Oxen October - What Did You Keto Today?


Another lazy night!
Using one of the ground beef meal concoctions I prepared last night for tonights meal.
This time will have with konjac carb free noodles, spinach, mayo and hard cheese.
I fried the noodles in butter, tobasco sauce, garlic and black pepper (because konjac noodles are tasteless).

I just ripped up some spinach, added some mayo, then combined with noodles and heated up ground beef spicy sun dried tomato concoction…and sprinkled with hard cheese granules.
Hit the spot with minimal effort. Might have some berries later…


Hungry today, locked up inside with all the rain.
Had a substantial brunch.
Ripped spinach & mayo, Polish Sauerkraut, mackerel in Katsu curry sauce, 2 fried eggs sunny side up and sliced baby plum tomatoes, sprinkled with garlic pepper.


For last night I roasted some veg with sun dried tomato and chilli pesto, and a couple of chicken breasts. (Added some Tabasco sauce too- I’m getting quite partial to that.)
Saved a chicken breast and some veg for brunch at work today.
Veg mix was celery, brocolli, orange and yellow bell peppers and mushrooms.
Fried the chicken breast to seal before rosting with the veg. Yummy.

Spot the toe!

I think I’m losing the will to live on here.

It’s dead and stagnant.

If I go, just want ‘some’ of you to know that I have taken good advice in my time, and I appreciate it.

16oz rump steak, bloody, with asparagus spears and whatever I can think up; later.