Oxen October - What Did You Keto Today?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #21

Awwww why the dog shoes Coop? … we’ve tried, without success, to address fungal infections.


Because the Doggy Day care artificial surface in their assault course fields seems to irritate her paws.

She must be running about that place flat out all day, skidding on the surface.
Then she’s limping that night and the next day or two, and won’t let me near her paws.
I’ve told them about it…they seem to think she’s just tired.
LOL. Right. She’s a bull fs, I know my pet…it’s sore paws.

I just need to get her used to wearing them at home first, before send her to day care with them on, because she loves going there despite the sore paws.

All the other pups will be going, ‘Oooooooh…new shoes?’


Hi Vic.

I never got to Sainsburys, but i was passing a shopping centre with an Iceland.
I nipped in and bought these two bad boys:
Both were £6.50 each which is quite reasonable for these days.
The rump steak in particular is very thick; about 35mm. so let me know your steak cooking method for that steak above, thanks!


Tonight I’m just being boring with maple cure back bacon and, you guessed it (yum!)…buttered mashed neeps. Ha ha!

I’ll do the sirloin/NY strip tomorrow…maybe with a hollondaise sauce.


That would require my weekly food money…

Wow, that’s not so bad.
They are significantly more expensive here :frowning:
Maybe because Hungarians barely eat ruminants. I don’t remember the percentage but it’s very low among our meat consumption. You don’t even find beef in a smaller town here, it’s all pork and chicken, I am glad if I find some turkey or even the rare duck (usually neck or frame only). Forget about fish too if you aren’t fine with some overpriced boring stuff. But the local supermarket has actual cheese lately, wow.
Thankfully the city is near and we need to go there for various things and meeting with family anyway.

But enough of that, I am happy with my pork and occasional ruminant and nice fatty fish. (Start to miss mutton but last time they went on sale in LIDL, the price was at ribeye level, ouch. I used to buy them for the third price in a hypermarket! I will look there next time!) Your steaks look great, I always admire that deep rich red color! I am looking forward to see the cooked version!

No photos from me as I just had my usual sponge cake buns and fried pork and some scratchings and whatnot. The weekend will be more interesting, it’s rabbit time again. If I make a shot, I must put it here as it won’t be carnivore (my SO is the cook and he uses the only sugary meat dish recipe I don’t find an abomination and worse. he uses xylitol though and only a tiny bit but still. I don’t understand myself).
Rabbit isn’t substantial, its flavor is mild but it’s still so, so, so very good! :smiley: Little fatty home-raised young rabbit from the egg lady as always. I don’t know the story this time, last time we got the slowest rabbit, the others run away from her…


Yeah, post a pic of the rabbit.

I used to hunt them here (with ferret/nets and shot gun), then roast or casserole them.
Not bad at all, and the farmer is glad to see you hunt them.


We get these fattier domesticated young rabbits but they are still lean even if not as lean as wild ones. I only can roast fatty enough meat (there is the thing with bacon but I don’t bother), we always make a rabbit stew or this other dish with carrots and mustard and lots of sour cream. Its name has the name “game” in it so I suppose it was for wild rabbit originally but a domesticated one is pretty tasty that way too!


Here’s my ‘fast food’, cooked at home.
Crispy cured back bacon fried in its own fat in a non stick pan, with prepared mashed turnip bunged in the microwave for 3 mins.
Add butter, add seasoning to your taste. You wil like!


I forgot to post my rabbit photos! Here they are. The main dish is a lazy one with the pot, not very photogenic but it was good…

And the fried liver, kidneys and tiny little rabbit scratchings :smiley: It was a very fatty bunny so I couldn’t resist.


I had the 12ounce serloin nice and bloody with a generous spicy stir fry of red onion, red pepper and mushroom.

For tonight I had sliced roast beef in gravy, marinated lamb leg steak, with mashed turnip and mushrooms that were cooked with butter, garlic and a lttle tabasco sauce. Yum.

And Carly is now a fashion icon after wearing her new shoes for 10 hours straight at Doggy Day care. Check it out (the day care do these)- you may need to zoom in for the text…

LOL. Apparently on that second pic Carly is saying, ‘A girl can never have too many shoes, don’t you guys know that :smile:
On the third pic apparently she is saying, ‘Pffft! Get your own pair Murphy, ask Santapaws to bring you some!:paw_prints:
Some other distant pics of her mingling with her crew.

She’s the one with new shoes!

(Robin) #31

She’s obviously the leader of the pack. And a happy tappy one.


I never took photos of the pork chops and poached eggs I had last night, but I took a pic of my dessert…a handful of raspberries and blueberries, with sour cream sprinkled with chia seeds.

For tonight I cooked a chicken curry, cheating using a curry paste. Two onions chopped and fried, 500g of diced chicken breast, fried for 5 mins with the onion, can of coconut milk and jar of curry paste, served with tomato, garlic & herbs riced cauliflower:

It was very tasty, although I had to spice it up a bit with hot chilli powder, pepper, garlic and celery salt. Yum, and leftovers for a late brunch.
Followed it up with some sliced strawberries, sour cream with chia seeds.

(KM) #33

Just curious, why the chia seeds? Protein? Crunch? I never noticed them to have much taste.


They are very pretty and have fiber.
No idea what else :slight_smile: They are hyped for something but I eat lots of carni food so I don’t need much else for nutrition.

They are fun when come into contact with liquid and make a jelly… But if one doesn’t wait, they are crunchy. I never noticed much taste either. But they are very pretty with their little patterns :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, yes, I sprinkle them mainly for the crunch and texture with the cream.
There may be other benefits (see below), but I don’t eat enough of them for that to be significant for me:

" Chia seed benefits may include:

  1. Rich source of bone-healthy calcium
  2. Help to lower blood pressure
  3. Useful for balancing blood sugar levels
  4. Healthy choice for those with diabetes
  5. Packed with fibre

Nutritional profile of chia seeds
A handful of chia seeds (25g) contains approximately:

  • 122 kcal/508KJ
  • 4.1g protein
  • 2g carbohydrates
  • 8.6g fibre
  • 7g fat
  • 158mg calcium
  • 84mg magnesium
  • 93mg iron
  • 15mg zinc
  • 68mg manganese

"Overall, are chia seeds good for you?

Yes, chia seeds can be considered a healthy choice. They’re rich in plant-based protein, impressively high in fibre and contain good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Interestingly, a handful of chia seeds contributes approximately 158mg of calcium to your diet. All of this means chia seeds could be helpful for strengthening bones, improving gut health and balancing blood sugar."


Having a lazy keto Friday night.
I’m just having the chicken curry left overs from last night, some more cauliflower rice, and I’ve added a roast cheddar cheese/salami stuffed red pepper. Might have rump steak or ground beef chilli tomorrow :thinking:


I never managed to eat much chia. I buy 100g sometimes and it takes months to eat… It’s just fun a bit but otherwise I can’t do much with it. Well it is flour when ground so I can put it into a bread or something.

If I wanted calcium, poppy seeds would be a way better and easier choice. Or sesame but poppy seeds have more. Poppy seeds are even tasty so it’s very easy to eat a whole lot of them :smiley:
Hungarian use a lot in baking. My SO’s breakfast cake has 90g poppy seeds in it. It contains as much calcium as ~200g chia seeds…

No photo as I keep eating fried pork :smiley: Just with more water, it’s lovely. Thoroughly fried meat is only good when I use a fatty one, not my usual leanish pork. But even this has enough fat to enjoy, I just shouldn’t dry it out.


Went for the bulk cook of ground beef in a sun dried tomato & basil sauce, with chopped Italian tomatoes & herbs, fried onions, peppers and mushroom, with added spices: beef stock cube, garlic, chilli powder, dashes of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and tobasco sauce.
Tasty and morish…I’ve got 4 generous meals out of it, one of which I had tonight with another pack of tomato, garlic & herb riced cauilflower (2 mins in microwave, so easy!).

(Robin) #39

Awesome! I could do some serious damage to that.


They are pretty even broken… That suits Halloween too I suppose.
Virtually every day is Halloween to me but it’s super close to the real thing now :smiley:

It’s salted caramel filled chocolate. I barely ever can use that mold, not best for chocolate (it’s an ice skull maker I am sure but one can put various stuff into it) but now I was determined. Needs thicker chocolate to come out right, oh well…

I will bring my awesome hand later. It needs some blood and I cooked way too much today to shot that too. I was super lucky, my pork hand pretty much looks like a hand!