll do some research.

I’m now 7 weeks past that fast and I’ve still got a few of those bumps. I’m into day 3 of new fast. Will be interesting to see what happens with the rash/bumps as this fast progresses. I’m shooting for 10 days this time.

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Any update Rian on the back pain will be appreciated.

My situation is almost exactly like you described that is how I found this thread. It only comes when IF.



I never put my finger on the exact mechanism but I can say the pain gradually improved over time to the point of no longer being an issue. About all I can say is hang in there, the pain will eventually subside.

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thanks for replying

I do not want to speak too soon , but kale maybe helping.


@Alpha, @Rian @Suzanne_Leigh Not sure if this helps anyone, but I don’t think I saw it mentioned above: caffeine withdrawal gives me severe leg aches - to the point that I can’t sleep. The first time I did a water fast I could not figure out what was going on but I eventually pieced it together.

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thanks @Madeleine

Yes anything in my opinion is worth mentioning.

But caffeine is OK with me . even when I quit I just get slight headache .

but I suspect that cafeine is causing my high triglycerides.

I deleted a sentence here that I thought I wrote in another thread )



Hmm, very interesting. Seems plausible, I’ll add this to my list of reasons to avoid caffeine as I seem to have developed a wide range of sensitivities to it recently.

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Another thought on hip/back pain a few days into a fast. Jason Fung has said that your immune system is replaced when we fast longer than 72 hours. Those new white blood cells are produced in our bone marrow. The locations which have the largest amount of bone marrow? Hip bones. Cancer patients who take drugs to mobilize their bone marrow after chemo are very familiar with this pain.


Pain in lower back
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Great integration of information from various sources! Having worked with cancer patients for years, this TOTALLY makes intuitive sense to me.

Thanks for sharing.

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very interesting

when I start searching I was convinced something is wrong with my kidneys.

not any more.


I guess pain from the rapid production of new white blood cells could be referred to as a good hurt. That’ll be my new way of thinking about it as this sounds more plausible than any explanation I’ve heard so far.

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I am on day 4 of a dry fast and my back and thighs and buttocks etc. started aching pretty bad. I decided to try my foam roller on my back and lower body this actually took the pain away for 4 hours and then it came back and I did it again. This is how I have been managing it this works well also cracking your lower back also works and Yin-Restorative Yoga.