Oxen October - What Did You Keto Today?

(Jane) #1

Didn’t see a thread for October, so if I missed it please move this post to that thread.

Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken

Salad with olive oil and vinegar

(Jane) #2

Salad and ribeye. Perfect last meal before fasting!


Lovely dishes as usual Janie!

I have some of my usual muck, lol:

That’s a barely fried bloody steak, sauted mushrooms and red pepper with Worcestershire Lea & Perrins sauce.

That’s a keto version of spicy Bolognese sauce mushrooms and peppers served on buttered konjac fried noodles.

More steak with butter pan fried shredded cabbage (after steaming) and a pepper sauce.

Pan fried salmon fillets with cauliflower and brocolli cheese.

Fried lambs’ liver, with butter fried cabbage, bacon lardons and sauted onion.

And just for the heck of it, a pic of my beautiful pup, Carly, at her Doggy day Care class:

Isn’t she a beaut?


PS. Surely this should be called, ‘Oxen October, what did you keto today?’


On a side note, with the bacon I had at brunch today I had a generous portion of steaming mashed turnip, upon which I melted Irish/British butter, sprinkled some black pepper/garlic and celery salt over it.
OMG. Heaven. The ‘neeps’ were that good I (almost) forgot the bacon…then I ate them both at the same time. Gasm.

(Jane) #5

She is gorgeous!!!

And so are your meals - yum

(Jane) #6

Done! I am not very creative with titles LOL.


You make up for it with your culinary concoctions- very creative!


Just had Chicken thighs tonight, with nothing else.
I’ve kept some for brunch tomorrow.

I plan to have a whole roast chicken tomorrow, with that gorgeous mashed turnip and butter combo I was talking about.


Just chilling this Saturday with the pup.

Got my chick bird prepped for the roast, in what is in effect a bain marie with stock, herbs and spices.
I’ll cover with foil and cook for an hour and a half, then remove the top foil to crisp up the skin for a while.

I went off chicken for a while, but this method keeps the bird flesh very succulent and tasty, even when chilled in the fridge.

I’ll serve with mashed ‘neeps’ (turnip/swede) and butter for a Saturday evening treat.

(Robin) #10

Your mashed turnips sounds awesome!


Interesting fact…Jack-O-Lantern tradition started in Ireland with turnips, as opposed to the now more familiar pumpkin.
Morning Start: Jack-o’-lanterns originate from an Irish myth - Summerland Review
We used turnips as kids growing up, and it was really exciting preparing them.
Then we had dunking for apples! Which some might call apple bobbing.

We didn’t trick or treat, we just dressed up with a lot of effort, called at a house (with parent or guardian), and sang a traditional song. A bit like Christmas Carol singers do. No threats of tricks!
And here’s the link for that:


The bird is now cooked. Just have to crisp it up now.


The gravy will be divine.


That’s the bird crisped.

Retrieve the juices, after adding some boiled water.

I’m leaving it to cool a while before carving, then smashing a perfect chicken gravy, sorting the neeps and getting 2x Keto meals and also scraps for pupper.

Oh my gosh.

This is out’ve the ballpark. So simple, and so delicious.
Half roast chinken with Irish/British buttered neeps and chicken gravy.


Sprinkle neeps with garlic pepper and celery salt,


I am eating now and it’s gasm gorgeous!

Peeps, I’m all neeps!

I’ve been so busy with new starts in work prep etc., I’m turnip mad at present (because it takes 3 minutes in microwave lol, and a dollop of butter).

Some recent abominations (i’m too tired):

Smoked back bacon rashers with buttered turnip. OMG yum!

Peppered porked chops with buttered turnip (neeps!).

Could be Chinese peppered chops, baked, and served with ‘neeps’ again.

And here is Carly going to Doggy Day Care :grinning:


Tonight’s steak, didn’t plan to eat it all but enjoyed it so didn’t stop!


My mouth is watering over that!
I think I’ll get some thick fillet steak for the weekend. :thinking:


I made scratchings today, again.


Hi Coop, if you’ve got a Sainsbury’s nearby it’s worth looking at the thick cut sirloin, I only buy that now as I love it.
Thanks to you, @gingersmommy & @CaptainKirk for the cooking lessons when I first arrived, I can finally cook a blueish steak with a crispy exterior! Only taken a year of practise!

LOVE Carly’s shoes! I’d love some for my doggos but getting 12 shoes on 3 times a day is gonna be a challenge!


When she walks with them, she’s still awkward…more like a dressage horse clip-clopping.

And yes, nightmare to get the shoes on!

(Robin) #19

Good description.


For tonight;
Some Chinese style marinated pork chops, complete with a unique coopdawg low heat stir fry in olive oil (Greek), my usual sauces and spices, with simple red & yellow pepper, white onion and button mushroom. Hot at first, then medium, then add whatever taste adjustments to your taste.
Simple and Beaut!